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You know what really excites me larry what excites me is home health care in tulsa gets me even more excited than that it’s hard to imagine what gets me more excited than home health care in Tulsa but I’m going to tell you so we can just release the imagination and just give you the reality the reality is let it out let it out let it go home healthcare excites me more than anything in Tulsa that because they truly care about patients now if you have a foundation of caring for people and patience that’s your passion that your focus is your foundation I’ll tell you what happens right you become successful larryanna because it’s right that you know that I didn’t know that story diligent in every single fashion of the way I didn’t make much sense but that’s okay because they can’t bring that love and foundation of karen piece to that patient’s home the only two that home but to that hot larry right so I’ll tell you where it comes from it comes from leadership right and sitting next to me right now is larry okay now larry montgomery is in restore home health leadership and by his example of love for people and passion for helping people heal and it making the world a better place place one patient at a time from matt focus it trickles down to the nurses okay that’s what comes when we come from leadership Tulsa are why don’t you tell the people that about why you’re one of the best humans on the planet the best humans on the planet that’s a good place to start he’s lying so I don’t create any expectations for being the best human on the planet but I do create some expectations for myself and the people that I surround myself with so that’s it that’s always a nice little a working position to be in and so and when we create expectations for the people around us they they work for the work towards those expectations you know that’s not saying that you want to be around people and if they do great things or you’re not going to be either a friend or you’re not going to be with them you create expectations for people especially in the home health care business in home health care in Tulsa for your employees for your friends for your loved ones because you want to see them succeed in life and and because of that we don’t offer people just a hand up we pull them up and we walk with them on their journey through life and so it’s not just a hand up in life or hand out it’s just it’s a walk and it’s a journey together and so I mean I believe that you know we do these things out of the out of the good graciousness of god that he poured out into us the day we were born and put on this earth and we all instinctively have it and then we are all are inherently good we were created good and we were created to do good in the world and so we all have that not one of us is better than the other and we were all created to help each other out that’s great Larry and just subs is another example as to why in my eyes at least you know you are one of the best people in the world now it says no self-proclaimed.

larry and that’s another example in and they’re in and of itself to your humble man your humble man that the season self as a normal human being around you knows and that’s just not true but I’ll tell you this home health care in Tulsa is is you know in general has a standard measurement of of just standing this again I just mediocrity at restore home health we all stand is a little different a standard is is excellence excellence is a stand in his is the expectation so that that’s why you know some companies out there find find a little intimidating to be in the same block as you’re still home help because when you have a standard weight when your standard of excellence is the expectation away from mediocrity and I hit it raises the bar raise the bar in industry now it’s totally okay now did you set an example as an example when I first met you Larry minor remember the conversation and what they said was we try and get those medicare patients you know we don’t want that the insurance patients because you know that then don’t know good patients you said hold on a second Larry said hold on a minute not good patience and I what makes a patient any last goodbye the interest they have wright solo what they feel like the the most high paying insurance is in order to benefit financially from 70 patients from home health prospective but not let me pull james matthew valeri stood up and he led by example inspire me that danny said every patient needs help every patient needs home health in the home health industry is why they called the patient so why should we judge them based on the insurance they have so what we do a restore home health way we make sure we can help everyone we possibly can have the money to take care of himself he’s going to have the right heart ladies and gentleman and it says it’s an example for life in general so I’m just home health the right people to 77 the right people we eating to make sure you said everyone equally regardless of what insurance they have or what they can do for you if you live life doing things to people based on what they do feel you live a very very much my friend okay I see you got a job that and he got at least with the hot lead leave with lead.

with the hawks and k I like larry montgomery right right absolutely that’s a tumultuous benward you have their health care it’s not a privilege is one of the biggest human rights concerns of our generation and so still within the walls of our great country there are people who don’t have access to adequate healthcare which is sad because we spend more on healthcare than any other developed nation in the entire world matter fact we spend three times as much as the next developed nation which is our sister country of great britain and so we spend anywhere we spend just over $10,000 per person per year in the united states on healthcare yet we ranked 5th in the world as far as quality of our health care and we rank somewhere around 27th or 28th in infant mortality and so with those sort of spending that we have and we still have somewhere of upwards of 41 million people without access to health insurance and then we have somewhere around 1.7 million people that file bankruptcy every single year because of who have health insurance but still are bombarded with health bills health care bills become health care in Tulsa bills if your on medicare we take exactly what they pay and if there’s any portion that you might do if your on a health insurance we discussed that part of our right to know and it’s patient rights and responsibilities that they know what they exactly what they be responsible for assure home health care works with each and every patient on that entire healthcare system is a mess and we can only do what we can Home Health Care in Tulsa do in our circle and in northeast Oklahoma and it central, and health care in Tulsa and so we at restore believe that we are going to make a difference and if other agencies will do the same thing if other home care agencies will do the same thing if other home health care in Tulsa agencies will do the same thing another home healthcare agencies in Oklahoma.

And other hospitals and clinics will take it upon themselves to care for patients not based upon their ability to pay or based upon their economic or social economic status and not based upon whatever type of disparity they have for acuity level they’re at but take care of people because people are good he can people require help that’s then our nation will become one of the strongest powerhouses in the world as far as our people and their wellness med see I love that just on the back of that ladies and gentleman health care in Tulsa is something that that at least one point in your life you’re going to have to think about so ask yourself this what am I going to do today to make a difference michael jackson said make a change all right he said he said he said I’m looking at the man in the mirror okay but I look yourself with your man or woman you know look at yourself and ask hey what am I going to do to change the world today how am I going to be going to affect home health care in Tulsa what how am I going to utilize restore home health care which is full of people that want to make a change what are you going to do ladies and gentlemen so ask yourself that and in the meantime in the meantime what do they have to do larry there to contact you they just need to pick up their telephone or their cell phone or the internet and put down how to pick up the internet but anyways it’s 918-747-1320 or restore home health. Care restore home health.Com or you know what just look for the highlander or any of the nissan maxima is driving around town or the ford explorer explorer restore tags on them and flag him down and say how do I get some of that home health