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Good morning my name is Paul: James masteron and you are listening to the restore Home Health poco’s never stole home health is a Home Healthcare company in Oklahoma. Are we did have a health care services in the comfort of your own home? Making patients better won’t make the world better one patient at a time that with me, I have the famous the beautiful Larry, Montgomery Larry, how you doing what a wonderful introduction it last night – and you know I was kind of nervous, but now I might have anybody That can introduce the wonderful Larry Montgomery in that beautiful British accent. You’Re making me blush, you make me live, but that’s good. You had to have fast guys today. Home Health Care In Tulsa What we going to talk to you want to talk about is safety in in your home. Now it’s pretty important, it is important one. Absolutely it really is no matter what age you are, no matter what race or gender safetyin. The comfort of your home is is a very important factor. Know what happened to be a wealth of knowledge regarding safety in your home that are, how did you know that I didn’t even notice regarding anything. So it’s true, it’s true. It’S a hundred percent, true you’re, welcome. I’D run it. So I can talk about anything. I can talk about the British Empire and you’ll probably know more about it than I do know it’s true. It’S true that I die. And safety in the home is important. We had discussed the importance of healing at home before which was a spectacular poker. Home Health Care In Tulsa I love that was good. It was it was good, but some things that people might tend to overlook is the safety in the home. Nowthis wouldn’t be a complete punk ass. If I didn’t say what Shakespeare said. Yes, absolutely in Shakespearean accent I will I will, but, but I need to clear my throat in order to make sure it’s the living ending in the best way. Here we go folks when I was at home, I was in a better place, William Shakespeare. Now that seems like a very simple statement, but when you think about it, it’s quite profound. When I was at home, I was in a better place now it doesn’t necessarily specify where he’s at right now and what is better than because I don’t think it really matters. No matter where you are being at home is a better place with you. That’S absolutely correct, and when you are at home, you are in a better place. Home Health Care In Tulsa If anyone of us stops and thinks for a moment where some of our happiest places are where some of our safest places are emotionally and physically, we sometimes think about home and being at home is where we are the most comfortable. We are surrounded by our family. We are surrounded by our friend and so being at home is the place where most of us want to be at the end of the day. So that’s right and I think Dorothy put it and put it back when she said there is no place like home. Home Health Care In Tulsa Exactly and I happen to have the red slippers on today to prove it in the books that rocks this is awesome, Home Health Care In Tulsa lovey stuff. Now, why would restore talk about safety, a hunting? What will it start with the obvious? We are restoring health care, Living Home Health Care Services in Oklahoma, making the world a better place, one patient at a time as a prominent Home Healthcare Company – you know it is quite will be quite easy for us to talk about. Why we’re the best home home health care company in the entire world, in the entire globe, and especially in Oklahoma, but the reason we’re discussing safety in your home today, is that we actually can’t we care about you.

We care about your loved ones. We care about our loved ones and it’s important to know the risks. Do you know that maybe post a hum and ways to prevent them? Now there was this psychologist. There was this guy. His name is Maslow. He had a mass Larry basic needs that need to be met first and have those basic needs fast. We got the psychological needs, you got food, water and warm rest. I can’t even the caveman – and I understood the importance of building a fire and a note having that that food writer, but right above that, comes to the needs for safety, correct, saber-tooth tigers, but that’s safe safety within your home. After that, maybe we going to rocks laying around in it and we provide Home Care in the cave. We can we can we, we do not discriminate, you know where you live and I we just want to make it very, very safe, very safe environment, Home Health Care In Tulsa the safest environment possible that we can acquire in in your home now, despite this need for safety. Home Health Care In Tulsa Now his his a a fun fact word for You lyrics, despite this need for safety quoted for an app from According to an article on a secure.com Home Accents satistics is your home as safe as you think. More than 18,000 American’s die every year from injuries to take place in the home. Now this isn’t necessarily to make this a doom and gloom Pokemon Scyther. We have to stress the importance in a we have an epidemic right now that you know a lot of people. Don’T understand it there all day angels in the home unless you take the necessary precautions now this does Cava fast as such, as in I fooling