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Good afternoon this is cool, james, matthew and representing restore home health care of tulsa. This is the number one company that delivers home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Oklahoma and beyond very very excited to be sharing some great stuff with you today and it’s been a fantastic year 2017. What do you think lori and ask somebody patient healed as a result of the services that we deliver? A Mesopotamians to home, health care in Tulsa and I’m, going to be sharing a few things about? What’s happened, some of the big changes that have happened? Some of the amazing people that wave at referral onto the onto the squad here and that just delivering these home health care services in Tulsa? Is it rape in the primary focus and taking care of patients in that taking care of patients, families and providing products that really increase the value that we provide as a home health care Tulsa company in Oklahoma and beyond weed delivery service? Isn’t really the reason why we are where we are today is because we’ve had such as such a strong focus on what the patient needs and as a primary and then secondary with the patients? Families in need, as well I would say instead of secondary, is equally as important taking care of the you know, patients once we’re out of the home, so yeah the priorities right and that they weren’t speaking things that they shouldn’t be sneaking, and you know what we’re putting up our season in placing is the patience in the patients, families that we like to focus on. What is some great stuff has happened this year as restore home health care of oklahoma, andfired and rehired. Anyone of influent to ever hide anyone with any special set of skills this year and anyone that comes to mind gosh, i, guess I’d have to really sit and think about it. Yeah it’s a tough one. He sounds and looks an awful lot like you, paul unique. Yes, we are very, very, very happy and lucky and blessed to have andrew andrew andrew matheran, yes, yeah. We are so excited to have him as part of the marketing team directing and helping and leading and teaching yeah. It is been awesome. How do you feel about it going to have andy jump online and I just took about his experience in some of the things that he has done with restore health care, and you know some of the ways that life has become better as it pertains to come, help I’ll be happy to talk about it, pull matheran united that there’s a lot of things to come. Surprise me about home health care in tulsa, because I always used to have in the background of hyuna pharmaceutical and compounding in a medical device where you not really that hands-on with the patient and I will medical device econo I’ll, be in the background when you watch the dogs before my surgery, but at what time healthcare?

Oh, so you really seen that level of care that that’s really increased, because you know you got a chance to talk to different positions at the restaurant that helped influence at the end of the day, a patient well-being and recovery for a patient and end home health care in Tulsa. It’s just a lot of different things that we need to help me with that patient and we have to get our minds really together to make sure that we have the appropriate technologies and and and just it just that, general sense that that we’re doing at a good job and we we care and it’s very easy to show up. Hyslop, restore home, health superstore, restore health, care home health in tulsa, because people do genuinely genuinely cat glasses on stuff that I care about their patients so much so that sometimes they go even when they don’t need to be that. That’s a fact that that happened this year and I was somehow i, see see it with some messages. Just went out and just to say, don’t be with you know when you know the things that I’ve done outside of just taking care of the patients where at were you know thanksgiving christmas different times where patients and needed outside of just at jin jin, yuan home care, I love to to see in an even be a part that times so well so yeah lori in the room as well. Lori won’t work, then some of y’all. Your highlights this year as it pertains to restore I’m out I’m, really really excited about what is happening in the Oklahoma city area. I mean I can just see it developing. You know it’s just kind of on the cusp and that’s very exciting. You know, and just when I thought, the Tulsa area, the home health care in Tulsa the office really had kind of plateaued. What does a therapist? We love that word plateau, don’t like that word, but we use a lot plateaued. You know, I was just surprised again it just the explosion. That has happened in the the Tulsa office, and so that’s been very, very exciting because, as we get more patients, we get more referral sources. That means we get to hire new nurses and grow the staff and grow the office, and you know it’s it’s just such a really cool thing to see. People I’m, especially some of the new nurses that have come on or new to home health, and you know see them, learn and grow and become more confident and what they’re doing yes just is, is just so rewarding and it’s just such a very, very cool thing to be a part of so yeah.

Those are probably a couple of the big highlights Oklahoma city area and then the the Tulsa area. Where are you know that I was trying to get better at sit down and in the leaders from the talk to lori and and an hour as well, it will sit down and put it with an s is for the marketing stuff just to make sure that everybody’s on one accord? You know that that love that carrot attention to detail Stephanie reflects in the what is deafening reflects in the love toward that patients and when you have home health care in Tulsa. How you want to see that and they they see it live at that each and every day, which is a joy to see, because that joy gets passed down from leadership to the stuff and then go out, and then they cost at joy down to the patient’s authority blessing. To see you and it’s just a joy to be a part of this company on a pool feels the same way as well for the same way and then dad and I are all the stuff as well. You know that the water take care of Oklahoma city and he’s out there working with a couple of fantastic, a nurses and who who who who from different entities, which is which is nice to hear or flat back to someone else, is up here as well, because it’s just that one big family is a goodness absolutely a big family, goodness I couldn’t agree more that andy and I and ii mef home health care in Tulsa has really dropped it standard when I restore home health in a stepped it up and so I’m, making a huge, huge dent in the market. No just in Tulsa Oklahoma city is stigler edmund and ann muskogee growth, and so it’s just it’s really exciting to see, and also to be a part of that end in wilmette. What’s what about andy just now and I mean that he was talking about a company in any type of he’s made on the company and and in the effect of the meetings now, but there’s a lot to be gained in the meeting with the structure that has and the accountability that delivered across the the marketing team. This is a home healthcare company that sit in the medical field, but in order for people to know about us, we have to have a marketing team at a sales team and to have andy come and unicorn tribute his wealth of knowledge in sales and marketing and in pharmaceuticals really and bring that to the team.

It’s is cutting a huge difference and impact in the market, but you know india, as it pertains to home. Health care in tulsa said really good to have your id on the same and done and I sat to have you contribute those those that the skills in that knowledge and by doing so I let my people know about us, and you know we would have been proved that brandon, the lost years on them in very, very excited about how websites been improved and I’m messaging has been approved. Confidence has been improved and in doing so, I was helping a lot more people and said it’s a lot, a lot of stuff on the website. Now that you go to restore home, health care, don’t come we’re still home health dot-com. Yes, you can check out some of the things we have to offer some of the great programs that we have to offer and in addition to that this year, we’re still connect was born and that’s something that we’re very, very excited excited about, wellness, something that we share with with all the patients to qualify the qualifying how to qualify, as are on the website, as well as they can check those out, but just give us a call and jump on that website and that lori, what’s the best number, if somebody has any questions about home health care in tulsa specifically were still home health care. What’s the best number for them, school I think the best number is always the tulsa number. It’s not the 800 number, but I like giving the telephone number, which is 918-747-1320. That’s where we have intake, that’s where administration is that’s our largest office. So any question that that comes across. We can definitely answer their 918-747-1320. That’s the number to the restore home health care in tulsa office, and we can direct you anywhere. You need to go after that