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Relaxed and relaxed, hey guys, this is paul meth ring with restore home health very excited to share some great information me today and with me:i have the whole squad I have andy, I have lori and I have Larry, and you know i, don’t see how you guys are doing, but I already know you’re doing amazing. Why? Because restore home health nurse, provides the good feels to make you feel good from day today. So today we’re going to talk about restore connect and one of the amazing tree of I have next to me, I’m, going to ask me some just general general questions and I’m going to start with a you guys, don’t know what that means, but it’s okay, cuz, it’s amazing stuff today and what restore home health does an hour store? Home health changes the game in a home health care in Tulsa change the game and home health care in Oklahoma, and makes what a better place one patient at a time. So who’s going to read me these Questions i’m going to redo those questions. Larry you’re, the man. You are the man quite familiar with reading familia, I love. It and I miss gogi muskogee. What school did they teach you all about home health care in Tulsa that I’m excited? Now you do what kind, of course I’m kind of nervous. Well just so you know when I was in high school and college. It was kind of like the in conclusion and to sum up and just to try and fill out wet, so I can get that 400 was done of my essay, so hopefully it won’t be that way when I was his questions for you, because ultimately, I want to educate audience on how amazing our home health care in Tulsa is a while another one in the world. So go ahead and ask me the questions and then I’ll do my best to give you a response. What makes restore home health different from all home health companies, amazing question I want to commend you on how how good that? Construction in oh so you’re, not ca. Shin was what’s something that the only a professional can the exhibit in question asking, but what makes restore home health different I’ll tell you still home health care. We understand the hardships of leaving a loved one alone at home, whether it be your grandparents or maybe just an elderly friend safety at home, so ever stole home health care. We see the value in investing in technology, for you as patients to reduce the fear of anything happening to wear your loved one or the passing. You know, and love and care for concrete somebody.

So we’re actually in to do something:cool, restore connect and we’re still connected technology way. You can access apply for a different, have different people that may be contacting restore home health directly. If you cannot reach your cell phone, you might need to reach someone to go to take you to the primary care, physician transportation. You might need to reach the hospital or some a managed, care, organization or maybe just your family. You might want to call your son and be like hey son i. Need you to take the trash out. You might need to call your dme company you’ll, your primary care, physician or even just your pharmacy at and that Larry is one of the many things that sets were still home. Health department of days cuz of my passion for the company, but but just to say time, that’s that’s one of the main things and why we make home health care in Tulsa different wrong answer, but those were jews from your mouth yes, who’s, the perfect, what the hell cat! Thank you. Thank you, iris, making me feel at home. That’s good! It’s good patients at home! It’s a great question again! Larry I feel like I over answer the previous question kind of like that, but but just a kind of reiterate and hopefully and different. What’s this going to count as content, it’s that it provides peace of mind to your loved one I know I’m sounding like Christopher walken as I’m talking right now, but it’s okay, but it provides that piece of mind. In that you know, you’re, your loved one can reach somebody in case they cannot get to the phone, let’s just say in the unlikely event or in the in the haphazard event that you left one sleeps over and kind of fun, they might have a cell phone, but what’s the cell phones upstairs? They cannot get back upstairs speakers on at the wrist. They have a restore connect, watch, okay, so that provides that level of safety and peace of mind it to you. So you might be at work taking care of business and you’re right, but you know that you’re loved one can reach anyone that they want to in the after mentioned list that we talked about earlier, and it just provides as I said, that safety that piece of mind-and it was so it’s an illustration of how much restore cast of a willing to to take the time and the other research and and the resources to provide to this level of care for four patients as a part of their plan of care. Wow I was absolutely amazing. Thank you.

So much very much I should shut the video minus the fake laugh, but let’s go ahead exactly. Does it work paul, so we’re still connected? Is it sits electronic guess? You have to charge it on the very basic that we have to charge it and it lost its got about 72 hour battery life based on the average calculations that correct me. If I’m wrong, but it’s 72 hours and is connected to a cellular, tower, okay, it’s it’s strapped it to your wrist. Okay, so i! Imagine the iWatch been way better way better than the iWatch okay, so I just dropped your wrist and you can print you press a blue button on it, and it’s got your speaker for speaking into and a speaker for receiving when I say receiving it’s going to loudspeaker until it took to which you listen, and you hear a representative speaking to you after you press the emergency button. Now that connects you to that representative representative. Is your past liaison? You can either have a conversation about love life and everything in between, or you can utilize the other substance that we mentioned before great answer. Paul. Thank you! Speaking of love and life and everything she strapped you again. Larry an amazing amazing question and I said to mason cuz, there’s a lot of people who were wondering, while they’re at home, getting home health care in Tulsa. How do I qualify for still connect? This is an amazing feature. It’s a it’s a fantastic thing! The restore home health are offering about how do I qualify. So, let’s start with what you have to be discharged recently from a facility that might be a sniff which is a skilled nursing facility. Hospital have been discharged from the hospital we might have been charged for discharged from the rehab center or an ltac which, which, which larry remind me again, alright good stuff, okay, so, and what you might have been to say you might live a long time ago. Cute cat is is what a l text and it stands for I knew it was texting. You guys out there. So you’ll fail it’s okay. So if you live alone at you only have to qualify for three of these by the way, guys, okay, so recent discharge facility, as we just mentioned, if you live alone, if you have a complex medication erection, if you have mild cognitive deficits, if you are a fall risk, okay, if it’s, if it’s a risk of the you might fall, if you have a multiple, buddies, come on, come on, come on,, bay, cities right, and it’s not about coming over these. Okay, it’s about comorbidities!

Okay, so I hope that gets transcribed correctly. If you had a multiple hospitalizations dependent in activities of daily living now to qualify for all of these at one time, you’re an exceptionally on 4th, because you got a lot of stuff going on okay, but you only have to qualify for 3 to qualify for this. Okay, so give us a call and we’ll provide you with this at 918-747-1320 or +1-800-858-9250, fax on 918-745-9907, as we can run the the necessary diagnostics to get you taken care of that and I see your home health care in Tulsa can be adequately executed. Well, then, what and paul? Thank you. Thank you very much today. Go ahead. Call ayah I help you to find out more Larry. You could I go to the website, www. Restore, home health, don’t care or store home health.Com and that you can send in just just click on the contact page and send it to formation and we’ll be in contact with you shortly or you give us a call on the 918-747-1320, and you can ask for Larry and I’ll. Tell you what I think is Larry knows everything. Larry is a book of knowledge, that’s google for the internet, but the healthcare is Larry and that’s how you find out all the information you need to know as it pertains denali healthcare but restore home health and restore connect. So that’s how you could find out more Larry. Thank you very much. You’re the man I’ve been fun, we’re still home health care and home health care services home health care in Tulsa is what we do to we are and who we know and that’s why we grow