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Good afternoon, ladies German lessons, men and women, Hunter’s pool James mastering – and I am representing – restore home health – I’m proud to be representing restore Home Health. Why? Because they change the world one patient at a time to make the world a better place. One patient at a time when it comes to Home Health in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the surrounding areas in the Northeast with me, and I’m about to share with you guys why I feel so blessed today. It said I’m in the presence of of someone with such such Grandeur, somebody somebody that the man that every man wants to be and that every woman wants to be with this is Larry, Montgomery, Larry. How you doing a very warm welcome their Paul. Home Health Care in Tulsa Every man wants to be where I am very thankful to be a part of the hat and living the dream. The dream one at a time home care services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas in central, providing the best home care services in the galaxy in the Galaxy. Yes and that’s a fact, that’s a very modest Meek statement. You know when you realize how good restore home health care really is just say that when the best in the galaxy is actually us pissing ourselves, and that is the Galaxy that is seat picking, you guys hear that cheering at me. That’S how good we are right. We great Round of Applause, even when there’s no one around today, Larry I’m going to take this back way back back into time and I’m just got. I want to remind out audience what what life was like Once Upon A Sixpence as they used to say in the olden days now. This is just go way back in the days when cool you know it when it when it was cool to use words like cool, but it back in the back when will listen to cassette tapes watch movies on VHS that this was a time with denim jeans With old white high tech sneakers with a thing and good day, dreaming about you know who we’re going to take to the to the Middle School Don said that was an old Day event. That’S what the golden years, when I don’t know if they were the golden years, they weren’t the fifties they might be in the 50s. For some of us yeah I was, but I was born. Home Health Care in Tulsa Fetty is off the bay. This is the Sylvia’s mating. Very beautiful pair of high-top sneakers had a little thing where you pushed the top they’re nice and you can pump them up so tight. Home Health Care in Tulsa That would cut your circulation off yea, yea or medical devices that actually provide compression. These guys are way ahead of the game. Medical devices for basketball, who would have thought we didn’t have? Wouldn’T have cell phones back then little to no email, and if you did use email, you like a computer whiz. You know exactly what guys you wouldn’t know that there is even a day older than I like his he. He he just he does he’s, got too much swag and as they say, and in today’s taste, any back until they didn’t have, they didn’t have Facebook back. Then the days web pages, what would just starting to come in and then fax machines were and fax machines, with the way that we communicated up. These were the days where the home phone would ring and it wasn’t an ultimate the sales Code, 100 % of the time. If you did baby, sounds cold. Man have a conversation, I’m getting to the point. I promise you, I promise you imagine got back to those days, you think things will be better or worse. Well, I mean that it’s it’s hard to say. I mean we knew when the phone rang, that it was somebody calling for us to sell us something. But somebody was calling to speak to us whether it was a loved one or a friend or a family. Member and often times we waited by the phone for hours to speak with someone and and many times. If, if you would call someone that you get a busy signal, meaning that you knew they were home, so you would call back over and over and over until they got off the phone. So yeah there was a. Home Health Care in Tulsa There was a little more accountability and phone calls in those days and there was a little more accountability and sharing the phone, because we all had the same one in the house and in the same person couldn’t be on the phone. Especially me.

I had four sisters and – and they all could have been dating some guy at any given time and they all might have been wanting to use that phone at night to a lay in the bed and and and no you hang up and no, you hang up. But yes, it was more accountability in the phone system, quite quite quite different than now. That is where we all have our own cell phone in and we can choose answer or not answer or look at it and see who’s calling and go. Oh I’ll call him later or send text messages or whatever it’s a lot different than it was before you and I’m glad you mentioned to take it back a little closer in the 2014 Winter 2017 in general. I would take me to 2014 as a Galaxy that cost over a thousand people 1015 people, Home Health Care in Tulsa how frequently that use the Verizon communication methods in the previous days. Now, just so, you know 73 % of those people. They said that then read or send a text. Every single day, every day, 82 % had made a phone call on a cell phone at 70 % at sent or received an email and 55 % of your social media. To communicate. That doesn’t tell me that there’s any percentage, the didn’t actually communicating it in it, and I am in a contemporary fashion. You know that’s Tony numbers numbers yes, so it’s very, very, very difficult to get through to people nowadays without using some of this new communication, not with restore him out it is. We definitely put. I am a priority on communication with his communicating, with nurses, are communicating with way with case managers or social workers and Facilities. What are some of the ways that the nurses that they were discussing and recent meeting that I noticed communicate with the way the social workers in facilities like everyone is on the same page when it comes to patient care because we’re all focused on or where we’re Hopeful that we’re all focused on that a patient-centered family-centered sort of patient experience in and when we are all on that same page, you know the patient outcomes are better. The patients get better faster. They have a better experience with the the healthcare system and, generally speaking, in order for everyone to be on that same page, they have to communicate with others with the social workers are case, managers at the hospital discharge planners. Home Health Care in Tulsa The nurses have to be in frequent contact with them. There are some current risk with communication as far as HIPAA compliance, which is the healthcare insurance portability protection act, which act provides individuals with a generally speaking amount of a privacy protection over their protected health information. So your information is private unless, of course it pertains to treatment or or some sort of payment. You know that information can be shared between providers and insurance company. So when you’re communicating with social workers in these discharge planner, you got to keep in mind what is C Securus possible way to communicate with them and also a way that provides the most information can tell from the beginning. I want a referral received at restore Home Health in Tulsa, Oklahoma or or any of our other surrounding a home care offices. The the information is a either received by fax, sometimes through security, Home Health Care in Tulsa email servers, but that information is given into our intake department and from there. It is assessed to make sure that we have all the appropriate information and then follow-up phone calls are made for additional details about how to care for the client and what services are in the best interest of serving the client.

