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Good afternoon this is paul james messing with the one and only restore home health care of Oklahoma and with me, I have the beautiful, the lovely lori clover. How are you doing lori? Wonderful, thank you. Have my dashing good, looking brother andy Matthew and he is currently organizing some things on the desk and he’s no next time. I can find, but I do promise you that she sends his best wishes and love to all of you. Listen is out there and fans of restore home health care. Let me tell you something. Yesterday yesterday was Tuesday and it was the second day of this year. 2018 and we had a market, is meeting with restore home health care and we will sit down and we talked about goals for the year, because not too many amazing things, many fun fun things about how we can improve the status, improve house temp on home health care in Tulsa, and one of the things that came up was focusing on alchemy what. Can we focus on what can we control? Because the thing is about home health care in Tulsa? Is that patients get a choice that supposed to have a choice as to who they they? They choose to take care of him at home, once I get discharged from a facility and they need home health care in Tulsa, and what we do is market is:is we we build relationships with discharge planning, social workers and case managers in hospitals and what not, and whether or not patient referrals to us, so we can serve them in the realm of home health care in Tulsa. So what can we control, and these are some of the things that we we all staffs and we had a very good conversation and some of those things we can control the activity that we do on a day-to-day basis. You know how many places do we go to are. We intentional about the conversation that we have, or are we going into office and just having general chit-chat and getting out of there without actually sharing that the amazing things that restore home, health care can do I’m at the tanks, the home health care in Tulsa. So in life there are things that we can control. There are things that we can’t control and it’s a. Why is thought to say, don’t stress out about the things that you cannot control rather just be intentional about the things you can’t control now, I’m fortunate enough here, I’m very fortunate to be in the same room as the one and only lori clove I had a very successful business owner in the area of home health care in Tulsa, and it is in the process of and has I’m sure realized many of her dreams and goals and probably has even more games and ghost and it from an advice perspective. As an aspiring goal set at myself, I’d like to ask you lori what things have you focused on that but, you can control and I guess it’s a two-part question so part 1. What things have you focus on, that you can control and have there been things that use you stressed out about that you? You cannot control in your work and in pursuit of your many goals that you achieve. Not one thing I can control we’re done, there’s a lot of what we do on a day-to-day basis that we can’t control and there’s a lot that we do have control over at i. Think one thing that’s really important that I’ve always tried to do at least in business.

What I’m personally isi do have control over who I surround myself with and the kind of people that you know why? I listen to or I talk to, I think that’s really important. You know we all know. Larry and I have known each other for a very long time. We’re very like-minded I know what he’s going to say. Probably before I even hear his answer, but I like that, he’s he’s a good sounding board. You guys, you know you all are awesome. I, don’t have to know what you’re doing every single day to know that you’re out doing what you say. You’re doing you know it’s just it’s small things like that. So I’d like to make sure that I am surrounded with the right people. We do that with our staff. You know we’re trying to be very selective and in the nurses that we pick and the people that we have in the office or answering the telephones, so those that kind of things that are things that we can control. You know there’s a lot out there that we cannot control. For example, the new conditions of participation go into effect on January 13th. There are a lot of changes that we are required to make and document that we’ve made them. You really need that in the event somebody walks through your door and says I’d like to see your new policies and procedures on this. You know things like that. We can’t control when they come in, but we can’t control whether or not we do what we’re supposed to do, and so it’s the it’s things like that. We can’t control what the patient’s do, but we can control how we interact with them and how we treat them and how we take care of them. So it it’s just little things like that that knowing what you can control what you can’t control it if that’s half the battle, I love that lori. Thank you for sharing that and it taste of home health care in Tulsa. It’s a very a very important subject, and it’s very important concept to be sure that your intentional about about everything, any other people, your surrounding yourself with that and on that it’s a very well-known saying that show me your friends and I’ll, show you your future and again it in the world of business. You know you need to hang out with people that are at least better than um Dwayne the rock johnson. He actually said something I would like to challenge. He says always be the hardest worker in the room. That I would always challenge him on that, in the sense that, if I’m the hardest worker in the room, that is not one from for me to learn from so I would like to not be the hardest worker in the room when I get to that point, I need to choose a new room, find any rooms that I can learn from my surroundings, left from the people that I’m around so I challenge you Dwayne the, rock, Johnson & k, on your expressions and sayings. You might have a little bit more money than me, but you know that there are some philosophical things I like to discuss with you.

