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Good afternoon this is Paul James, mastering representing bristow home health care of Oklahoma. The number one home health company there is there was a never will be, and I’m here with the wonderful Larry and the amazing Lori how you guys doing excellent good stuff that just that I’ve been there before. I did exacerbation just exacerbation everywhere. You know so I said today we have something pretty exciting going on, I mean, aside from the usual excitement of restore Home Health. Talking about costantino is already pretty well out there. You know I just really wanted to share something with you. This is actually my good friend he’s waiting in the holes for his entry, but I’m a very happy and exciting. Home Health Care in Tulsa It’S loneliness for the elderly over the holidays. Does that sound, exciting? Okay, it does sound exactly exactly exactly so. It’S very serious. Every search thing is not something we we often talk about already, think about it, something that I felt deserved our attention today. You know we can definitely tie in restoring health care. Is a company that that cares about patience, cares about people and cares about people outside of our area of business? You know you’ve heard iPod cost on how we reach out at night out to the welding in do things outside of outside of the year to be successful in the in the home health industry. That’S already said, I feel like it’s worth while talking on this now. Home Health Care in Tulsa I was hanging out with me at my good friend. His name is Will and you know what will quit having a Guinness together and he just randomly spouted out a woman that would run through fire and water for such a kind heart, William Shakespeare. You know I already felt that that was just I thought. That’S just such as such a kind sentiment that the yeah I got kind of United sounds like I better kind, this hot hot me and I said all these women can run through fire and water. I would want to enjoy themselves, of course, but but home health care in Tulsa. It is it’s something that we do, it’s something that we are in it and it is, it is okay, so those are creeping to the full season. You Know Each Day brings his car seat to a popular time of year. You know holidays they’ll, send me upon us, have it, but what it? What does that mean? What what holidays do we do? We have coming up as in the Hanukkah? Is it went? What’S? What’S going on with American holidays coming up any anything crazy over the next couple months? How do we know how it’s going up there? That’S one! That’S one anything in the Christmas Thanksgiving! He had this, this Thanksgiving celebration. You guys have it’s this! Home Health Care in Tulsa It’S American celebration celebration and gluttony in yeah, exactly it’s it times of merriment enjoy. You know that Halloween is the time of dressing up and merriment has his correct me if I’m wrong base a time for dressing up and having fun and the kids going Adventures of gathering candy from strangers, fighting each other fooling on the ground and fits of laughter And happiness right as it is pretty much had guys – and I said Thanksgiving was founded as a time where they at the entire family they get together. They eat that you were what else they do. What I said the stories did they give thanks yeah? What would we do? Home Health Care in Tulsa Last night’s give give me the sevis up thanks the mental health Wheaton Way yeah. I look forward to that. In fact, that’s an expectation expectation of mine at 7 thanks we did, we did and if you go to our Facebook page Facebook /, restore you’ll, see pictures of us delivering thanks at the Mental Health Association, and that was when, when one of them off this.

