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All right so listen is out there. This is the very first podcast with restore home health. And on the mike right now is Andy Mathurin but that’s not important because the person that is here today to speak to you about home health from Restore restore home health care that is Larry Mongomery and he is going to talk about the joint replacement therapy in Tulsa. So Larry did you live that long because they didn’t like the law.
Apparently we’re supposed to not have long pause right. And we don’t have faces for TV so that’s why we’re doing. Exactly.
I don’t know about. I don’t have a face for TV and I don’t think Paul has a face for TV.
He does have a face for anything. Thank you very much.
So anyhow but yes we are going to be doing these podcast and uploading them to our website and so I think people who are interested in home care will listen to them. If you’re not interested in a home care and you end up listening to him it’s probably because you’re trying to fall asleep. But you know I I’m the administrator for sure home health care and we have a program called joint replacement boot camp. And so nowadays in the society that we live in and the way that we take care of our bodies a lot of people getting into middle aged in their 40s and 50s I can say that because I’m in my 40s in a portrait in our 60s and 70s we develop problems with our joints and the bone rubs on the bone and the cartilage and the things don’t work like they’re supposed to. And so you go see a orthopedic physician and he orders a he orders a few more tests and they do a few more treatments and turns out you’re going to have to have your knee replaced.
And this is a pretty common surgery nowadays. And the great thing about this surgery is a lot of your treatment happens at home and restore home health care in the Tulsa metro and Oklahoma City and all of Northeast Oklahoma is the premier home health care agency for managing people at home after they’ve had this surgery whether it’s at knee or whether it’s hip. And so we once you’ve had your surgery you come home you’re seen by a nurse the nurse does full body assessment a comprehensive assessment is what we call it. And then basically you are admitted to home care agency most insurance cover this and Medicare covers it 100 percent and then you receive your physical therapy at home. And so the physical therapy at home helps you to get back up on your feet to get back to work or you can get back to an independent level of living. And so that is our primary goal with the place of boot camp and we call it boot camp. Boot camp is sort of this fun thing that people do nowadays. I call it fun people who want to wake up at 5:00 a.m. and exercise and beat themselves up so they can get in shape. Well it’s our sort of kind of take on that is give you boot camp to exercise and get yourself back into shape after you’ve had your joint replaced.
Right so a whole you leading this boot camp because obviously you’ve been in the gym from time to time.
So are you taking this guy any time. There’s barely room back behind the table here because his mother he’s standing there bulging right.
I’m calling with one arm as we speak right now. I just want to take every opportunity. You know just to work out you know just to work those joints but one thing I’ve noticed is in England there’s not not as many joint replacement therapies although replacement surgeries now I have noticed that there are a lot of football stars out here in the States. You know there’s a lot of crazy athletes and so one big reason why people have joint replacements is the repetitive strain on the joints that occurs during these strenuous sporting activities. And as we get a little older the joints you know tend to pause and ask why why did you put me through all that pain. So aside from aside from sporting injuries Larry what other reasons would you say that people have joint replacement joint replacement surgery. Well
I mean you know number one I mean it’s besides the injury. I mean you know over time we we work our joints to heart and we don’t take care of ourselves. You know we can be honest about it if we’re honest with each other.
You know in the United States we tend to carry a few more pounds we pack on a few more pounds and those few more pounds over time pounding down on our knees breaks down the joint. And so you know a lot of runners develop the knee joint that constant pounding of the pavement so to speak.