Excellent excellent that I was having a discussion over the dinner table at with my my brother and my sister-in-law, and we cool this time, ladies and gentlemen, and let go and let Larry flow, as Quinn by Shalom. Matheran never heard of it. And it’s also also at the top of the second exclude flow time very slow time with Larry and I’m thinking I should get tattoo of one of those things I just too sounds just outside, so it on my eyelids. Yes, is it back and enjoy enjoy the good information there just to just to add to that there’s so many different ways that we like to communicate and restore home health is very important that the patient has exactly what’s going on and said. Home Health Care in Tulsa The nurse visit him that the patient on a daily basis – you know it might be for a for 10 minutes I might be for an hour or whatever it takes to administer the cat on that particular day works Physical Therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy. You know it might just be nursing or nothing, and you know I’m on my mother out of other services, that we that the we like to to offer to catch that to that patients needs now. Larry. Let me ask you this: what is new value as far as communication goes? Home Health Care in Tulsa Does hristo connect provide Innovative, serve technologies that we are able to place upon patients who meet the standard criteria put out you know by a group of our clinical experts. You know who monitor patient conditions and access need, you know so restore connect is it is one of these missing pieces does not often seen at home care and not often seen in healthcare, so we’re able to put a two-way communication device with GPS on an individual’s Wrist in a pendant type format where they can wear this and they’re able to push the button and they’re able to talk to a Care Center or a call center, a call center, a staff with clinical social workers who are fully aware of your condition. Your medications, your diagnosis and these individuals able to coordinate services with the Home Care Agency, our agency. They are able to coordinate services with a durable medical equipment, pharmacies they’re able to do a medication reconciliation which is to answer questions about your medications or concerns. You might have about side effects or a potential adverse reactions, or you know, or potential risk associated with taking the medication. Home Health Care in Tulsa I’M there also able to communicate with your insurance company, also able to make phone calls for you if you’re not able to find a phone number or get in touch with a significant other or family member, a daughter or son. They able to make those kind of phone calls for you and reach out whenever you can. They also can be notifying an emergency situation and I depended upon the circumstances. They can go ahead and contact emergency services, contact health agency and the physician and family members to let them know that there is an emergency situation going on. All these things can be taken at the point of contact on your wrist, simply by pushing a button and speaking with someone in the event that someone is lost or you cannotify reach them. You can call into the care center and say this is so on. So I’m on their list of people that can be can speak about their condition and I’ll. Look you up and ask you a couple of questions to verify that and then they will dial into the patient’s wrist watch on restore connect. And I will speak to them and ask them where they’re at.

But they can also look from a GPS which has a 30-foot accuracy from the location, really good, Innovative technology that allows us to better take care of people, especially people that live alone, where they recently been discharged from the hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility or long-term care Facility individuals who have multiple chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure or a diabetes or peripheral vascular disease or early onset dementia, and they just need a little bit of extra care which will go a long ways in allowing him to stay at home. For a longer. Of time, because we all know that when you stay at home you, you feel better, you live better and that your quality of life is better excellent. Home Health Care in Tulsa And I wanted to focus on when you when you said what, if I just get discharge from facilities, I think a lot of patients have some anxiety as to what’s going to happen. When I go home, I’m going to be taken care of, but you know the communication serves as a great intermediary for that transition, in a sense that that we, as a company, stay in contact with your case manager, who’s who’s, managing you’ll, be okay, while you’re in The hospital – and we do know exactly what’s going on friend, Francis I’ve ever seen about 7 text messages from case managers at while we were in here right now, and so just maintain communication with them, making sure that you guys are getting taken care of and that We can continue at a resume the cat that you’re receiving in the hospital all the facility. All you know the the assisted living facility of Skilled Nursing Facility or wherever it is that you are right now receiving your cat. When you do go home, we know. What’S going on? Why?┬áHome Health Care in Tulsa Because we have great communication, we price of focus on that when it comes to Home Health in Tulsa want to make sure that your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible, eliminate any chance of anxiety so that you know everything that is going on. And we will maintain that communication. We make sure that we don’t say anything that we can do. What I make any promises to keep a good friend of mine says his name is William Shakespeare. He says it’s not enough to speak, but to speak truth, and I said I mean if people can say was you know you might be that the greatest salesman in the world? Home Health Care in Tulsa But if you don’t tell you’re not telling the truth, then they didn’t it. You don’t going to you know it’s not going to get very far in life. You know that I am games all games that when I need lost a short amount of time, you know this is Crystal home health care of Oklahoma and we deliver Health, home health care services in Tulsa, making the world a better place, one patient at a time And we make sure we do that with solid Hots and a strong set of core values. Did you want to see anything else that Larry will save that for another time, but I was going to say that for the phone call this evening or an agent yelling, what I enjoyed your night and I will take it –