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Good morning, lovely listeners, you listen to restore Home Health, radio, the Home Health company that restores your health on a daily basis. That’S what we do. My name is Paul James master and I’m here with Andrew Michael math right now, I’m here. Hey good morning with that. Larry, Montgomery Larry, I don’t know your middle name, all right, good, good luck, good luck and Miss Lori Clomid! You have a middle name, Lori, Leanne, Alright, good stuff! Excellent. Can you hear me see here check check one two mine’s definition keep going keep going and we are back at Fantastic excellent and we have a Lori Lee and clover very, very exciting. For you say we going to talk about Medicare Medicare. Home Health Care in Tulsa What is Medicare he’s the one thing that on July, the 30th 1965 president Lyndon B Johnson signed into law the bill that led to the Medicare and Medicaid. Did you guys know that Lyndon B, Johnson Freeway? The end is what I didn’t know that I didn’t know that something that I love the two day, but what is Medicare D in the Larry Wilmore? What is this? What is this thing that have health insurance for individuals who are turning the age 65 and older, or have some sort of disability? There are several different parts to that. Are there a b c and d and each one of those covers different things, so Medicare part A would cover hospitalization a Medicare Part B would cover outpatient services and Medicare C covers I’m going to not have that answer in part D covers prescription drugs and I Might have to go back in and redo this podcast later, but I think parts seat covers in stage renal failure, Heidi Heidi! Yes, what’s left of the brain yet seen some of you may know, most of the list is probably do tonight. I sent me didn’t: go there a lot of changes that happened and are happening through Medicare. You know, as far as what Medicare will take care of what the guidelines and parameters are now. You know a lot of Home Health companies have to change the way they did things based on these premises and changes. However, Home Health companies like restore Home Health, didn’t really have to change my shirt off because we do things the right way and then right leg and Larry and Lori and everyone. We always do things the right way and so and then we’ll worry about the finances. Second, Home Health Care in Tulsa I mean course: you have to have reimbursement to care for people, but you know first, we consider if we’re able to care for that person and then. Secondly, we can the reimbursement factors so typically, a Medicare patient in home health care is going to receive some sort of reimbursement for the care and Medicare typically, is your best payer source for home care services for changes. Larry, I’m sorry! Well, I mean it’s just like anything else. I mean what you know. It’S it’s important to stay ahead of the changes in any sort of Industry. I mean if your, if your a year behind then you’re always behind, and so, if you want to be the leader, you always have to be the leader and so at restore home health care. We want to be the leader we want to know. What’S going on before it happens, and so any type of changes in Medicare we stay aware of those changes near so, if there’s any sort of cut back and the reimbursement or a what Medicare will pay for as far as Home Care Services go or what Medicare Says qualifies an individual to have Home Care Services. You know we take that seriously, and so we want to be on top of that, so none of our clients are caught off guard, and so you know by doing that, we keep not only our nurses and our office staff. Home Health Care in Tulsa You know up to date on any type of changes, but we also keep our patients where they things and we were able to provide education.

That’S much more detail, then you would get in a 5-minute, hey sorry! I have to discharge you because Medicare won’t pay for home health anymore. It’S a great great Point, Larry in an unfortunate recent industry. Today, then, it does remind me of the late great Socrates, who once said the secret of change is to focus all of your energy. Not on fighting the old but I’m building the new restore home health is a kind of company that likes to be proactive instead of reactive, not waiting for the governing body to say hey, you guys need to be doing this. You guys need to be doing that. No restore Health that I do things the right way they like to innovate. The night too exciting they like to build new things for patients to make sure that patients are getting the best. Can they possibly can now in this poker say what we going to do is just going to focus on three different areas where Medicare that has has had laid out a few guidelines, so we can look at patient-centered care, or was I going to be looking at Them, Home Health Care in Tulsa let’s see here, can a plans of Kami been looking at discharge protections now these are areas in which Medicare has felt it necessary to build parameters, because no home health companies, unfortunately our, are taking care of patients in these areas of like restore Home Health. I said so far other companies to become in a 2 % more like restore I’m helping, never quite as good as they can follow these these guidelines and in and be told exactly what to do. Not some crazy facts about Medicare that they will discussing discussing yesterday. Sweet 57 million Medicare release in the US need the cat wow a day. That is that’s a lot of people that that’s what that’s a lot of money, a lot of money right as well, the best way they know how Medicare still around for people and they’re hard, and they create a big problem. Excellent seller fast too fast, as we’re going to look at Harris patient-centered care now. This is something that I understand first-hand that restore likes to focus on making sure that the carries and paste around the patient when the patient needs right. There. Home Health Care in Tulsa That’S correct right, you’re, saying patient-centered Care Center tell us the accent gets away from me again. I forget where I am: did Miami Oklahoma accent patients they’ve been at the mercy to the record recommendations of the home health care companies based on stocks, evaluations and input from The Physician, so it was more prescriptive care more like this is what you need, and this Is what we going to give you kind of strategy, but now it seems the goal is more to involve the patient’s, not necessarily awesome, hey. What’S your diagnosis, but more kind of you know what do you feel comfortable doing that and what do they want to achieve? As a patient, what what are the, what are the? What are the goals that the outcomes to care plans of going to be produced with patience, individual circumstances in mind, so it’s not necessary. Home Health Care in Tulsa It’S going to be a one-size-fits-all for about patience. Is that the kind of is that the kind of approach that we’re still takes, Exxon right it does it. Everyday, is everyday, is going to be different, so restore home health care? If I see what you’re telling me is that I understand what it takes to provide quality home care for each individual patient and when we do things right way in the first place, that means we don’t have the necessary to make changes in this area. Cuz we’re pretty much only doing it so much and technology and how we record and care for patients. You know how we track. You know patient outcomes. What’S happened is, is you know technology while I’m a gigantic technology nerd and especially when it comes to healthcare technology? What happens if we’ve created a lot cookie cutter stuff and this cookie cutters type of Technology provide? You know sort of kind of direct us to care for patients in the same way, the software that we use a allows us to sort of kind of create individualize care plans for patients that are Taylor, 2, their specific needs.

