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At restore home health care of Oklahoma, we deliver home health care in Tulsa in Oklahoma and beyond. We do that. That’s that’s what we do and larry I was listening to a conversation that you had not so long ago, and you said to me very profound. You said everything sounds great, especially for the eloquently spoken. Everything sounds great, but if we don’t take action, there is very little meaning to what’s been said. Action is what inspires growth action is what changes lies. Action is what heals you cannot heal. Someone based on a medicinal happens. You cannot heal someone based on the theory. You heal someone based on taking action on something that has either been discovered or proven in the past now and larry i. Just I was very inspired. Inspired by that and I’ll tell me what happened store home health care, I’m, delivering home health services in tulsa home health care in Tulsa. Where would restore a male cat, be if, if the, if the idea of us changing a patient’s lives, making the world a better place, one patient at a time? If that idea remained an idea and no action was ever taken, we would restore mlk baby well, paul I mean it’s it’s interesting that you bring that up and that you were inspired said by such a brief conversation and in such a way in and restore home health care, providing home health care in Tulsa and home health care across the state of Oklahoma. You know we really doing trying to do our part and really there’s a lot of things out there in healthcare that were mandated to do by the federal government and were mandated to do by the state government, and sometimes we have facility. Why policies that mandate us to do certain things and care for people that look good on paper and you know, but they don’t they don’t really do any good unless those sort of kind of services are are put into action, and so at restore. We try to when we provide our services are home health care services. In Tulsa and all across Oklahoma, we try to look at individual mandate from each entity and decide how to make those efficient so that when we go to apply those in the clinical setting that they’re not they’re, not they’re, not just another task for our nurses, for our administrative staff, but their task. That has meaning, and it’s something that we can put into action. That is patient-centered, that is on the cutting edge of technology. That will improve our clinicians ability to provide care, and it really will improve patient outcomes overtime until there has to be a lot of thought put into the things that we do, and so, while we’re mandated to do a lot because the data out there says this this, and this helps people well. You can do a lot of this this and this on paper. Home Health Care in Tulsa But unless you follow through you know it doesn’t it doesn’t really matter it’s just it. Just another task on paper, so you’re, very, very intelligent and very, very intelligent man and I know that that stems from the passion of loving home health care in Tulsa I just know. That’s where I stems from and you took action and studying a set of subjects and which is why you exemplify such intelligence, and it is an inspiration that right now tell you that.

Let me ask you a question:can I can only have respect for such an intelligent man? If, if a man of said intelligence in the health field has ever taken care of a patient, have you ever actually taking action and taking care of a patient you’ll see play, or are you just intelligence and words and I do sometimes I get a little abrasive when we talk about passing because I think sometimes the the healthcare industry has confused the definition of passion and we we claim that we have passion for caring about individuals. However, the services we provide did not demonstrate that and they haven’t in a long time, and so passion passion for individuals cares for individuals, regardless of their nationality, their sex, their gender, their age and their ability to pay, and so that would be one thing that passion overlooks and unfortunately, passion does not include that part in most healthcare settings. As for me, I’ve cared for a lot of patients in my life I’m, a registered nurse by trade I’ve been in there since I was 19 years old I’m not going to tell you how old I am now, but I can tell you. I’ve been a nurse for more than 20 years until I care for a lot of people in their home. I’ve worked in home health. Ever since I was 17 years old I started off as a nurse’s aide, providing personal care services to people in their home right out of high school. Going from you know, home2home assisting people with bathing and cooking and doing some light housekeeping and I went to practical nursing school vocational school in muskogee Oklahoma. Where are one of our fantastic offices, is providing home health care services in muskogee in the surrounding areas and I just outside of our home health care Tulsa office. You know so you know so and then I became a nurse and went back to school and I got my degree in nursing and just been doing it ever since and to this day, if the opportunity presents itself I’ll go out and see people, because it’s your your wants, your nurse sure you’re, often always a nurse. Unless I tell you not to be one anymore, fantastic. What a brilliant brilliant I know! You wouldn’t consider yourself as a quite intelligent, but here’s the thing I consider you intelligent and that’s the important thing. See that you are but I’m a good judge of that I’ve never been touched.You are, and you are and you’re up there as far as I was going there.