accidentally, Home Health Care In Tulsa poisoned themselves: applicating drowning, inadequate, railings and banisters on safe medication, all that kind of stuff. What we’re actually going to be focusing on right now, is. In the home, for the pipes of today’s Pro cost now question Larry, I’m going to pose, pose a question and you you may answer this as you see fit now at which point is it the time? Then, in the home environment did it safe and appropriate appropriate for the patient to be restored. Home Health Care In Tulsa Now I say restored for a specific reason: cuz we are restore Home Health Care, didn’t bring home health care services in Oklahoma. So, as far as a process goes at which point do we determine that it’s safe for a patient to be restored to that the health? Well, I mean at any point in a person’s health if they become at risk for Falls which could result in some unsteady gait or they may have history of Falls or their home is in a condition that would have put them at potentially risk for falls on Me meaning that they’ve got to a place where they’re not able to do potential housekeeping duties where that used to typically, as we grow older, there’s some wonderful charts out there on the internet and various research publication. Various a peer-reviewed journals that show call an individual’s eyesight changes as they grow older, and it’s in it’s nice for those of us who still have our ice. Home Health Care In Tulsa I didn’t check to to look at because what it does is. It shows how a Stairway will look. The shading of a Stairway will look as a person grows older, and so the fact that you can’t see how the steps change for the deaf service, dept change or the coloration of the steps in the shadowing means that you don’t navigating the stairway in your home. Is is as a as a risky Endeavor or simply navigating your way into the bathtub is a risky Endeavor, and so there are. There are some definitely some some things that a physical, therapist or or nursing can come into a patient’s home and educate the patient on what we call a safety fall, fall risk prevention, and these things will will help you identify. Those things that are are are gaps in in safety. What you didn’t know where happening there, so subtle, and it happened over time as soon as I like, the total eclipse that we had yesterday. Home Health Care In Tulsa As my wife said, I thought it was going to get much darker and I looked and I said you were standing out here and it happened slowly that it’s fairly dark out here, but you didn’t notice. It is sort of like the Frog where you put the frog in the water and you warm it up slowly. The Frog does not know that the frogs in boiling water, so it’s at these things, these sort of changes in your life to happen so subtly that you don’t know that they’re happening.

But you know that it’s happened when you when you fall, and you can’t pinpoint the reason why I miss that step or I missed being able to get into the tub. Also as you get older you’re, not as active as you used to be so you have. What we called muscle atrophy – and so your muscles are you’re not as strong as you used to be so your legs don’t hold you up as well. Home Health Care In Tulsa Your arms are as strong too. They can’t pull you up as well as they used to and so you’re getting out of a chair getting up off of a stool or walking through your house. You know that you may not have the same sort of endurance, wear the same sort of balance that you used to have those sort of things like that all lead up to Falls and Falls of being one of those things in the home. Where are not just a you fall and you get up and you shake it off as we get older, we also have other problems called osteoporosis. Where are bones get weaker, and so when we fall, we we stand a very high chance of breaking a bone and typically the bones that we break the bones of the hip and those bones sort of when they break they put it in the hospital and sometimes That hip bone has to be replaced and then were sent to a skilled nursing facility, and so this is such a long healing process until the main point that is, is to identify the rest head of time and prevent the fall, Home Health Care In Tulsa and by doing that, you know You do got through home health care services and restore Home Health Care has some very highly qualified physical therapist who will come out to your home. We had some very highly qualified skill. Nurses will come out to your home and educate and teaching and help you stay well and stay off the floor, and that was a lot in one sentence or two sentences. Maybe was fine if that was. Where is 51013? I tell you what I am enlightened by a knowledge that I I love the Frog analogy. You know I haven’t bowled a frog lately, but I really I understand the concept and I really think you delivered it well. That was good thing like that. I haven’t heard of that before and it’s really good good stuff. You know I’ll come and eat all day, everyday Larry, because you’re constantly standing me by the knowledge that you have posted it. It’S a it’s a consistent thing, ladies and gentlemen. You know I’m astounded, I’m standing here and I’m smiling, and I know I’ve said that before I’m smiling, because I’m learning – and I feel