Did Nick say that, that’s that it’s a good time to Christmas time, what what is this Christmas time do you guys celebrate Christmas? Is that unique to the states? Is it? Is this an American celebration write it it’s just the Most Wonderful Time of the Year famous singing once said, you know, so my whole point here guys are going to detail in these in these holidays. Is that the sum of the whole days with such security and Comfort Suite, do you know, although growing old can bring with it wisdom and experience it can also bring with it lost and despair in a n, n n other other other side? Sad things you know: spouses, my post on a friend’s illnesses, aches pains and just general changes in the environment. So you know imagine growing up all living in a neighborhood where all of your friends live live close by and whether they pass away or they move on and move to another state and that’s going to create a.m. that’s great hardship over the other, the holiday season. But what do you want? Why I wanted to go through is: Home Health Care in Tulsa is 9 simple rules to enhance your your elders holidays and that their life experience in and reduce reduce that loneliness? No one of the things that we have going on is is hristo connect are patients on a higher level using technology in creating better outcomes and create a unique patient experience for individuals who live alone or have recently been hospitalized, with the condition that set them back And with an illness that but they’re trying to get well and they needed that little extra help in their life to be able to reach out and connect with the care center. Home Health Care in Tulsa And you know: should they find themselves needing assistance with Transportation or connecting with your Physicians officer Pharmacy or have questions with your medications? Are there at risk for Falls, and things like that, so restore connect is one of those fantastic ways if we’re moving forward and do something different in the currently at Tulsa Market, in In-Home Care markets in our other offices, in Grove in Stigler in Muskogee, and we Also will be rolling it out a little bit of time. It’S going to be awesome. It is said that that’s just wonderful that home health care in Tulsa is being revolutionized. I feel at Liberty to say that, because you know when was delivering a home health experience, we can only see the patient for a certain amount of time. Home Health Care in Tulsa During the day. You know we can stay there all day. We would love to stay there, all David, because we go to big hearts and the United the passion to take care of people and their needs for companionship. However, in order to deliver the ex and services we do, we have to spread that love between all the patients, and so I’m thinking that we had to come up with a way to to provide that service 24 hours a day without actually being that 24 hours. A day exactly right right, and so I’m actually wearing one of these watches myself. Ladies and gentlemen, we still connect to watch and I must say I do feel stylish, but I also feel secure in knowing that when I go home this evening and I and I am not sharing that that a problem with it with the four walls and the Television, I will have someone that will pick up the phone. If I press that button 24 hours a day,¬†Home Health Care in Tulsa¬† 7 sweet you can call for whatever you might want to call for. If you just want to chat with someone or they’ve, been known to order pizza. For someone or get in touch with their loved ones, your daughter or son, or no because they’re wanting him to come over and put the trash out so restore connect to sign to be a medical device. But it’s also a device to keep a someone in communication with the outside world when they seem to be locked up in that lonely.

Four walls that you talk about being intimidating time. I really think that this is this is taking us into that next generation of Home Health Care and health care in general, but you know sometimes I want to give somebody a call and ask them what their outlook on life and love and happiness is. You know I will I will before 10. Okay sounds good sounds good. I mean I have. I have options a gentleman, and so should you so should you let your elders in in your life should have those options to be out of cool someone at any given moment. You know as Lori to send a text before 10 before 10, because that’s what time I got to bed, if you had a restore connect watch, you wouldn’t have to go before 10. You can go woman after 10 or 3 hours off at 10 or whenever you want to call and ask any question: you want to ask guy whether it’s medically related or unlike medical-related, any anything you want it. You want to discuss. You know within the legal boundaries. So you know how you going to loan the money across the across the ocean. Borders name is probably not something you want to do, have it but anyways. So that’s a solution for you that secure that secure Atlanta this, but I also have an addition to that. 9, simple rules to enhance your elders holidays. If you guys want to try I’m in at any point or even you were going to chime in, even though it is a sleepy rainy day, it is a sleepy rain. Is it? Is it not just a sleepy rainy day definitely understand that it is? It is yeah that I can that I can imagine laying down in bed as the rain hits the window and Indiana in an effervescent. Drum beats to slowly and low my eyelids into into a dream world of happiness, and I know, Home Health Care in Tulsa but I took so to enhance one’s Elders holidays. I would say: number one is listening. Listening just sitting there listening engaging when they want to connect, even if it’s, the classic kids these days wearing them. Skinny jeans conversation, you know cuz. I love that, let’s face it, I want to discuss the negative things, but sometimes yeah. She had some people yeah, something when I wear skinny jeans and some – and I think that’s crazy and I’m so hype, Ashley, wear skinny jeans to an extent yeah. I bet I can’t hit take takes awhile to get them on about that, but it works out. It’S worth the investment number to of nine simple rules to enhance your other hole that remind them that you love them and spending time with them. It’S a pleasure and not an obligation. You know I feel like sometimes people can forget that sets of some Elders might feel like they get in the way you know so, do you guys have any others that they have felt that way out and I’ll of course, that you guys? Could you make your arms feel love to say that to remind the people in your life that you love them, regardless of their age and and remind them how important they are? Even if you don’t have a lot of idle time on their hands, they’re, retired and in sitting alone, it never hurts to take time to pick up the phone and give them a call and listen to them. Remember our parents took care of us. They raised did now, you know if they get older, that kind of shifts, because, yes, absolutely it’s a very, very real subject. Ladies and gentlemen, I am so we have to do everything we can to make sure they don’t feel like that being a button and then we’re still connected watch delivering that Home Health Service in Tulsa.

