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Good day and welcome back to the restore home health podcast, you have speaking in your ear holes right now, pull james matheran s, p, a! U l, not pull, as has been transcribed in previous days. That’s! Okay! It’s! Okay! Just not about me! It’s about restore home health, delivering home health in Tulsa home health care in Tulsa cuz! That’s what we do! That’s, who we are right:larry, yeah! We are delivering home health care in Tulsa into your ear holes. That’s right! Do it right now! In fact, as you experience, this is going into your eye sockets and your optic stems because you currently reading this from the site map. If that’s what you doing, that’s okay, because right now we’re going to spill some some crazy good knowledge to you guys as bensimon some changes, some medicare changes that have come out recently at bad. We mentioned in a pasta weeks, we’ve mentioned in the pasta, now, pasta, sauce and pasta. Articles daddy comes up to medicare developments, restore home. Health is ready because we do things that one is way and if you want to change the rules up on us, that’s okay, because we like to do things the right way and we’re already ready, because most of the time when rosa changed is because other home health companies on doing the things the way they should be doing things of that the time that belt. But it’s okay, because if you’re already slim like we are, we don’t. We don’t mind a tight and don’t find it how to enjoy that and we’re not afraid of regulations. They help us to become better at work, and we expect that the regulations that come from the federal government and from the state of Oklahoma that they have been tested and that they are tried in their true and if they’re, going to help us become better at what we do and they can help us excel at patient care what. What is this latest development with the with a with medicare larry? It’s like the rulebook for a football team. We call it. The conditions of participation in medicare says we’re going to put certain conditions on you to participate in the medicare prospective payment system, and so what that means is medicare has a lot of rules and regulations that you must follow in order to participate in their system, and this also allows us to be uniform and what we were doing so I know most all home he’ll, see if they’re playing by the rules I follow the conditions of participation and sell within the conditions of participation. These rules and regulations aren’t change very often, however there’s been a significant overhaul that went into effect earlier this week called emergency preparedness and that affected not just home health agencies, but all healthcare facilities in the united states who participate in the medicare system and then later on in early 2018, will have some quality assurance things. Home Health Care in Tulsa Infection control, i, think it’s regarding our governing body and clinical directors and how we appoint administrators like myself and find a whole slew of policies about patients bill of rights and how we present those to the patient. You know how patients of utilize blood, glucose monitoring in the home but rest assure i, restore home health provider in home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma and across all of Oklahoma.

We are fully equipped and prepared to address these things. I said our patience continues to receive the highest quality care in the state of Oklahoma and, quite frankly, in the united states and possibly the entire world. That’s right there that money that he was at work. I, don’t fully agree with his possibly cuz i. Think that should be replaced, but definitely didn’t I well, because it is, is the best company that in existence nani in the world been in it in the universe and k I was going to say planet, but that’s kind of synonymous with wells, but that’s okay. We can say both because health care and that’s what we do. We still home health ann arbor still we were still health in the home, so you can get back to where you need to be. But I’ll tell you this conditions of participation, it’s much like the skydiver okay, so the condition for the skydivers. You need a parachute because if you’re flying through the air without a parachute is going to end badly for you. If you don’t know about the conditions of participation for medicare, then you’re going to end up jumping out of a plane without parachute, and it’s also going to end badly for you, so restore home, health care. Not only are we well first, but but larry hear the book of knowledge, the google of home health wrote a 95 page paper. Was it 95 page paper on the conditions of participation? So not only are we well-versed on what this is all about, that larry has done his own independent research and then conducted this research, then regurgitated into the, heirs of all the members of stuff at restore home health care. So we know so much about the conditions of participation that it doesn’t bad thinking about. Is it will scramble your brain that you. Don’t worry about getting your brain scrambled as a as a perspective, home health recipient home health care in Tulsa recipient you want to know that you’re home health care team at restore knows exactly what I’m talking about when we doing things. The right way, okay, we’re going to be following the guidelines following the rules so that you can be taking care of the best way possible. That’s correct!

You know:paul I had a visit with my dear old friend, winston churchill, winston churchill. You have to do what’s required. Oh man, that’s good! That you’re! Not only are we doing our best put forth an emergency preparedness plan that protects your patients in the event of a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, and we have put together a comprehensive plan of action that is going to protect our patient or is going to intervene if something should happen along the lines of incident that is out of our control. So our nurses are fully aware of what they need to do in this situation. So we we’ve created a a playbook, so to speak, along with the other conditions, and basically we switch from an operation of caring for patients routine schedule. You know from one house to the next to a a well-oiled machine that that comes together and identifies patients who are at the highest risk and goes to those patients first, making sure that they are safe number one and number two if they are not making sure that they are transported to the proper emergency, shelter or emergency room or temporary. Long-term placement in the event at their home has a been destroyed or there without electricity, and we also make sure that their home is protected in the event of ice or snow by the nurse registering them with their utility company. At the time of admission. You know that way. If you are, if you have oxygen, are you, depending upon machines, to liver your care of your loved one? Is your nurse will register you with the utility companies to the utility company is aware at the time of the mission that you owe you will be the one that the utility company comes to first in the event of a nice warm where we have often in Oklahoma about her for 5 years or lose lots of power, and sometimes it stays out for days. But you want to be number one on that list, especially if you had are dependent upon supplemental machines to maintain your health and wellness ways. We created this plan. We we built this playing around our patients week. It’s a patient and family-centered plan and we built it in a way that everyone in our agency within a matter of minutes, is aware of the disaster and, following that matter minutes a short time goes by and then they’re aware of their assignment and the people that they need to go see and we created. It was such an efficiency that we hope to never use it.

But if we do, the training that are nurses have received. It was, in my opinion, was at one of our better trainings and and I know that they all completely understood what they were signing up for, and they were more than happy to to be a part of the sort of this preparing for something that we hope never happens. Wow, that’s great, you know it’s a fellow on there, I didn’t know when, since you at you i, don’t know him very well, but it’s ryan I left yesterday and you got back straight away immediately, he’s very fast and efficient and he said I said winston. What advice do you have for me and he said never give up never give in. Never never never is what you said. It’s an effort we will never give up. I will never give in. We will never never never ends was Joshua, as I was saying, is a very wise man and if I will say in addition to that, the depending on people is a flawed philosophy. Is it’s a flawed way of doing things, but depending on systems like like the system when, speaking of today, in the event of an emergency, since we can depend on especially if the system is affected, so we will continue to depend on the systems that we have in creating u systems and this this system of conditions of participation? We need to have a system in the event of an of an emergency and that’s something we created in home health care in Tulsa. It’s something that’s continually developing continually changing and we are continually adapting to that and staying ahead of the curve, so we’re not trying to catch up. This has been paul james, matheran and larry montgomery, bringing music to your ears and music of home health care in Tulsa said please enjoy sit back, relax, don’t smoke cigars. Is it bad for you? If you do look cool doing it all right