like just being here – is a blessing this area, what is winter Healthcare nurse registry? I read all the time., You know the tender tender age of lower than 60, which I Am lower than 60. You know it’s it’s kind of. If you take things like this for granted, you know you. I don’t have to worry about falling out about. You know the risk of falling of it doesn’t pose much of a threat to my life. I’M at this point knock on wood, but it’s not something I necessarily worry about every day, but there are people out there that do worry about this kind of stuff. Sometimes you know that they might worry about worry about it off today. Home Health Care In Tulsa Full I really enjoyed themselves as something they would have to be concerned about now. I have a quick story on that one inside out here that has a market, the first or Home Health. I do spend a lot of time in hospitals now not going to mention the name of the hospital of the name of the pass in this involved and forever protection and whatnot, but I was at a hospital in an outlying area. End of the first time I went there and I needed to find a scent dogs out and then I’ll just help a lady who she is probably I’d say between ages of 60 and 70 on the really sure. But she was it within that was in that room and she offered to help me walk me to the doctor’s office. Now we’re walking that – and you know she started to lose her balance now at this point guys, I’m not a physical therapist know, I’m a professional skilled nurse about to start to lose her balance, so she began to full and I could see happening. You know when things start happening in slow motion already quite sure what to do, but I did not I didn’t I didn’t want to dive in and grab grab her elbow and pull her shoulder. I’Ve had suck, it wasn’t really sure what to do so. I kind of just you supposed to turn the light down with her and fell with her as a very open and probably a humorous things to see, but it’s a very serious situation. These kind of things happen all the time in this is an open, open whole way in the hospital with her. I know whether or not you know obstacles or anything to it to bash your head on, Home Health Care In Tulsa except for the floor in a service simply safe environment, but it will post a threat to that to that sweet, sweet lady. That was just trying to help me out what makes matters worse is when she regained his self. Instead of again it we got halfway through to dunks of his office again, and it happened again. So I I had you know their situations where you know. If something happens, you’re like I wish I did this or I wish I did that right Nina. I was exactly what I was blessed enough to where it happened again, I say blessed. I use at 10 facetiously because, of course is no: it’s not a funny situation for for a lady to be falling over. However, I add had a chance to do better, be better. No, I just did the exact same thing as I saw it as I still fit try to support her on the way down. This is a very serious thing. A ladies and gentleman people do phone at home all the time and it’s it’s it’s an unfortunate situation where they might hit head-on on a coffee table or something on their arms might not, but not why electrons speak properly. Home Health Care In Tulsa. Their arms not be strong enough to support them as they as the as they hit the floor, so this is definitely something worth discussing now. According to that same article., The leading cause of Home injury, that’s with ,000 claim Peggy as a result, Fulton the home now., Especially common common threat to the hell they wish you were with us today, but that just a 6600 yeah.

That’S that’s correct! That’S correct and that’s actually a you know us a statistic like that. You know we you know we in in. Let me put it in perspective for you and then, and I had some of my research article that I was reading actually not long ago. Put it into a great perspective, we had a you know. A couple years ago we had a we had, I think we had in the United States. We had about 10 or 11 people died from the Ebola virus and the entire country came unglued. Everyone was freaking out and running with their you know and what their shirts on fire so to speak to that the world was coming to the end coming to an end. But when we, when we speak about numbers of 6000 people dying because of a fall, we don’t run around like that and we and we don’t get. We don’t get up in arms, about people dying and falls in the end. We don’t get up in arms, about people dying because of medication errors, and, and we don’t get up in arms, about people dying, be up prevent be because of preventable. Hospitalizations is what we call him or or nosocomial infections. You know those the same sort of things that we can prevent. You know such as the property immunizations, you know, and you know it sexy people before they come in and out of the country when there’s such a threat as Ebola, your those sort of kind of things we don’t, we don’t run around with her shirt on fire. So to speak, and 6000 people dying every year, a preventable death. You know we, we should get up and arms got that and we should be more of a country. That’S focused on how we can help the our seniors in the home prevent a fall and a lot of that comes