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Good afternoon my name is Paul James matheran, and this is the restore Home Health Care of Tulsa podcast and we going to be gone through this. I have the lovely Lori Clay pool with me. How are you doing Lori? Thank you for fantastic, my pleasure, my pleasure to be talking about something very interesting. I’M pretty excited to talk about this because it affects all of us. If that’s what I said, what affects all of us in business and even it even affects those of your home, that needing home health care in Tulsa because believe it or not other people that taken care of you at all part of the business part of an Organization of business is well, pretty much runs the well. Home Health Care In Tulsa That’S what makes the world go round East, what keeps us getting paid to house and feed our families and on the subject of family and business, that’s exactly what we’re going to be talking about today and at the topic of the subject is every business? Is a family business? Now I have Lori with me. I who’s the owner of restore home health care of Oklahoma. Have a question for you Lori. This is a pretty big question. So what inspired you to get into business, isn’t it good tunity? I mean the opportunity. I was just kind of at the right place at the right time and, and it wasn’t so much – I don’t think I could go out and just do any business, so it probably was more motivated by helping people through Home Health rather than hey. I want to start a business, I think I’ll. Do Home Health didn’t really work out that way. There you go experience in on in speech, therapy and a pharmaceutical sales and pretty much a bunch of different things. Medical right then Speech Pathology. I’Ve worked in gosh. I think just pretty much. Every every area – school hospitals, rehab, private home health and in Pharmaceuticals did that for a little bit, it is very inspiring to me you’re very successful entrepreneur, entrepreneur S – I don’t know for sure. What is it that gets you out of bed? Home Health Care In Tulsa Every morning, because if I can be like anyone Lori, I want to be like you, so what is it that gets you out of bed? You got me Larry’s amazing videos, amazing Lori. So what what is it inspires you to get up get up out of bed in the morning? Will you know someone once said, and I believe it with all my heart if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life and that’s true. I don’t know how people get up every day, I’m going to a place that they don’t enjoy, that they don’t find a purpose, and I think that would be really really difficult, but I’ve just always always enjoyed working with people that are being. Of course, we all have our days from when I keep my door shut, but I like helping people, Home Health Care In Tulsa I like the responsibility of knowing that you know there are a lot of people that are counting on us at restore patient employees. You know why I that’s motivating to me, that’s encouraging so, like I guess. That’S probably what does it? I love that I really couldn’t imagine a better person to own a home health company when wet when we delivering these are these Home Health Services. In the comfort of your home in Tulsa, it’s important to understand that the the the culture is is from from the top down, Home Health Care In Tulsa so it to have to have an attitude like that.

Lori at you can even really see it in the members of stock in the company that it really does that come from you in a cake mix, it go through everybody, everybody it from you to Larry to the nurses, to management. See it to your Market is at everybody even into the patients, and patients can see it too, which is which is a good thing to family and business. This is concept is widely known as a what life balance is something that we’ve all been talk to to understand, since something will be taught to believe, but I would can test out of contested that, yes, there’s some excitement. There is some excitement I just have to just join in the chance you’re not contested and say that what life integration is something that we need to really start thinking about things Hutto before I keep my life, my work, Home Health Care In Tulsa life at work and my home life, a Home, but I mean how true: how true is that, if you’re a business owner and you have a terrible day at work, I’m going to rain this in a set a record for days? Is it just an abysmal level when you get home, I would say that that’s a chance you’re going to take some of those negative emotions home right and same goes for the home life. If you have a bad day or an amazing day at home or a great morning, then you’re going to be a bit in a better mood at work, or if you have time wanting a hug me going to have it, you know I did the work, may Not be as as good of a day so that that would be my my my challenge against the concept of the work-life balance you know is. That is something we need to. We need to head towards more like work-life integration me to understanding what is family and family is, is also work so famed author, Michael Agave. Home Health Care In Tulsa He can tend to this, but the e-myth Physicians Edition that behaviors and outcomes at work off of reflect behaviors and outcomes at home and vice versa. So, for example, just so we’re on the same page. If you are angry at work and it to play, might be angry at home, if you’re out of control it, why can’t things just happen? You don’t really know what’s going on in that? The same may be said for the Home and Family Life at their financial issues at work I also a home and with the he is focusing on that the physicians in doctors offices in this book. In addition to that communicate, communication issues at home will reflect communication issues at work and trust issues in any issues with Secrets. I also kind of reflect like a mirror on by side, so truth be told what life and home life are insolent, and you link also responsible for maintaining that healthy connection. I know you thinking that pool will still tentative Hannah. Lol. I’ll. Tell you later what time it is it’s creating two separate worlds: the strangest one, another two worlds that whole Jacalito, quite 100 % of you at all times and as time goes on, HBO will slowly drifting further apart. That’S creating Mega turmoil for you! So yes, Shakespeare.