You know people who stay on their feet for their job you know eight hours a day or 12 hours a day those kind of people they’ve abused their their joints a lot of people who’ve had a hip replacement. You know some of those things are genetics you know are there some hereditary issues you know associated with that whether they’ve had a family history of joint problems. You know those things can fall you or you fall on and you’ve you’ve caused some sort of dislocation or some sort of fracture that doesn’t heal properly. So you know those can be reasons that you would require a joint replacement you know. And I speak to a lot of people all the time about joint replacement in particular because we take care of a lot of people. And so I always you know when people are coming to me and they say oh you know my my knee is hurting and my hip is hurting you know which doctors you guys work with and we always you know I always say the ones that have been you know have really good outcomes. And to tell people of the success success stories behind having your joint replaced you know there’s always these you know there’s there’s not any reason to live in pain so to speak. When you when the technology is there to correct the pain. Home care
So where do people go to get joint replacement. I mean do they come straight to you or are they now going to a doctor that you recommended. How do they know where to go that they go to cutesie and kind of just get the joint replacement there. Home care
Well the majority of time people are referred by their primary care physician. So they’ve seen their primary care physician multiple times over and over and over for the condition and they’ve tried various treatments and that hasn’t worked. So they’ve been referred to an orthopedic physician or an orthopedic surgeon. You know one of the orthopedic surgeons that we see a lot of his patients is Dr. Yogesh metall at the Tulsa orthopedic center. And he is one of the you know most sought after orthopedic physicians here in the Tulsa metro city Ghazal solve lots of really good outcomes and we also work with several other orthopedic physicians in the Tulsa metro. Home care
Well a lot of them are referred depending upon their relationship to their primary care physician has with other orthopedic physicians you know.
Right. And so once they see them in you know the surgery is done then that orthopedic physician will refer them to us. OK. And then we will care for them after that and they will fall that or two orthopedic physician’s orders.
OK. So obviously there’s a lot of home health companies out there. Some really take care of their patients. So what what makes a difference with Restore Why does restored do such a good job because there’s a lot of good stories out there for story really helping patients.
Well you know one of the biggest things you know that we we pride ourselves on is to see our patients within 24 hours of the referral.
You know you know and I would never throw any other home health under the bus. I mean everyone that you talk to as far as their home care agency you know everyone says that they’re good you know and that but that doesn’t mean that they’re good. We can all sell ourselves well. But the one of the biggest things is that we know we have some of the same nurses and some of the same physical therapists staff that have worked for me personally for 15 years.
Plus you know so you know keeping that in mind. You know some of these individuals you know they see joint replacement so frequently and they know how to take care of it so well. I mean they’re top notch they’re experts in their field. So in addition to that we you know we pride ourselves on outcomes. You know so does the patient get better. Home care
And so these outcome measures are followed on home health compare Web site that Medicare set up to compare home to home care agencies. And so we pride ourselves on showing that our patients do get better. And so you know so they start off not functioning very well. And at the end of that time with us we show that they are functioning at a higher level. And so you know there’s a lot of data out there available to the public. You know and if anyone ever has any questions about how to retrieve that data they can always call me at our office. The number there is 9 1 8 7 4 7 1 3 2 0 and I’d be more than happy to give him directions on how to get that information. Home care
Excellent. I’d like to add to that as well as a marketer for a store. You know I see I get a lot of feedback from clients case managers and doctors and whatnot. And you know the market for home health is very saturated especially in the aspects of therapy for replacement surgery. And so I say this saturated there are a lot of people that have their favorite companies and the fact they might have friends in another company that they like to refer to what. But the thing is about as Larry said you know we pride ourselves on outcomes. And I think that’s getting a lot of trust in the industry. And so when when when the case managers or when doctors want the job done correctly that they have say for instance a family member that needs the therapy and needs the home care they know who to go to they know who to trust who’s going to get the results done. Home care
And that’s why we get those referrals that close to home family referrals because you know they they definitely want to see a 100 percent good job done for their family member so that speaks a lot to what can be excellent So so far it seems that restore home health really takes care of joint replacement patients joint replacement is very important. We want to make sure that we’re going to an orthopedic surgeon and get referred to restore to look after patients but joint replacement. Is there anything outside of joint replacement that we need to focus on for patients.
Well there are I mean you know home health covers just about anything any condition that you would see in a hospital setting. I think people would be surprised about the nature of home health. And I have the opportunity to explain this on a on a regular basis is that what people can do services people can have in the home is much broader than they would have ever expected.
