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All right. Welcome to the restore home health podcast you’re listening to Paul James Mathurin. And with me I have the lovely Larry Montgomery and the beautiful Henri clover. How you doing guys. Pretty well. We have a very exciting podcast for you today. Now you guys are ready. But today we’re going to talk about the big full benefits of recovering at home. Now Larry you have yes you have a pretty beautiful home here. I do actually. Yeah. Beautiful people beautiful people. And I need to learn. I’ve been to your house. This is a lovely house right. Exactly. Now what do you guys like about being at home. benefits of recovering at home health
Some of the things that come to your mind oh my gosh you know sitting outside on the patio so I was on the patio.
Nice. That’s what the thing is when you’re home you’re around a familiar environment. And then the thing about that is it helps with healing so I’m going to set the scene for you. All right. Set the scene right. So Grandma Bessie OK. She just got her hip replaced. You know that’s some of the things that we worry about with Grandma Bessie is that you know she’s got her place that you know that the surgery went really well. But she’s going home by himself. We worry about certain things. Is the house prepared. Is she going to be safe. Can grandpa take care of her. Can grandpa take her to the bathroom. Is everything going to be OK. Is she going to trip. Is she going to fall. But even despite all these worries even despite all these concerns that we may have about Grandma Bessey going home. The home environment is still a much better environment to healing. And here’s why. So as again we’re going to talk about the full benefits the Folbigg reasons why recovering at home is better. So Reason number one. Are you ready guys. We are ready. So you may be surprised to hear this but there is a reduced risk of infection. benefits of recovering at home health
That is absolutely correct. benefits of recovering at home health
Well then that is your research right. Right. It is worrisome if you are ready for Saturday. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that. Right. OK.
So I think it would be the hospital. Yeah. You think it would be but it’s not it’s not.
No absolutely. I’m so glad you guys know this. So I’m just going to I’m going to deliver a fun fact and then we’re going to delve into this.
All right you guys ready for a fun fact. Yes. Yes. OK so about one in 25 hospital patients in the U.S. pick up an infection during their care. According to a new estimate from the federal Centers of Disease Control and Prevention such infections are preventable but still happen. Seven hundred and twenty one thousand eight hundred times a year. benefits of recovering at home health
Can you believe that guys that’s fair and it’s true. That is that’s a astronomical number.
That is crazy. Isn’t isn’t the hospital supposed to be glad to clean this places on earth.
No they’re not. I saying they are supposed to be but they’re not. benefits of recovering at home health
You have lots of sick people at hospitals and you have lots of germs and you have you have clinicians going from room to room. There is there’s a lot of science out there that there’s a lot of research. People spend a lot of money trying to figure out how to prevent these what they call nosocomial infections.
And it’s gotten better but we still have a long ways to go because that number is still quite high. And the problem with that number is that a significant portion of those people remain hospitalized. And I can’t remember the percentages but the percentages of individuals that actually passed away because of hospital acquired infection is pretty high too.
Wow. So let me ask you this if if a patient is unfortunate enough to have contracted an infection during the process of home health how do we how do we manage that. How do we help patients out. It got to a level of infection.
If they get an infection from the hospital and then go home let’s go with that first. OK well if they get an infection in the hospital they’ll keep them usually in the hospital because they tend to be infections that require antibiotics. And if I manage a little bit better in the hospital but if they get them in the home we can treat that just by communicating with a physician. I mean we can run labs and send off and get the results and communicate with the physician to get the appropriate antibiotics there.
Gotcha. Excellent excellent. benefits of recovering at home health.Now I know that we’re still we do very well with wound care management as well. You know even with our physical therapy patients I’ve had surgery on the hips have had a hip replaced but you can’t have a hip replaced without breaking the skin. So they’re going to they’re going to have a wound there. And I’ve heard that the nurses at restore have had very you know very good skills as it pertains to women care. benefits of recovering at home health
That’s correct. That’s correct. Absolutely.
