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Good afternoon this is pool James matheran and you listen to the restore Home Health podcast change the world, make it a better place, one patient as a time.. Today we going to be very exciting. Exciting part cost, for you very, very exciting, enlightening information to share with you today we wanted to before I can tell you is to is to introduce a female. Usually I just got a name by name, Home Health Care in Tulsa but I think I sent juice yourself. Please do you, the old stars: go aheadoh, I’m Larry Ministry restore Home Health Care. Introducing myself. Thank you. I’M Lori manager restore Home Health. This is Andy. Matheran, restore Home Health, Oklahoma and I’m excited especially for today just to talk about all that fantastic information. The pool will bring forth to the listeners. We we as a team. What will bring it for Adam app for a no-start director of marketing a pleasure to be in the same room as you can see the story about how I’m pulling a human bodies all at discoveries and wasn’t Inns of condition? When I was 7 years old, I used to I used to have to do the Judo defend myself in America. We have Judo completely differently, but you know and that my eyes were puffy I couldn’t breathe, had asthma really bad. I smell my first experience. I go as far as to say that I almost died, but then again I have a man and say things are going to be sunny exaggerated, Home Health Care in Tulsa but is a very tough time and you know this condition was and it got worse and I realized I cannot go To Judo anymore, if I really wanted my body as a temple to get to be out to grow the right that that that that that it was going to grow, so I had to Fogo de Chao in the mat Sandy. I believe that has like rabbit hair or something like that. It was very tired and seven year old man he posed to challenge you pose a challenge. Now is a good friend and a good friend is named William Shakespeare. That’S right, we did a friend and he said my buddies or I’ll Gardens will be out gotten us, William Shakespeare, answering my question. I see what you’re saying by right, exactly always in Spicer heat. So then he came back and he said maybe he is not well infirmity. Dolph neglect all office wear to a health is bound William Shakespeare, Nas, okay. Well, that makes perfect sense.. You could have said it better. My breathing got better the time we need to understand when conditions for the rules and regulations to make sure the things don’t get worse. Now, when you get discharged from the hospital you’re going to get a list of things, he has to do right now, you’re going to get a list of vehicles use the mic. So you can hear me cuz, yes, you’re, Home Health Care in Tulsa going to get a list indeed list of things to do, and you have to follow that list. You know if you do not front of that list, that can be dangerous ramifications repercussions, maybe even exacerbation now Larry. Is it in your own words? You could say what is the meaning of the word exacerbation wow, I tell you know it said exacerbation like that. Ever in the entire world, I think it is. It is such a difficult word because we say it everyday and we say a patient disease process is exacerbated when we say it in a negative way, and it is a negative thing. That means your disease has gotten. Worse and means that you had some sort of problem with your current chronic condition and have you gone backwards. You haven’t taken 2 steps forward to taking two steps back, maybe six steps backwards or 7, but you’ve gotten worse. You come into some sort of contact with the environment or some sort of condition or some sort of product or some sort of medication. Home Health Care in Tulsa That’S cause you to get worse and I you need to seek medical attention beautifully, articulated a good Larry King Larry Merriam-Webster. She says exacerbation it.

It’S a wet sanding, specifically in medicine, exacerbation to an increase in the severity of a disease or signs symptoms. For example, an exacerbation of asthma Mike has a serious effect of air pollution. Leading to shortness of breath is what I’m in a Marion Webster said so yeah I’m as I knew you were going to so you know my brother Andy and I will have to check yesterday and he expelled some intellectual knowledge upon me about a about COPD. Copd, can you remind me what that stands, for it says McCormick, chronic obstructive, pulmonary disorder or disease. Should I say, anxiety – and you said you said it: a patient with asthma, typically, that they have a reduced capacity of the lungs right, absolutely yeah. They they have a reduced capacity of the lungs. Some patients with COPD really do struggle it and, as you guys have, while I take you liked, it can also have exacerbations down the line. We can really reduce their lung capacity, which is a scary thing for low patience out there, and they want to stay as far away from them as possible or exited. Absolutely. Home Health Care in Tulsa Yes, it’s not it’s not a good thing when you go to see lung capacity. If I reduce my by having an asthma attack, can I get that back any kind of takes away the capacity in and that that’s pretty much? That’S pretty much it, but you got to work with some of these scenarios. Preventable weather line capacity is a reduced, absolutely preventable, but, as you mentioned before, if there are there’s smoke in the environment, if there’s something that triggers that does ablation of that that event, then it may be too late by that point Square Point ID at that. This is one of that. One of the benefits of the many benefits of having a restore Home Health Care come to your home in Tulsa and taking care of taking care of your making. Sure the environment is the way it should be as prescribed by a doctor or surgeon. United States just add an extra safety precautions to make sure that you are following the list: the correct procedures, to avoid an exacerbation now picture this case, your home, minding your own business right. The house has mold in the air being aware of this, and I am I had some kind of surgery. I have COPD Unit B. Go back to your house, Home Health Care in Tulsa has mold in the air. You have an asthma attack, you going from 80 % to 60 % and it’s not like you can just go out for a run and get that 20 % back. Then it’s too late at that point, so we have to prevent that. So what did this another? There’S another condition, which is it, which is a very widespread, unfortunately Andy and I were discussing it just lost night, and it was that with CHF. You tell me about the CHF congestive heart failure, but I’m going to refer to Larry because he has the nursing background and I do not so I’m going to stop this song and that the professional have to talk to Larry sub didn’t come on. Take the bullets for a down khilari to congestive heart failure and we won’t go. Home Health Care in Tulsa We won’t bore you with those details because most people here to have congestive heart failure and they sort of kind of spazz. Out about that I mean I once thought I had congestive heart failure. You know until I think my girlfriend at the time says you do not have 300 pounds of water weight, so I realized it wasn’t congestive heart failure. It was just that I was eating too much, but one of the early signs of those of that is the fluid. Your heart muscle is not pumping the way it should see.