down to economics and what we provide to our seniors. Home Health Care In Tulsa You know if I seen you had to pay that you the price for an item such as a bathroom items such as the lift seat or a shower chair, and they had to make the choice between whether or not they were going to buy that shower. Chair or they were going to buy that transfer board or they were going to eat that month they were more likely buy. Groceries. I used to Medicare and Medicaid services and Medicaid services in the state of Oklahoma still pays for some of your bathroom type items: medical equipment, but Medicare. But you don’t have a lot of people on Medicaid these days, but Medicare no longer pays for bathroom type items. You and some of these that transfer boards and shower chairs, and things like that – you know – do you Home Health Care In Tulsa ,500 and when you’re on a fixed income – and you only get ,400 a month, you’re not going to buy yourself a shower chair in these are necessary items to Prevent falls in the bathroom, so you know so why we take these things away. We cost ourselves millions and millions of dollars and hospitalizations because of fall, because we don’t put in place the mechanisms to prevent Falls. So I can go on and on on my soapbox and I and I could all day long and we can recreate podcast podcast about the things that we take away, that cost more money because we’re trying to save money but 6,000 people that died because of Falls. Every year is something that we should be up in arms. About is something that we should be. We should be, we should be very proactive and that we should have the loudest voices, because it’s unnecessary Death absolutely appreciate that another another factoids for you guys now. I just before I do come cover this. You still not telling you these facts for Doom and Gloom thing about, I’m letting you know that there is a gap and we are going to provide at the end of this book cost ways you can prevent falls in the home. That has has Larry said. You know with the with the amount of money that people are receiving on a monthly basis. The first necessary need isn’t full safety. It’S very consistent with what Maslow was saying, what I was missing and being in the post office in that food, shelter and move all the other ones. They’Re covered in safety comes next, and so you know to take those things away and you know has Medicare, as it has done, this kind of created that gap or widen that Gap again sucks every year, one in every three American 65 and older suffix suffix of Ful that often leads to moderate severe injuries and increases the risk of Valley death. Another another system of the six thousand lives being claimed on an annual basis and more than 662000 of adults who suffer fools in 2010 were hospitalized. That’S a lot of money. Larry a lot of money in hospital, I’ve been hospital, I had a friend of mine’s house for once in and got got saline and Benadryl and it cost about 4. I look to the insurance bill cost about ,000, which is ridiculous, as we said I think, in a previous podcast. We can talk about health insurance, India and in the cost of a health in the United States. But I was at church potluck on Sunday which, if you know me, I love church, potluck, Home Health Care In Tulsa so they’re fantastic ways to meet people and and and talk about the ways we serve the world and besides just going to church, you can actually sit down with people and You can talk about the services we provide and – and there was a senior in there who missed his chair and fell on the floor and he got. We helped him up and – and I walk with him out to the car and he was fine. But that simple thing you’re that one moment where he unexpectedly fell, could have changed the course of his life forever. So we think of it in terms like that. Wear one and every three Americans over the age of 65 fall every year. That’S 33.333 % of people. 65 and older fall every year, and so the risk of falling is very high, statistically you’re going to be fought, you’re going to fall, and so what is it? What is it if you identify something in as I walk with him and and and we spoke on the way to the car?

You know I asked him, I said: are there things that you have noticed over the last few weeks that would have contributed to your fall and he says: well, you know I’ve just gotten weaker. You know as I’ve gotten older and yeah we talked about you know. Maybe doing some physical therapy and he’s not exactly homebound right now because he still drives, and so I recommend talking to his position about outpatient therapy and working on strengthening those leg muscles and, if you’re still at home and your home bound and and you’re needing Home Care Services, you know, restore Home Health, can send the physical therapist out there to do strength, building exercises because statistically you’re going to fall. You are in that group, if you’re beginning to feel that weakness and as one of three Americans, 65 and older is going to fall that it. That is a tremendous number and you might not be as lucky as a gentleman at the potluck who only got a little bit of mashed potatoes on his very nice custom-made suit. Home Health Care In Tulsa I was like that is a very nice sweet, as I walked out to