What you just told me is that you are the equivalent of a basketball coach who can just as easily get on the court and duncan some people should you need to and in a game situation they’re. All speaking to am a well-known basketball player named randy messer in there that he no longer plays the game have because you know he’s at he’s, shown his ability and now he’s moved on to better things in life and you’re, a man of five kids and beautiful wife and so I’m about having a conversation with him and ask him hey:do you know what your coach would you change to a one-on-one? Would you be able to defeat your coaching and he absolutely possible? The coach doesn’t necessarily have to be on to play. The game tonight have a game works, but the best coach, in my opinion, is a coach that can get out there and show the players how to do something and I plan. I, say:hey, you know, that’s not possible to do it. So as it pertains to home health care in Tulsa larry, you can get out there and you can show the nurses how it’s done I should you need to, but that the great thing is that restore home, health, care, living, home health care in Tulsa. That has a team of nurses that are very capable and the reason why they are capable is because they have a coach that can effectively show them practically how to do exactly what they need to do, and it could take us back to that passion. The idea in the discussion of passion, I feel, like you, have to have a level of of said passion to be able to to exemplify such a skill and also be able to communicate that skill to nurses in such a way that they are an extension of yourself I’m out there in the out there in the in the field of patients, the need the need help taking them from one level to the next, should it be in after a traumatic event or being in hospital for some some reason or another, or even just coming out of a nursing home and eating some additional cash. The fact that you can extend the nurses abilities as abilities of your run time to go out there and and heal people is fascinating to me. Larry and i. Just I just wanted to commend you for that, and I have a lot of respect for you and I think you’re, very good babe. You know I try real nice, fella, paul i, try to be with me! That’s right, and you know I would never I would never look back in and change anything as far as that goes I have. But it’s all right there any struggles that you have with with communicating at your level of expertise.

I question your level of expertise. Larry are exceptionally high, so it’s kind of like michael jordan in his prime coaching, a bunch of boxwood plants that don’t have the other, the wheel, the history of the temptation that he had growing up, which led to him that I better, but somehow somehow he can transport those skills to enter new people, so they can the lebron james of the game. So how do you? How do you make the lebron james of nurses? How do you convert that skill-set to convey a message to people you have to first sorta-kinda create a relationship with them. It’s virtually impossible to sort of kind of be a leader without sort of kind of creating this atmosphere of a community. So I always say that we have an atmosphere community at restore home health, where, where we’re not just a bunch of co-workers but we’re a family that songs together and meet on a daily basis-and we go out into the world to serve the world here, and so because of that, because we’ve created this kind of atmosphere of service, an atmosphere of family, Home Health Care in Tulsa it works, and so people will listen and they understand that your heart is in the matter. You know it’s so if, if my heart wasn’t in the matter, if my, if I didn’t care about what we were doing, if I wasn’t passionate about it in such a way that I don’t think the nurses would ever they would ever listen or they whatever they would ever take what I have to say in it and apply it to the clinical area. You know it took so when we come together and we come together as a group and we we we state our mission and our vision for service and what we want to accomplish. You know it. We we there’s not anything that can stop us, and so we believe without a doubt that what are the services were? Providing are the best services in the state of Oklahoma and since I don’t have any experience with the rest of the nation. I won’t say that we have the best services in the nation, but I would say we’re pretty darn close, because we don’t do this as just a job. We do this as a service and as an agreement to our purpose in this world. That’s fantastic, larry, home health care in Tulsa will never be the same. One setting to restore home health care is a is in the building at taking care of business and kicking tail and taking names, as one might say that it’s just a thoroughly enjoyable experience at 2 at to be walking with you. Larry and I just have been a fantastic podcast, a very educational and inspiring for me. So I think few times it’s a