I mean and are our nurses see a lot of wounds. They see they often see wounds that are infected that where the client has come from the hospital and the treatment for the infection has carried over. So we do I.V. antibiotics in the home setting you know restore home health care has lots of nurses who are highly trained in caring for wounds that are already baked in there. They’re highly trained and caring for clean wounds or sterile wounds and preventing infection.benefits of recovering at home health. A lot of what we do on these post-surgical patients is do we do a lot of education that encompasses knowing how to you know recognize the signs and symptoms of infection how to prevent infection and when to call the home health agency because nurses are available at restore home health care 24 hours a day seven days a week and they can answer questions if you have concerns.
Following your surgery excellent help.
How many hours after discharge are we but we aiming to see the patients when they get within 24 hours in 24 hours when they get home one day we’ll see them next and I’ll say that our nurses over the years we have seen not only I’m not a nurse they have seen thousands of hips.
So at restore home health the nurses are very very experienced with treating patients with hip and knee replacements.
Excellent excellent. They’re very very experienced in that facet. Lovely.
So what we’re going to do is we’re going to move on to reason to why why healing at home especially as it pertains to restore him Health Care of Oklahoma is the best way to go. So reason to a good night’s sleep now Larry with a newborn baby. What’s so good about an average of eight to nine minutes of sleep.
That’s right. That’s right. Actually you know I get a little more sleep than that. OK. There’s a pretty good tradeoff in my house. But a good night’s sleep is is good for everyone and that’s why we call it a good good night’s sleep. So I think that the importance of resting allows our body to heal.
You know if we don’t have adequate rest the problem with being in the hospital for a prolonged period of time is is that you often have people in and out of your room in the middle of the night. If you’re like me it takes you about 30 to 40 minutes to fall asleep. So if you had someone come in your room about every two hours to check in on you which is the average which should be the average nurse comes in the room to check on you. You know when you’re spending the majority your time trying to fall back asleep. And so without rest of the body takes longer to heal it takes longer to get well.
You’re also not emotionally well when you don’t sleep. We know that everyone knows and we know that in our office too and we have individuals that come in and they’re not not not rested we tell them to go and lay down on the couch in the office that we have that has the couch couch go take a little nap and then that way you can have a good day’s rest so you can be a good day worker.
Yes sleep is very valuable.
It’s very I absolutely have a have either of you slept in a hospital bed before. Yes they have. OK. Now is your bed more comfortable than a hospital bed.
Absolutely. It is absolutely yes it is.
Yep. Now now I think that point just just the line just proves that you know being at home you’re more likely to get a good night’s rest you’re in you’re in your comfort zone environment in a comfortable bed. Now I’m going to quote for you guys. Girls like it hit us with the quote you ready for this. Yes sleep by the way you can’t see me guys but I’m using this hand gesture to make it look like I’m on stage you know with a skull in my left hand and you’ll see why I didn’t sleep that knits up the rebeled sleeve of care the death of each day’s life saw labor barf a bomb of hurt. Mine’s great nature’s second course chief nourisher in the lies feest. William Shakespeare Macbeth. Now I think Shakespeare really had a point. I think he had a point that even Shakespeare knew back in the day that sleep was the very foundation of survival and healing and repairing. That’s right. That’s right you know.
So the old Shakespearean you know he knew his stuff. You know he knew what he was talking about.
He did and he did and put Paul on the line of Mike for the poetry reading down at the Cherry Street Coffee House on Tuesday nights.
10 bucks I had guys bring him straight to me. Fantastic good stuff. Really the last point.
You know we’ve had some experience in taking a patient. I’m not going to mention a patient’s name you know. You know data protection and patient protection went up but there was a certain patient. That we took from an area where she wasn’t getting much sleep. I believe she didn’t have housing. And we took that patient to to a residential place where she had a comfortable bed and a comfortable environment. Now I want to ask you guys you didn’t know I was going to ask you this but did that improve her or her overall healing and general well-being. Do you remember what I’m talking about. benefits of recovering at home health
Oh yeah. OK. Larry would probably know that better. Yeah. I’m going to say yes. Yes.