the car. He said yes, thank you. I know he should be looking into some therapy this week and, if you certainly, if you’re at home – and you are unable to get to those sort of therapy – things restore home health care that that is one of the things that we specialize in. As one of the things that we pride ourselves on is helping people get to a place where they feel safe in their home, because they’ve had a therapist come out to strengthen them to give them the confidence to move about their home without the fear falling the Home health care in Oklahoma, caring for patients and caring for their employees, which transcends to the patient’s. You know if this is just something quite amazing. Ladies in German of of hip fracture 95 % of hip fractures come from preventable preventable.. How much are my Rugby here? You know I’m jumping out of a plane, opening Whole Foods in at home, walking through the hospital or whatever it may be, in at 95 % of the fortunate thing is that restore home health care of Oklahoma. They have physical therapists that can take care of the other nursing. You know of the of the movement of the occupational therapy side of things you know once you’ve had that hip surgery where there’s a replacement or you know. If that’s what we have. Those memories will come out and help you get back to your original Self, so you can walk around. You know to jump jump back on that trampoline to do whatever it is that you were doing before you had that hip surgery. So that’s the goal that but what I know what you’re asking okay you’re out there you like. I can’t you told me it was dangerous right. Okay, now I fear for my life every time I wake up. But what am I supposed to do to make sure that my life is a little safer? What I’ve got some good news for you guys in German, we have tips. We have tips on how you can prevent Falls at Home Mena. Home Health Care In Tulsa Is it 100 % foolproof? If you would excuse the pun that no, it’s not 100 %, but these are ways that we can lower the risk for you. You need to be aware of what could possibly happen. What has happened so we can now let you know what to do to prevent it from happening, so tips for preventing Falls at home, sucks Festival. A lot of the fools take place in the bathroom. The bathroom is a slippery Place, Larry would suggest, install grab, bars and non-slip mats in the bathtub or shower you, the boss, man, with a bottom that grips and be diligent, with drying up any splashed water. On the floor, when he said that’s good, if I start that is great advice, that’s great advice for just about anyone. Everyone needs grab bar, but I think you know it doesn’t hurt for you to have some sort of non-slip material. On the on your shower floor, I’m anxious hours, if you, if you louder up and you like the ladder up there, dangers of altering up – you know I mean the thing about it is, is that I mean I think that those sort of things are important for Everyone and expecially our seniors and then again I mean at the Gap in that is the the financial aspect I put in those things in place and now and now you know I just priced them to grab bars the other day through Lowe’s and Home Depot and Medline for a client of ours and they were asked fairly reasonable. The one downside to that is is installing them. Unless you get the ones that install to the side of your bathtub you, otherwise you have to drill them into the side of the wall, and you know – and you know, if you’re not able, you know, if you’re, if you’re not able, if you’re having trouble getting Around it’s unlikely that you’re able to install grab bars and so that you know there would be an installation type of fee and things like that to you again. Home Health Care In Tulsa There’S that there’s a cost factor involved in that and there used to be a sort of a reimbursement to cover those things. But there are some agencies out there that there are some Churches and there are some of nonprofit organizations that help people with things like that, and there’s always a reaching out to me and in discussing that and I’m willing to point people in the right direction. You know that’s what we do is try to help one person at a time. You know if we can help that person live more holy in their life, not holy as in Jesus holy, but more fully into the person that there that they want to be, and in that you know we’re going to do it. We’Re going to work very hard to make sure that they are reaching their fullest potential in life. Home Health Care In Tulsa I love that that hole in the LG. You know it was still home health care of Oklahoma to living home health care services in Oklahoma. Once discharged, you want to leave you feeling hole and not full of holes wondering what to do next, but excited for life, because you’ve been restored to the person you once now in another another little letip feline German is clean. The stairs in the stands in the closet, okay, but the status in the place where we’re supposed to keep your bicycle. Now it’s on the bicycle shed so clear. The stairs stairs and walkways a credible, junk and clutter have handrails installed if necessary. Most people do have hemorrhoids in a on the stairs like a banister or something like that, but have it on both sides.