You know we do know from things as simple as providing wound care to you know a pressure ulcer to providing I.V. therapy for I.V. antibiotics or teaching the family how to to administer this. You know people can go home from the hospital sooner and the hospitals are trying to send people home sooner. I mean the key key to it is is that you know with nurses in home care they’ve been trained. Some of the highest trained nurses I’ve ever seen because they have to be they have to learn how to improvise and how to provide care in a setting where they don’t have everything at their fingertips. And so you know whether it’s doing I.V. therapy or whether it’s genuine care or whether it’s doing a parent parent you nutrition you know all of those things are are things that can be done in the home and people can be cared for in their home whereas a few years ago they weren’t they weren’t able to be you know people were like well we just need to put someone in long term care. And that’s not the case. You know there is in conjunction with private sector services Medicare certified home helps who provide intermittent services you know the two of those things together you know can allow someone to stay in their home comfortably for the rest of their days.
Excellent excellent. It’s a variety of different things. It does take care. Home care
And so mainly it’s home health care in Oklahoma. Is that correct. That’s correct.
We were certified in Oklahoma only it’s northeast Oklahoma. We have an office in Edmon which covers a 50 mile radius so all of the Oklahoma City metro and Norman when that office also cover still will still water scuse me. And then we have an office in Stigler Grove Oklahoma and Muskogee Oklahoma and here in the Tulsa metro. Home care
Excellent. Do you have other team members that service home healthcare of Oklahoma.
Absolutely. Absolutely. You know there’s a quite a few markets that we have to go out there and spread the good word in the northeastern side of the state of Oklahoma. You know the joint replacement therapy really is you know second to none. You know a team of nurses they really put the patients first and they put the home care at the top of their At the top of the list. You know really taking care of these of these patients that they need home health. You know especially the aspects of joint replacement therapy and all the other aspects of therapy that we do have we do look forward to. Definitely sharing the other aspects of the business that we that we offered in the aspects of home health. Replacement Therapy is just one of the many things that we do here restore replacement therapy. I would say you know when a patient patient has that joint replaced and needs that therapy after the replacement of joint surgery then we can we can definitely be sure that we are trusted to administer that care in that aspect as it was and I don’t see me. Absolutely.
Larry can you give me a story obviously I understand it but guidelines that not necessarily say the name of a patient but there’s so many different stories that come through when you’re dealing with home health. From what I understand so is there any particular story or any any personal patient that sticks out without necessarily naming names.
Oh my goodness I mean she is I mean we have you know I mean I that I’ve worked in home health and home health care for over 20 years and over 20 years as a nurse and you know 15 years as an administrator you know home health has been you know one of those things where I’ve seen story after story after story and you know we had a lady admitted you know several years ago to restore home health care. And you know she had had a bad experience with a joint replacement and left her with a debilitating condition.
And we were she had had the joint re redone and came to us and her expectations were low and so restore home health care nurses went out.
We set her up on the joint replacement boot camp the boot camp and joint replacement therapists and all came out to see her even with her expectations low. You know we try to set people’s expectations high. We were able to see her through the program and back to work where she hadn’t been to work in several years. And so that was a real success story for us for her.
And you know I can look back on that fondly just because it was one of those situations at our at our home health agency where you know I had the opportunity to go out and meet the lady and do the admission. We didn’t have a nurse available at the time and we’d like to turn around and do admissions in 24 hours so even since I’m still a registered nurse and so I still go out and do admissions.
Excellent. And if someone needs to be seen in 24 hours we we we go and do them and so restore home health care make sure that’s done.
But that story has stuck with me just because of her expectations and her expectations were quite low for home health. And I would say that they’re quite high now.
Excellent excellent. So if you’re looking for a home health care of Oklahoma it looks like restore home health care is the place to go to. If you’re looking for joint replacement therapy you know who to call. I believe Larry gave up that number already given to you about that number one more time.
Yes the number to restore home health care Tulsa office is 9 1 8 7 4 7 1 3 2 0 and we have our central intake there that’s where all of our home health offices where we take all our referrals and we take majority of our questions. You know you can call 24 hours a day seven days a week and you can get a hold of one of our home health nurses. There’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions. You know they’re very knowledgeable and you know there’s always someone on call. There’s always that they can always reach me and they say I need to talk to Larry I have a question they’ll get a hold of me and I’ll respond.
Excellent. And there’s a joint replacement therapy boot camp out there as well which you probably never heard of any place else and it sounds like it would be a lot of fun and it would help help a lot of patients. Anyway have a great day. Thank you very much. Thank you.
All right thank you.