We know obviously you go from sleeping under a bridge to sleeping in an apartment.
You know the fundamental difference is from where she was at to to where we were able to assist her was you know she went from homelessness to housing which you know there’s a lot of organizations in the city of Tulsa that work towards that you know and restore home health care.
You know we have a special place in Laurinaitis in our heart for you know reaching out to people in the community who are are in sort of this kind of transition. And so she just happened to be one of these people in helping her get an A in a in a home you know was a top priority. You know one of the things about not having a home is you can’t really address the mental health or the physical needs of an individual until they have a home. If they’re in transition where they’re living in a day center or they’re living on the street it’s hard to keep up with that person.
And so getting them into some sort of stable setting is is is really the only way to treat conditions. And so within a matter of days following that this individual was able to get a good night’s rest on multiple good night’s rest and able to receive some consistent and skilled nursing and physical therapy. And this individual improved dramatically in a matter of days. And so it goes it goes to show that you know you know despite That’s one of those sort of kind of isolated cases that we don’t usually have.
But it does show that an individual that is within a home in their own home setting can go from virtually being at the point of this is this is it for them to be in a place where they were actually doing quite well. So that’s lovely.
That’s really good stuff. It kind of reminds me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs safety and food being the two most basic needs by humans and you satisfied that with the patient. And I was fortunate enough to witness that which was which was just amazing amazing stuff.
So it helped her and I think it helped all of us too.
Oh yeah for sure. 100 percent. Yeah I remember that day clearly. That was that’s a day I’ll never forget.
So the third reason why recovering at home is a lot more beneficial than recovering in a hospital setting or another setting is social interactions. Now you guys are pretty social people. I’ve seen you in social settings. Do you enjoy being social.
That’s quite the same time.
Butterflies Yeah. I love it. benefits of recovering at home health
So what benefits would you say. You know if you are hitting home and you know your family is coming around and friends are coming to visit you in the comfort of your own home you know what benefits you think that might have to your healing process.
I think that’s a huge impact that has a huge impact on healing. You know when you’re in your own environment and you know you have people that you love and people that love you you know it’s all about community.benefits of recovering at home health
And it’s it’s easier process when you’re in your own home.
Yeah. I remember a time where I was living in my apartment in the UK and I had tonsillitis.
It was a near death experience cause internal pressure was always from your mind. A man called back with terrible illness the sickest I’ve ever been and I felt I remember feeling so alone and sweaty just sweaty it was so bad. benefits of recovering at home health
And I called my mom and you know she came over to visit me and I just remember. It’s very difficult to put into words.
But I felt so safe so safe in taking care of that. I knew that no matter how bad it was Mum was there. In the meantime and I would assume that it’s a very similar feeling. benefits of recovering at home health
You know when Grandma Bessie excuse me is it the house you know and she’s recovering from hip surgery and no matter how bad the pain is or you know the pain won’t be bad anyway because restoring health care will be taken care of. But you know no matter how lonely she gets no matter what’s happening in a family are able to come and see her in the comfort of her own home that just takes away that little little additional stress and stress when it’s taken away will enable them much more in a habitable healing environment.
That’s right. You know it’s funny you say that because I mean you can think back even as a little kid even as an adult when you don’t feel well you just want to be at home you just want to be home. Absolutely. Just by being home you feel better yeah you feel better 100 percent 100 percent.
OK guys. So the very last reason why healing at home with restoring him healthcare of Oklahoma is a much more beneficial environment for you is that you’re in familiar surroundings and you’re restored with your independence when you’re in hospital. Guys I don’t know about you because I’ve been home hospital I had knee surgery once in a near-death experience. This is crazy.
You know I felt very dependent on everyone in the whole situation. I couldn’t necessarily get up and walk around you know. But when you’re at home.