Your heart is losing its ability and its strength to pump the blood through the body. As though, when it doesn’t do that, the fluid what’s up in your extremities are in your lungs and you begin to gain weight. Yes, so it’s fluid weight gain in the since we’re fluid weight. Gain is a Bad Thing, meaning that you’re going to get really short of breath. You’Re going to have some peripheral, edema you’ll have edema in your hands in your feet and certainly you’ll get some fluid that backs up in your lungs, and all these things can cause pneumonia and congestive heart failure is a very dangerous condition, but I certainly treatable and A sense that there are medications out there that allow her heart beat harder and stronger and slower, and their medications out there to help our kidneys to release some of that excess, fluid and there’s. You know there’s exercises that individuals can do when they have Home Care. Services of physical therapist can come out there and work and help that person gain some of that strength back and send some of those things that they need to do everyday to sort of improve their circulation. Home Health Care in Tulsa¬† And you have a nursing staff to come out there and teach you signs and symptoms come out there and way you and teach you how to do daily weights and signs and symptoms to watch and how to follow a healthy heart, healthy diet. You noticed I stay away from excess sodium that causes us to retain additional fluid. So all those things you know that you would follow you with congestive heart failure, all treatable, but in the early stages you would be important to you.. Certainly, if you meet the homebound criteria to have a physician, refer you to a services like restore home health care in Tulsa and surrounding offices to come in and and have a nurse check on you and have physical therapy come in or perhaps occupational therapy you have To help bring you to a newer level of Independence, has you manage your own disease and avoid exacerbations? I love that lady. That’S really really good stuff at another thing at you know, Home Health Care in Tulsa when I have seen this a lot pretty much everything that you need to do in the in the home environments, we can check on those things, for you, stay away from Big stress is don’t pick any Fights with random people in the streets, you may not know that you may not know that, but you know every storm how we are educated to make sure that you’re doing the right things are not doing the wrong things but you’re not going to the center of You having CHF you know, you had a great care in the hospital by one of these find House of doctors, you know and that you go home. There are conditions in, as as Larry was, was saying, and I keep your weight down. Go to eat healthy. To take medicines in a timely manner, why yourself a specific time each day, but you might not be doing all these things and you start to gain weight and you put yourself at risk to be rehearsal eyes. You know through another major cardiac event, and I so what can be done to prevent this form of exacerbation? You know that there’s something that we went to my last meeting and Larry went to where I was going to bring. Home Health Care in Tulsa Something else is asking me an interesting discussion. This is something that could be used as a possibility to help reduce these. These exacerbations are completely eliminate them in your experience and you’re in your vast expanse of noisy how what is tele monitoring and and how can it help out of patience with these when it with these situations? My vast experience and I’m going to defer some of these questions to Lori, so she can get to Mike Mike time cuz. I know she’s got lots to say a lot to say about CHF exacerbation and tele monitoring is still when we look at health care and we look at how we manage people’s conditions.