I was talking to my buddy Shakespeare, and he says the voice of parents is is the voice of gods, but so that children, they are Heavens lieutenants myself. He shakes baby belly family as well, and I sent him I was like Shakespeare – doesn’t make too much sense as to why I’m asking you, but you know he speaks in riddles, so I still have to kind of figure that out, but he does value family. So Lori, how have you and have you integrate with your family life in your world class so that to eat? You know your kids cuz. I need to eat or two lovely awesome. Kids have a great relationship with them. I’M having maintain that relationship running really successful businesses. That is there any like secrets that you can share with us of purchasing this home health company. My one consistent prayer was if this isn’t going to be good for me and my family as much as I want it. I don’t want it, you don’t mean because it’s easy to see something and think I hope you know. I really hope this happens, Home Health Care In Tulsa but you know what I know also that God knows the big sees the bigger picture. So that was my one. Consistent prayer was that if this is not good for me and my family, then I don’t want it, and you know here we are almost 7 years later. You know, I just think I think live kind of our experiences. Teach us that, no matter how bad a day might be, it’s always going to get better, always going to get better and, I will say, probably some of the most stressful times in business, come when the finances aren’t where you want them to be, because that affects Everybody it affects the whole organization and we went through that. I think it was in 2013, but once again I feel, like everything that I had learned. Home Health Care In Tulsa My entire life taught me how to get through that year. I was really good at creative budgeting before most women are really really good at creative budgeting, and you know after that year it was like things just really turned around. We vote Larry and I both have always been focused on. One thing we did not want to ever have to do was to lay people off or let people go because of money, and we’ve never ever had to do that knock on wood. I think those have been the most challenging times and business and I think probably any business owner would say that it’s when the money’s not coming in the way you expect or the way you hoped. Home Health Care In Tulsa That is what can really spill over into your fan: family life. So you really do have to make a conscious decision to and that those kind of things will work themselves out, but your family is your family. Your friends are your friends, and these are the people that can’t be taken from you. You know these are the important things. These are why we are doing what we’re doing, and my kids have you know was it like. I said I’ve had this almost 7 years and they’ve just kind of grown up with it, and you know they they. I want them to become a part of it, just like with all of our employees.

When you seen at the office people family, you know they come in kids come in. I want it to be a family-oriented type of place, because I I don’t want kids or spouses to feel like they’re being neglected because of what they’re, their parent or their spouses doing at work. That’S just that’s not worth it. You know what those are personal things that each person has to kind of decide, Home Health Care In Tulsa but we’ve always tried to create an atmosphere still going to atmosphere of just openness, and you know businesses is like anything. You have your good days, you have your bad days, but it all balances out. I love that, and I really think this is the perfect subject to be discussing as it pertains to restore home health care in in Oklahoma is on so many levels restore reflects that family Vibe so level. One is, as you say you, you really put a focus on making sure that how business is structured like family and in a sense that we welcome family in the business. But but what’s up I’m in my first day coming in for an interview and it was, it was on 15th Street Phoenix houses out there and that it was the building was like a house is like a cozy little house and I can buy at home, and So I went in there and I have an interview process at Madison. That’S 5 in here. I don’t know what home health is, but I want to do it, don’t do it now and I’ll do it for us, my life and so so that that was a 5-2. I go, and I know that survived the patients get my message level. 1 of it being like a family is, Home Health Care In Tulsa is it that the business instruction like a family, the employees are treated like family and that that is with with the love and care that the family won’t show human beings, which is just an amazing feeling level 2? Is you know that have been members of stuff that they will bring that families in and get them hide on the master items that taking over? Yes we’re still on I’m outside? So we got a bunch of family in within this family. You know walking how to make sure that the restore is is successful and with all the other amazing employees and management., The company already level 3 of why restore Home Health Care is is that is a family business is, is its Home Health? The patients have their families that are constantly concerned about the patient’s well-being and no one is as concerned as restore home health care.

So we’re going into the comfort of your own homes here in Tulsa and I Musta taken care pictures of patients were restoring them to doing my best to restore them to to their original state, whether it’s a post-operation or you know whether it says some some kind Of heart surgery or a replacement or someone else need send many yeah, probably forget exactly they become less mobile, they become less independent and they need somebody in there. You know just sent kind of help, teach them how to take care of themselves again. What to look for maybe some physical therapy to come in and strengthen them there, so many different, so many different reasons exactly and and family members out that we understand your concern for your loved one, and so we want to be there to be that connection between You and your loved ones that you don’t have to worry about them as much as you know that you have to stop that rain, that we had. You have nurses there any of the cares. Much as you do, and we have a dinner additional technology. That’S going to hit this going to help you or your loved one, and should you let one qualify this going to make life a lot easier for you and make life a lot safer safer for them? That’S the ultimate goal. It’S too it’s to be. In addition to your family, so that we can bring that link between work, life and family and just make it one life, so that’s for still home health care and that’s a Picasso and every business is a family business. That’S what we believe! That’S what we stand by and we like to change the world, make the world a better place, one patient at a time we’re still home healthcare Tulsa. Thank you very much.