Even if you can’t get out of bed you’re in your environment. You know you look around the bed and we see you see that picture of the tiger jumping out of the wall. benefits of recovering at home health
Everybody has that right. Yeah. There we have it mostly.
You know we want to know all the posters that you had on your wall and the velvet Elvis. Did you see my room. What is that.
That everybody has a picture on it you know. So OK so I have a question. I have a question. Restore him health care provide any technology or service that might increase the feeling of independence for patients. Are there any is there like systems or some kind of monitoring service so you know it’s something that can help the patient some kind of smart system or anything like that restore home health care.
We’re actually working with a system currently that we’re fixing to implement called Care smart system where we allow individuals that will actually be called Restore connect and nutritional content. benefits of recovering at home health
And it’s it’s very much on the cutting edge as far as technology goes and as far as home health goes it’s very important to connect technology with the home health care saying allows us to monitor individuals if they need monitoring.
But more importantly it allows individuals who are in the home to connect to someone you know at a care center is what they call it and the care center is staffed with medical social workers who represent restore home health care and represent our values and they’re able to provide direction to the clients in their homes. So you know in addition to having those familiar surroundings and you know and having an increased level of independence you know sometimes those come was a little bit of an inherent risk being at home by yourself. And so it gives these sort of devices you have caregivers and family members a little bit of peace of mind and also gives the home care agency that extra connection to the patient. So we’re able to know that they’re they’re being cared for in a manner that’s the highest quality of care that exceeds all of the other home health care agencies in the region. And so that puts the restore home health care at the top of which is where we want to be as far as patient care and patient outcomes. And you know I mean I can’t you know I you know I can’t if you if you want to know more about it you know you always call. You can always call me and ask me about it. So it’s a fantastic program. And we’re looking forward to implementing it and putting it on a larger scale.
So what would be the best sequence of numbers to call to reach you if they had any any any question about it.
Larry cell number for free and your home address you know Dresner that the first drop on by dinner is at five my dinner is probably myself later either you can come by my house and know either one of us are always in the same location 1:08 747 13:20.
Excellent. That’s 9 1 8 7 4 7 13:20 here first ladies and gentlemen you know restore is number one. OK there’s no ifs and buts so maybe it’s about it restore home health is a number on him a health company out there you know. You know it too is not a win and 3:9 body remembers. OK.
So just to recap.
So just to recap that said the Big Four benefits are recovering at home we’ve got a reduced risk of infections going absolutely risking infections and great numbers on that. Great research. Thank you. Thank you. You know I study when I go googling googling Google is my best friend.
There you go. And if you google you’ll see restore and if you’ve had any experience you would reach to make sure and give us a review while you’re at it. benefits of recovering at home health
That’s right. And if you haven’t then give us a review of the reviews just because we know you’ll need us at some point and we’ll get you taken care of will be the best decision I’ve ever made. Number two reason why recovering at home is a good night’s sleep.
I love sleeping. You like sleeping. Yes. I just left something that I enjoyed it. Exactly. Exactly. Sometimes sometimes but it’s not going to get the best night’s sleep ever. I just know I can feel it. benefits of recovering at home health
Number three reason why recovering at home with her still him health care of Oklahoma is your social interactions. You know going go with your family your friends. People come on over you know bring you some grapes and I think that’s an English thing but it’s great that when you hear the words that is always always bring grapes to the hospital just to move it.
And I think here we bring we bring like Sly still meat that we make. benefits of recovering at home health
That’s right. Survived cancer casseroles. I need to get sick and I get some free cancer.
And the number four reason why healing at home with restoring the health care of Oklahoma in Oklahoma is familiar surroundings and independent you know you’re around your familiar surroundings and you increase your independence especially when you have a home health company that introduces technology such as the cosmos system. benefits of recovering at home health
What was the name of that system again restore Kinect. Mr. King I love it. I love it. Fantastic. Well listen guys thank you so much for listening. It has been a pleasure talking to you with the lovely Laurie and the lovely Larry. And we’ll catch you next time. Bye Bye Bye bye.