Tele monitoring is still what we would stay in its infancy, and so everything that individual organizations are doing is still a practice of medicine and so we’re still learning from tele monitoring. It’S come a long ways in the past 15 years have a specially since we’ve had a lot of advancements in how we interact with technology and because of that, we’re able to monitor people’s conditions remotely from you know, central location, so our clients in the home. We can monitor their weights their Vital Signs, including blood pressure, heart rate pulse, oximetry temperature. Even a blood, glucose and Ryan are ratios. Those sort of things you can you can, you can monitor from a remote location and we can. We can assess whether there’s been a change from the Baseline, whether you’re going up or you’re going down in a positive way, and it allows us to engage the patient more proactively so as to prevent the client from having an exacerbation by detecting changes. Subtle changes in their condition, so this you know, historically, the evidence hasn’t shown to improve patient outcomes. The the the science is moving towards better ways to for the patient to engage the machines, and so what happened previously is that a lot of these devices that were introduced into the home where complicated and they weren’t user-friendly? Home Health Care in Tulsa There was a increase load burden on the nurses, and so we weren’t improving outcomes, you’re just making more work, but as these things have progressed, it’s gotten better and so, as we move forward in working with tell monitoring systems were able to do this. Do these things more efficient, more effectively or able to communicate, certainly with their positions much better than we used to and we’re able to get the information where it needs to be, for you no orders and things like that, so we can change patients, medication, air base On Physician’s orders and in a lot of these, things can be set up on a physician standard protocol. You know so the patient has an increased way. You know if 3 lb in in 2 days or 5 lb, another position can order an additional diuretic or something of that nature. You know what’s so, we wouldn’t have to call them each time to request that and you and those things can be set up. You know, as you go at protocols, overtime, that surround the tele monitoring system and all these things will prevent re-hospitalizations, which is ultimately to go, which is the is one of the most expensive congestive heart. Home Health Care in Tulsa Failure, who is probably be is the most expensive re-hospitalization is the it is, is, are the individuals who are going to be hospitalized the most with 30-day re-hospitalizations Medicare in CMS in the United States, government and Department of Health? Human Services pays very close attention to the number of people who re hospitalized with CHF, because you know, as we know, we are all trying to save money and Healthcare, Home Health Care in Tulsa and that’s not because people are trying to get rich is trying because we’re trying to maintain the Integrity of the care that we provide, that was a lie. All once said that I was, it was wonderful as beautiful thing Larry. What can you speak?

It weighs sends me into this sub is trunks? Is trunks of happiness is like a dream, but my eyes are awake. I’M alive it. It’S beautiful thing, no, no place to replace it. Lori Lori did you have anything to add anything to ask you go ahead. Lord take the stage when I think of home monitoring and I think of where it’s been and where it’s going. When you look at our population, I think that we’re kind of in a generational Gap, the people we take care of now – the 70 year olds – 80 year olds – it’s all new to them, so you know being able to remotely send data and information. It’S a bit hard but, as you know, like our generation as we get older and people are coming in to take care of us, it’s going to be standard because we were living it right now. You know we understand it right now, so when we need it we’re going to understand what the nurses are out there trying to do for us, so I think that will improve also, but you know going back just looking at home health and CHF, you know. I’ll. Tell you that one of the biggest reasons for rehospitalization is non-compliance of medication, and especially with CHF I’m, so you have somebody who’s who’s newly diagnosed go to the hospital, for whatever reason they diagnosed with CHF there discharge on new medication and a lot of new information. What’S really important about those patients? Home Health Care in Tulsa Is there weights in a daily weights? You know what do they weigh this day and they gained a pound or two pounds are 3 pounds and the doctors want to know that each day so that he can adjust her medication. So it’s really important for home health companies like restore Home Health, to get involved with patients when they’re discharged from the hospital so that they can go out there and educate the patient on the importance of that and also communicate to The Physician. What what’s going on in the home, you know, what is the patient look like now that they’ve left do they have their medication? Are they taking it correctly? Home Health Care in Tulsa Do they know the importance of it? Do they can they afford it? So you know it’s really important when they patients are discharged from the hospital that they hook up with the Home Health company that they referred out, so that there is somebody in the home, educating them and taking care of them excellent stuff. Just like restore delivery. Nurse Home Health Services in Tulsa, that’s a SX, a lot. I really like we said about you know it being the standard when we are when we need these this level of care to know if you’ll just be the norm, it’s kind of like with with electric windows on cause. You know when they first came out and said that the common response was it’s just so sorry I didn’t they like it, but now it’s on you. If you win, if you don’t have an electric window on your car, if you know it sucks being late, Leaps and Bounds, and a lot of these these technology advancements of coming through, restore him, helping fronted by restore Home Health Care, they were in those Health Care Services in the comfort of your own home was there any any other information, anything that that we’ve missed during this pump cost at the you guys wanted to add it. You sure Larry Larry, yeah, okay, maybe the next book cost, no worries, no worries. I got it. Has been an absolute pleasure once again leaving this podcast with restore Home Health Care, Living Home Health Care Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma change, the world making the world a better place, one patient at a time. Thank you very much. Well done. Palio!