If possible now is Larry was saying it that may be a cost involved. If you don’t have hemorrhoids on both sides, so you going to give us a shout and what’s the number Larry to give every storm have a code 918-747-1320, that’s right, and if you want to call me directly at 791-8508 10:10 when any advice or do you know Yet if I’m free I’ll come over and install them for you for going to say all right, the first time restore Home Health went out there and and help the patient that needed the help trailer. We always say that it’s all the good in the world is a is wasted unless you take it to where it is needed is not often that I get goosebumps from words, but I tend to have the most multiple times when I’m in the pocket remedy. Home Health Care In Tulsa Yeah yeah, this is more than you know, Falls and we talk about providing. You know, people with the Optimal Care and the best care and the highest quality of care in the state of Oklahoma and sending out physical therapist and occupational therapy in skilled nurses. Who have this passion? Who embody this sort of spirit of Grace and joy and come out the people’s home to see them when they are in a position of illness and despair and in to help in lift them up into a place of wellness and wholeness? And you know they don’t we just do this because it’s a job they do this because they have a passion for in their compassionate about it, and so you know each of the people that we have hired and brought on board and Surround ourselves with each team. Member and you know this is their mission – this is they’re calling in life, they believe what they are doing is making a difference in the world, and so when, when I look at what we doing everyday, we we say to ourselves: is it life-giving and what we Are doing is life-giving not only to the people that were doing it for, but it is life-giving to us, and so as long as it is life-giving to other people and it’s life giving to us, we will continue to do it now. Could you reiterate one last time for me? That’S good in the world statement you made out of place all the good that we could possibly do in the world is wasted unless we take it to where it is needed. Home Health Care In Tulsa All the good that we could possibly do in the world is wasted unless we can take it to where it’s needed. That’S good, Larry. I like it. I, like it alot, asking stuff Number store home health care. If I go home, I delivering healthcare services in Oklahoma. Is speaking wisdom into your is today, and I really I really hope, you’re gaining something from this, because I know I am sometimes I’m gaining just you know. Staying here talking about it gets me pumped up gets me ready to go out here, even though we come early on a Tuesday morning when I leave here on Tuesday morning and gets me ready to go out there and to encourage the people that I’m surrounded by The other team members at restore Home Health to go out and to continue to to bring people up from illness and despair into to a place of health and wholeness to you, and so that’s our job is to encourage each other to do that and to be Good at it and 2 and 2 in to encourage other people that are not necessarily in the home care business. The people that we work with our referral sources are are doctors, offices are hospitals to work with those people to encourage them to help our people that we collaborate in care with to help our patients reach the highest possible potential in their lives are like that. Next piece of advice feel a German lessons out. There might might offend you and I I apologize in advance, but then I were told that hold you because, honestly, I’m not sorry for giving you advice to make your home health healthier and safer. Now I’ll get rid of drugs or put them in storage. All right look: Hazel thing: rugs are a hazard, a guy I’ve tripped over a number raised myself, and if I wasn’t leave the athletic specimen that I am, Home Health Care In Tulsa I may have no teeth right now. Cuz, I’m trip type of way too many rocks right now. If you can’t bring yourself to get rid of your rugs, you know just take them to the floor and I’ll get some electrical tape, tape the floats to the Cornerstone – and I don’t pick up an end trip you out of line for the trip time around before Was Paul is right up. I would forgo the electrical tape and move to the duct tape, though the electrical tape is not quite as securing I’m going to end. You can tape it down to the floor. Home Health Care In Tulsa There specially made duct tape, that’s made for flooring. So you don’t ruin your floors, will use it at with the worship group that I’m at we tape a musical chords Down to the force that pulls up from the floor and the floor is nice and neat cord to nice and neat, but it works. It’S genius stuff and it’s important to take those edges down, because what happens is if you’re, using some sort of assisted device like a walker or cane those devices, typically like to get tangled up in the edge of the rug Ark. Tar shoes like to get tangled up in the end of the rug, especially for wearing sandals or are wearing tennis shoes that have a 6 alarm and all it takes, is just the tip of the shoe or the tip of the toe to get caught. On the end of that rug and down you go, and so you know taking those drugs down, it’s not very attractive, it’s it’s, it did. It takes away from the beauty of the rug, but I can tell you this: what if it’s, if taken away for beauty, is much more important than you laying on the floor, I unable to reach your phone to call her help.