Maybe a stocking with home health care in Tulsa I do want to ask you a question about surrounding yourself with the right people. Can you can you tell me as a youngster growing up in the uk and now this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with home health care in Tulsa, but as a youngster growing up in the uk, can you tell us a little bit about how your life completely change direction? Once you found a circle of friends that were a very influential to you in a positive way, absolutely a lot of people in in the uk that grow up in a lifestyle of them ready just going out on a Friday and Saturday night, every friday and saturday night, and there was no possible call on the corner. There wasn’t some woman physical activity on the corner pub, and that was why I pretty much everyone did amazing about 13. You know because when you get to about 13 full team, he kind of you know you look old enough to go ahead and and and go to the go to the bar unless that’s okay over there. But for me it wasn’t really a it wasn’t something I wanted to do. You know it was there I wanted to find a park. You know I wanted to go and play play basketball by myself, and that’s that’s just what I did didn’t have a ton of friends there, but then it I did find a select few group of friends who wanted to do the same thing and they wanted to really what call dan and study and and do all the things that I unlock the other people I used to hang out with didn’t want to do so, I selected them and that those guys really pushed me and help help me. You know, come over to the united states and and to to play ball school and have a good chance of going to college, and so you know when you talkin at home health care in tulsa and i. Think lori brings up a great point intensive, surround yourself with the right people and having them that mentality that can that can carry you through you next sunday, so we’re all human beings. You know people have bad days, but on those bad days, what? If the people that surrounding you help lift you up, you know, and that’s that’s so important to have-and you know back to the subjective of really control controlling what you can control and we cannot control our attitudes for the most part. You know for sure. If somebody’s having a bad day, we can lift them up. You know if, if things aren’t going exactly how you want one of them to go for that day, maybe you can change the trajectory of you can change the course somehow in a positive way. In a week we can.

We have control over that. For the most part we can control getting up in the morning. You know what what’s maybe a little early or you can do some readings and self-development. You know something that can help. You perfect your craft, and there are so many things that we we can control. Often we done, but if we did, what kind of difference can we make know what the difference between making the loss of her patients you never really starting out croft, you know they v. If the nurses that we have working for us, which we do can control their level of passion for patient, which they do. You know we can really see some some bruce, the labor and and I see you a reply from the patient’s which is which is very positive, which we do see, which is a beautiful thing. That’s wonderful, daddy at home health care in Tulsa has seriously been reestablished, redevelop to end theory created by restore home health care in Tulsa and Oklahoma and beyond, really because we are focusing on what we can control by focusing on on the scripting in the office when speaking to all the members of staff and other facilities, with focusing on making sure that we are getting the patient exactly what they need and how? How do we know what the patient needs? How do we know the questions to ask? How do I know? This is not the question salsa patients well with her intentional about controlling what the nurses are learning at every Tuesday in the morning, so it when we have meetings, sharing them, sharing, results and and the sharing stories and exchanging successes and wins at being so intentional about that. You Know:i’m health care in Tulsa, it is improving. Is it improving with the the presence of restore home health care and with that this is ben paul james, methuen matheran with restaurant health, gas and andy michael matheson wither, storm health cat and, most importantly, lori kloba with restore home health care home health care in Tulsa is laura lori, lee, ann drive by and so I just do think it’s the new thing I may have been around for years, but with restore home health care repossessing, the amazingness