It’S one of those ways you can come up with a solution in addition to that number 3 have nine ways that you can make your elders holidays more enhanced is if your parent is at all your elders in a facility or nursing home. Take a look to see if the local Lan kindergarten or a crash, as we would call it in the UK would facilitate a visit with with with the home. You know, there’s nothing more uplifting. The bright smile of a child filled with hope and wonderment in Glee. Yeah I saw that number 449 check your local church to see if there is any programs available to send specially trained ministers to go and spend with you with a loved one of the holidays, and I have the other guys going to praying in your Hangout primary Minister or an associate Minister goes around and makes pastoral care visits in the hospital or long-term care facility or your home bound, and you are religious affiliation. You are, and this might be the only Point contact you have and so it’s important to really stay connected. If you faith-based connected, if that’s you have something important in your life and your church and and your church generally, they expect phone calls like that. So don’t ever be afraid to do that and reach out to those people. You want to work next week, but it’s important stay connected in that way. Excellent excellent number 5 of 9 simple rules to enhance your elders, holidays, decorations, catering to the season celebration of this always a happy visual failed is especially if they’re alone, you know no flames are skulls, though I don’t know if that well or like you know, statues Zombies in the stuff, I did pray with brake lever. Are you one of those up? One of those neighbors be one of those neighbors that competes with the Christmas lights on the outside my neighbor. Are they doing alright, but you didn’t partake in that in a competition electric bill, fantastic gets tough number six and nine bring goodies, quick story. There was a an assisted living facility here in Tulsa, where is 2 too young ladies birthday, and I’m that grandson’s birth lived way out of state and I couldn’t make it out for the birthday son. So I took it upon myself as a monitor for a storm Health Care in Tulsa to take a gift box. Cake boss gets filled with goodies and you know Jam than the kind of stuff that – and I know the candles jams jellies candles at cod with Rick and sentiments FM, restore home health and they really appreciated. You know I was, I was a double grandson for the day for both of those that you know young. Ladies and you know it goes a long way and made them very happy.

I definitely regret doing that. So I would recommend that if you get a chance to do that for your for your elders and in addition to that number 7 is act as a connection. If you off your elders friend, if you eldest friends and invite them to parties and events, the more the merrier, I say, if the weather there in a nursing home, will they just at home or it’s about, they said a bration and they they they may not. Cool that friends may not reach out to the friends, and you can be that connection to that help them out of it. Okay and a second to last one as well as you wrap up here, make that dinner table special, whether your parents are home or in a facility try to make the table festive summer. Home Health Care in Tulsa You know some crazy colors and themes, but I post, I guess it Postman there Sarabia yeah, yeah alright. Was that says that 18? Is that say 10, I still don’t want you still going to make the dinner table special and, finally, I think the most important one is just to spend time. That’S the most important quality time I feel like in today’s day and age role. In such a rush, you know everything everything is so important, we’re rushing from one thing to the next, but we have to remember that. You know that the elders in that lives at there’s nothing there’s not much going on at this point. There’S nothing to rush to Annette life is kind of slow down so so precious to spend five five to ten minutes, just hanging out and talking about life or whatever is it they want to talk about, and I are sharing that the day at the story of Your day, you know what went on with your day. What did you do, and I really think that that means means a lot and someday in the very distant future we’re going to be Elders ourselves, and I think we were really appreciate it when the menu. I spend time with us. So I don’t know I kind of feel like we’re the same age in this room. You know yeah say what will be there together, hoping other people come and visit us. It will be hanging out in that room. It is yes, are you can get someone and make that point contact bring a little bit of lovin to the home, Home Health Care in Tulsa it might even sit at the dinner table with you bring goodies. They can also bring health and wholeness into your improving patient outcomes. Skinny people well hoping that they can get back up and then they can be the ones to go see as you’re working on one person at a time. That’S how I make a difference beautiful, I needn’t say anything else. Awesome thanks a lot guys!