And so when you talk about patient-centered care and I’ll pay to soonercare by definition is is a collabora is, is collaboration of Care Unit, so it involves not only the patient but the family, The Physician friends, the nurse. Anyone who would be involved in the patient’s care and everyone sort of has this – this goal that they’re trying to reach, and so we have to lay out the goal before we know how to lay out the care plan, and so are our technology allows us to Do that, and so we didn’t we, we currently don’t have this cookie cutter sort of plan of care for a patient center type of plan of care, so great stuff – and you know I’m feeling I’m feeling another Medicare fax, where you working. What will what you do for us? Home Health Care in Tulsa Oh, my gosh, is that even a real number insane, the federal budget, the number that’s expected to rise in the 1800, my gosh, oh my gosh, that is around the time. I remember those numbers I sent engine. Do you have a Larry brain in the air? Is that what it is that is that really isn’t entirely different podcast? Actually, because the United States spends about ,800 on each person in the United States on Healthcare, which is about 17.9 % of the gross domestic product? Every other developed nation in the world spins about half of that. The next person spends about half of that, which is the United Kingdom, and they spend about somewhere around 8 % of the gross domestic product on each person. So you know that isn’t entirely different podcast on why the United States has such a high expenditure on Health Care yeah. We have some of the lowest numbers when it comes to Patient outcome, so that you could probably get me into that, and I would probably go on and on and on and on and on what what I’ve learned is, no matter how good the facts are that We have Larry will always have one better waiting distance. That’S great stuff, thanks Larry, that’s at that’s fantastic and anything for that fact. That was a pretty crazy that moving on to the second part of the Medicare changes, we should have an obituary for at Freddy’s facts and death in it. Home Health Care in Tulsa The second part of the Medicare changes with 2017 just a smooth transition. I want to share something that good friend of mine wants his name’s, William Shakespeare. He said better three hours too soon than a minute too late. Now that that leads me into a perfect circle. Let me soda – and I appreciate the compliment that Lori that’s going to get me through the rest of the day. Nothing on me I will I will. I will only be two today and the rest of the yeses, so it was going to move on to 3 hours to send them it too late to plant canna. When we plan it take care of the patients. Do we just go in there and just just just going to wing it? Is that that we do what do we do? We have a plan set in place Atlanta, okay, what’s that supposed to process that? Home Health Care in Tulsa How do we make sure that we’re giving the patience to write care positioner from the facility or hospital, where it’s always good, to have a to have a history, medical history where they come from, and I know that now that doesn’t always happen? 95 % yeah. You know people that are new to Home Health. They don’t have a lot of history, they’ve been to the hospital and they went back home in a few. You know each patient has their own and in each patient. So in that case you start researching start excellent. Excellent good stuff, and in addition to that, I once once plan of cat wants Carriage started. We usually have a start of care and ask out there and get an assessment to make sure the air everything is at everything is safe and at home, and then the plan is is Taylor to the to the patient’s needs were discussing before one of the things That I did looks like Medicare trying to stamp that clamp down on the guidelines is to make sure that, if there are any changes in those plans that the doctor is notified by some form of communication and the family is notified. Is that something that you guys do anyway? Oh absolutely, I mean the the plan of care at you know what individual plans of care should be changing, and this is something they should be constantly changing and they should be constantly changing it again. Home Health Care in Tulsa According to the client’s needs, you don’t want to. Nurse goes into the home, especially restore Home Health Care nurses.