I’M not saying the roads were invented by an evil man, but I am 100 % certain that the ones they were invented, the men’s satin buying what people Survivor and Loft with Glee. You know at what what he had a I want he had invented. So some Sound Advice there and another piece of ass here: leaving lights on Night Lights, fake candles in a Runway lights, whatever floats your boat, just like light up your house, so you can see where you going. You know that the people need to use the bathroom at night time you know and if there’s some form of lighting in rlsa your spouse is in bed or you know you don’t want to, let you know illuminate the house, because you know you might be sensitive To it to lighting my get a headache, so just put some sucking lighting throughout the house, so you can see where you going. If you do need to use the bathroom at night right now, if you ever go to the movie theater, there’s a there’s, always some pathway, it shows you directions to get out or two to move about the facility, Home Health Care In Tulsa so you can make it to the restroom. I see you in that sort of thing is important when you’re in the home, if you don’t have any light, you’re not going to be able to see all obstacles in your way, proper lighting, even in the middle of the day, allows you to see. You know exactly where you’re planting your foot, especially if your navigating uneven Services, you know especially, stairways or hallways it, Home Health Care In Tulsa allows you to navigate your way around obstacles in your home or there’s chairs or couch or coffee table. You know, even though you’ve known where those things have been for years and years, you need to have it properly lit, and that can’t even be that kid that can’t that’s even more important at night. It’S to have the has have Services lip, especially Lighting in the bathroom and in the hallway that directs you have to get there. Finally, please advise here’s to make Windows Safe. Now, if you have these quick release windows that the kind of open, so you can pull out all of them, if you must have those windows, Home Health Care In Tulsa make sure you clear the clutter around this when they see don’t trip and fall out of the window, but I would Make sure that you don’t have the windows open while we can fold out and if you do have a catch on them, so they don’t open wide enough. I didn’t know if you have ever full now the window Larry, I don’t recall, falling out of a window. I don’t think we had Windows growing up in my house that were big enough to fall out of, and I don’t have Windows picking up fall out of now, but yeah I mean, I think, falling out of a window is a is something that you, it’s probably Something that’s rare, but if you do have those big open windows or even in the evening, including those big open patio doors, where there’s a little bit of a lip, you need to be able to pay attention to that little little step there, because you know those Things can trip and you trip and fall and typically there’s a stair on the other side and there’s a big, Home Health Care In Tulsa concrete slab. We’Re going to hit your head will catch you. I will catch you if, yes walking to your house or your having a gathering or something like that, and you open things up. So it’s a rare occasion, I’m pretty sure of people falling out of Windows from tripping on something. I know this one person out there right now. It’S listening is like oh yeah, okay right. That makes sense. I think that’s what it’s one of the day, I’m going to clear up around my window and make sure this doesn’t happen, and I save that person’s life. I didn’t fall out of the window. One Lifesaver is our grandchildren and our young people come over to visit and having a safe. Secure Windows is not just important for yourself, but it’s important for your loved ones, because children are are more likely to fall out of the window. Probably then Senior adult, and I think it would be an ideal thing to make sure windows are safe and secure and closed, or they have some sort of protective screen over um where individuals will not fall out of them. Nice excellent rat, restore home health care of Oklahoma, delivering home health care services in Oklahoma oil and come home health company. You know it would be overly having the grandkids around. You know. We go to make sure it’s a safe environment. You know I can make sure his windows are love me, so they close have the AC on. You know, enjoy yourself watch a movie or something of that play. The Claw. Home Health Care In Tulsa Tell you don’t the kids falling into the window or out of the window now now Larry is somebody need a has any questions regarding out tips today or you know any questions regarding the sources of air formation. What number can they call to get hold of her storm? Okay? Well, I mean you can contact us at are 1-800 numbers 1-800-858-9250 or you can contact this locally at the Tulsa office, which is 918-747-1320, and if you have any questions about the safety of your home, you can request an evaluation from your position and we can send The nurse her physical therapist out to do a home safety evaluation. How to come in and look at your home, make recommendations for changes. I make recommendations for medical equipment. You know, in potentially admit to home care services for a regiment of physical therapy to strengthen your body, to bring you into a new place where you’re going to be well and you’re, going to be confident and you’re going to have the strength to move out. Your house and do new things at a higher level of functioning than you ever imagined, because that’s what we’re still at home healthcare does. We are the pathway to health, hope and wholeness. That’S just beautiful tips for making your your first available on home, make the broth with no slips on clear. Home Health Care In Tulsa The stats, get rid of drugs, are put them into storage or use electrical tape on my skin tape or sticky glue cuz. Now they seem to work except for a fix of a duct tape, leave a light on and make you in those safe is it for today. Alright, we have blessed. Your is enough. Thank you so much for listening and Larry your the man, your the man. It’S always nice to hang out with alright, you guys take care