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Good afternoon you people of the world, this is paul james, methrone I’m, representing restore home health care of oklahoma, and today we celebrate today and everyday really because everyday is a gift and it when we speak on the subject of home health care in Tulsa, we realize that it’s, you think it would be an expectation for a company to do that, bestin to be the best. But it’s just it’s really that sound minimum expectation and I bet everybody else that they’re not as good as us. Restoring health care about happy things in the christmas season is coming up on us and I with me. I have the entire crew with me in the same room, I’m very blessed to be among the best of the best. We have any math room, we have lori club and we have larry montgomery and I would love to get each and every one of those. Those amazing amazing, beautiful people to us to join the conversation today, and it really just does she expect haitians are over the christmas. As it pertains home health care in tulsa and why patients can expect. The thing is about health and you can’t take a day off being sick. If you are, if you are sick, you know you need home health care, you don’t just take a day off and then expect people to do their jobs and take care of business suck at that little companies out there and industries where people do take days off, and then they just need to forget about work for a while, but it was still home health care. We care about patience and we care about health, no matter what day of the year it is, and we do celebrate holidays and in a way we love christmas and we love her seasons. Greetings to want to know and by home health care in tulsa is something that we do not take a day off from and I’ll. Let you guys decide who goes fast, but i, just love all of you equally and I would just like to know what does it look like every still home health care during the christmas.During, the christmas. During, the christmas. Let’s see what it looks like at restore home health care of oklahoma in Tulsa. We’ll talk about tulsa first, just because tulsa, you know typically, is busier office location. Well, there’s a lot of coordination that goes on, there’s a lot of people filling in for each other because, like you said the holidays, everybody wants to take a day off and and and we know, everybody has their own families, but our patients are families to so we’ve got a great group of nurses who they really do help each other.

We have one nurse who is a little bit older than some of the others. She doesn’t have kids at home. She’s already said you know, I’ll take call on christmas day, because she wants the other nurses with families and kids. She wants them to be able to stay home with them. So you know we. We do our very best to accommodate all the nurses who won off to be with families while making sure that every you know every patient is well taken care of. So we have about another weeks ago and then it’s a whole new year whole new year. Send me is that something that I can hear your voice lower. The are very, very, very excited about, and that is fantastic and ladies and gentlemen by ceo of health care of Oklahoma. She cares about patients who cares about her employees, one of the big ones. I heard what you’re saying that laura is team. You know there is no there’s no I in team, but we will come together and we help each other out to make sure that and I know I need. Can the knesset take that time to spend with the family, but the patients that needed that medical attention to get taken care of him? That’s definitely the priority for us a terrorist or home health care, and that’s one of that. One of the main things I love about restore home health care, because home health care in tulsa is the party in the gift. Is the opportunity to take care of every patient and, as larry montgomery will definitely say, every patient the individual needs and every patient is as special and important as the other. And how would you? How would you answer that larry i, just honestly larry, you can say anything and it’s you know just like lori. It’s like music to my ears, like it’s like hearing gold going to my eardrums anytime of the year:yes, restore home health care and home health care in tulsa home health care across all in northeast Oklahoma, central Oklahoma. Why do we want for christmas at restore home health care? And what we want is the ability to continue to care for patients vulnerable home-bound patients and that they all have the same access on equal rights to care and i. Think that that’s a social justice issue that we take on every single day at our agency and we believe that everyone, regardless of their age or race or gender or geographical area or sexual preference, requires care and they require highest standards of care and i. Think that you know we taking it upon ourselves to do that.

Unfortunately, there are barriers and obstacles along the way, create health disparities that still don’t allow people to get the type of access they need to care, and so, as we go into 2018, what I wish for from santa, claus and santa claus brings us to the table equal access to all of our patients. All of our homebound patients in that restore home, health care, gets to be rudolph and lead the sleigh for our patients in home care setting that’s beautiful area. It really really is I love that it really was, and every time does matter what he’s talking about. There’s a there’s, a tear that protrudes from my my tear ducts and. On, my that my cheek, you know, and so as we began this this podcast speaking off at home, health care in Tulsa I will listen to boyz ii men. Now. The reason why boys to men was so successful is because didn’t think it that they all have that individual voices in case it when is singing a song, they think not single one of them sings the same turn right and wait when you’re mixing times like that, it sounds good. It’s what’s called harmony singing their own tongue and it comes together in a symphony of harmony, which sounds pleasant to the ears, and so many think, if we’re still home health is like boyz ii men in a sense, because everybody loves that thing and it comes together and it’s intricately designed patton established tree of harmony, just like the voices of boyz, ii men and it comes together and we create this experience with customers at for patients and which an innocent kind of our customer receiving at sevices right. Okay, so the patient receive this and it’s it’s music to the health. Okay, so that the health is the ears and home health care in tulsa is is blessed by the presence of restore home health care and another analogy I would like to use. This is larry’s, dress sense. Now he wears different items of clothing, each item and individual item, but when separated together, they create this just sense of style, which is as beautiful to the eyes as boyz ii men are beautiful to the is now larry no way I know it took about home health care in tulsa that he wasn’t. What inspires you to just look so amazing. Every day too tall handsome english men that walk into the office on a daily basis, otherwise it would just be regular old clothes. I would believe that when I first met you, you had a high degree of style, and he had met me before, but I assume you’re speaking of myself and my brother, and it says that there’s a huge assumption, that’s kind of bad, it could be yeah. Maybe so it may be said that the young, beautiful wife you have a home and I said you got it.

You got to keep the game on point and i, go to voice, be at 10 and I understand that in the glasses that you’re wearing I’m making me jealous, because I actually weight loss and I pride myself on the glasses that I wear but larry’s wearing a better path than me. But it’s okay, you know. Sometimes we have to you know you use a friend’s inspiration and a lot of reasons for inspiring me and so I’ll be going to I thought. This was after this and looking at looking at the right to see if there’s anything I can I can buy to improve my glasses parents back home health care in tulsa is a is the focus the focal point here and yes, we are coaching the christmas season and christmas is a time of reflecting andy I would like you to share with without you share with me recently and yes, this is home. Health care in tulsa I feel, like you had something to eat, have something very, very special, very special for allison’s after she had regarding reflecting the old pictures from nathan the box that might be in the attic and, and you talk to your family and your you reminisce on the old time. That’s a really good thing to do, but you know I’m, not everybody can do that. Some people live by themselves. You know you mentioned earlier on that. There’s no there’s no I in team, but there is a me. So what about that? That one person whose alone in their home and they need help-and maybe they need some drastic help immediately, while we’re still can help you with that, with that restore connect. Technology is definitely something to think about something to ponder on, because it’s a very serious technology that can get you to all of your health resources and when you need it immediately, we got to do, is press the button and we have the technology to help with that. If you qualify for it, then you’re going to go ahead and get in contact with us and will it will help you out, but you know it’s definitely good times for a flight to reminisce to enjoy christmas to be around those that you love, but also i, really think about those that that about themselves in and then need that home health care and then we care-and we want to help i-would love to help your loved one. Fantastic andy and you mentioned is no I in team. There is a me:what is this animate see if you need someone to talk to give us a call, tamia there’s a time, then there’s a mat as well in it. So if there’s any chance that you need home health care in mbm, that is, is a male as well said. Anyway, you guys have a good day, and this restore home, health care boom