You know we have some of the highest qualified nurses in the industry going out doing comprehensive assessment when they use the skills that they acquired over time to create nurses and nursing diagnosis and from those diagnosis they create a care plan and that care plan is Taylor. To the patient, and so as the patient’s condition changes. What, if it? If it may happen to get worse, which does happen sometimes, then the plan of care needs to change and those that information is communicated to The Physician. It’S also communicated to caregivers that the patient has indicated should receive information about their care, and then it’s also communicated to the rest of the staff, restore Home Health Care through case conferencing and in services, so that everyone is on the same page and everyone is caring For the patient in a manner that’s going to get that patient to have the best patient outcomes and receive the best quality of care that sounds like it should be. Unfortunately, Home Health Care in Tulsa that is the exception to restore home health care of Oklahoma is the exception, which is no time for that is that that is a very fortunate fact. You know that they had to lay out for Medicare to make sure the communication was was was across. The board said that the patient notified the patience doctors notify the patient’s family is notified. Have that something, as you had, the restoring health does anyway, you’re. Home Health Care in Tulsa Not in my experience personally pool James, my friend speaking here as a marketer, I do communicate without a home health companies and I’m with with with patients to have come to restore from other Home Health companies. How many names these patients have no idea what was going on during that came before they were just kind of just just coasting through didn’t know. If the families didn’t know what was going on there complaint from the doctor that they know what’s going on sexy – and I know he knows what’s going on – have another patient really progressing in there questions to find out what they need in the family needing the position? One excommunication: what before we move on to the federal final transition from for Medicare 2017, I’m feening for another Medicare fact, just before Larry gets a pretty good one. That’S good.! Let’S do this hundred dollars at 4500, New England cabbage pocket ,500 out of pocket that make them go ahead right right, yeah I mean yeah, it is, I have a family of one and it still will you know if he has them for me. You know say so: I can look at this chart protections and now that since the next move, we’re going to be making anything, okay, I’ll call him myself. That’S okay, it looks like the new promises have been set for festivities. Discharging patients difference in San agent Agency contact discontinued just because the stuff is low in numbers. Home Health Care in Tulsa So if it’s a carrot already been instigated, it scares or even started in the kennel discharge, a patient for a reason as as trivial as being low in number. So the idea is that Home Health companies are responsible for stopping there on stuff. It’S that sounds like a given. You know who’s of a his other responsibilities. Is it going to be better than so? What you say that you guys have to make any drastic changes in the area to make sure that we are going to fit in the Medicaid guidelines lower, always you’re, always interview. That’S right, we are, I mean, I think you know, for us to the important thing about hiring. Is it we’re always searching for what? What we’ve learned through working with the rice consult?

Is that we’re always trying to hire are a team and we’re always trying to surround ourselves with the best nurses in the industry and that’s an ongoing process? You don’t just you don’t that done! Just that doesn’t just happen overnight. It’S something that you’re constantly doing, and so we’re constantly hiring nurses that are are part of our 18, Home Health Care in Tulsa and so you know as long as we’re doing that. As long as we’re surrounding ourselves, with you know, nurses, who are you know, you are highly trained and nurses who who, who wear the same sort of passionate Lori and I have for caring for people. I think we’re going to be alright and where you know we’re not going to have any problems with discharge, protections were always going to have somebody there to care for the patient Lori. When you started with your store, when we started again we’re still going, was it always focused on more of the elderly patient? So is it that there is a did it develop into looking out for those patients, the road 65, or was it because of the Medicare age group? Home Health Care in Tulsa I mean it’s always been look back at it. The type of Medicare pays sure and the ones that we used to say the long-term patients that I could have referred to as medical patients that got cardiac problems diabetes whatever it might be. They still need care. We still take care of them about end with or for a knee, replace, because in America get started in the womb. Still is that right? Are you guys have a fantastic day.? I could not agree. More could not agree more. I wanted to check on something you said earlier about the when the cab it comes, but when the patient’s condition, declines and Cat goes outside the scope of what Home Health has to offer, then they did. The plan of care may be changed. All the patient might be red made it back to Austin about something that hasn’t changed with regard to Medicare. They don’t want to compromise the patient’s, a life, and you no answer so that that that just goes down to the Judgment of the Home Health company, so that that that’s good and unfortunately, our stories of Home Health companies that do discharge patients that consider them. You know I’ve heard the expression, nightmare patients and that’s not the expression, no expression that restore home health uses as long as always said. Every patient is a good good, patient, every patient as a human being, and it will be treated as such. At the moment. I said I think 64 species is so what we’ve done with we’ve covered three three facets of the of the change in the 2000 Medicare, the 2017 Medicare guidelines and those faces were patient-centered care to have discharge protections and we have plans. Okay, I’m not necessarily in that order, but you’ve heard that restore home health care, taking care of business in those aspects ready and don’t have to suffer. You know that, Home Health Care in Tulsa having having to change anything because already doing things the right way and that’s usually the result, their things around, why isn’t my stressful life and you get to sleep easier at night now Larry it if somebody wanted to give her a cold and have A lovely voice of Larry of a divorce in Laurie, maybe we’ll get lucky enough to have a lovely voice of myself. What number might they need to call the office at 918-747-1320 with any of the wonderful people there they’re all very knowledgeable about home health care, or they can speak with me that I can ask for Larry and I’ll be more than happy to explain the beauty of Home Health and, if you’re outside of the 980 area, you can use our 1-800 number it’s 1-800-858-9250 again. That number is 1-800-858-9250 when you have been listen to restore Home Health, radio, the radio that restores your health at home. It’S been a pleasure talking with you guys. This morning have a wonderful day. Thank you.