At Restore Home Healthcare, it is our calling to educate our clients on disease prevention and treatment. The value of patient education can be summarized as follows:

  • Continued education regarding medical conditions and treatment of disease state or disabilities

  • Increased synergy in acting independently from medical providers and in fluid communication accordingly.

  • Higher level of compliance – precise communication in patient education highly motivates patients.
  • Favorable patient outcomes – treatment efficacy is increased and patients benefit from fewer complications.
  • Increased patient knowledge and understanding – patients feel they have the information required to reach a level of comfort.

Our Mission

Is to provide superior patient care, dedicated to serving our patients families and communities with integrity, character, and excellence.

Our Objectives

To provide healthcare for people in the comfort and privacy of their own home.
We operate with a sensible balance of technology and compassionate individual attention.
Whatever your health needs are, chronic or minor, be assured that we can restore you back to health.

Why Restore?

Our company was founded upon a very basic principal; placing the needs of the patient first. Holding true to this founding principle has lead to over 15 years of continued success and positive reviews from our patients. We take pride in the fact that our core values are held close to our hearts as we treat our staff like family. We believe that in doing so, it projects our true image of integrity and compassion directly toward our patients. We look forward to meeting you!