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Good afternoon, this is Paul James matheran, representing restore home health care in Oklahoma, delivering Home Health in the comfort of your own home. Now this is another episode where we going to talk about something about restore home health care in what they do to make your life. Just a little bit better and the subject of Employee Engagement, let me set the scene for you, Home Health Care in Tulsa so when I walk into the office, if you’re still home health care, I see smiling faces, I see happy people. I see nurses to come way too gone to see. Patients and really I just wanted to find out exactly why that is so start to do a little bit research. The number of reasons why employees might be happy at work now when was when we’re on the subject of Home Health home health care in the state of Oklahoma, doesn’t sound like something that people be overjoyed about. But when you walk into the office of restore home health care, everyone’s just so happy so like I said I had to look into that, I found out that corporate philanthropy is key to employee engagement. Now, what do you think about as a subject when people come together to pursue a common goal? That brings people together? You know to enjoy each other’s company and pursue something you know as one now for the primary reason home health is executed. However, it is an additional reason other than going to work where people can come together a face. The same good friend of mine is named William, William Shakespeare. He wants said the meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away now that that that says, a lot that says about the meaning of life is to find your gift. The past life, to give away. Home Health Care in Tulsa Another thing, William Shakespeare said is my bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love as deep, the more I give to thee the more I have for both are infinite, William Shakespeare. Now, I’m not alone in the box of rocks. Today I actually have the awesome Larry Montgomery, how you doing Larry call Matt fantastic, and I have the beautiful Lori, Montgomery hi to Lori. Montgomery. Thank you. Fantastic and Elsa. Have the smoothest, swaggy Andy matheran hated Andy, Montgomery yeah. It wants to be Larry. Everyone does set an alarm for 9:30 on a corporate level. It tends to draw more influence that just on a private level, because it brings people in the company together pursuing a come-and-go, just a quick story about when I start it is all about me. Home Health Care in Tulsa Alright, it’s all about me so when I started a restore Home Health, I hadn’t been there for more than 6 months before I was invited to go to a church in Coweta. I don’t know if you remember this day in July. I believe in the end of July, and we we prepared meals for the children in the neighborhood and homeless, individuals in Coweta and just anyone that wanted to stop by and have a free meal. And we didn’t do that. Necessarily because we’re trying to get our name out there restore home health care. We did that because that’s something that we like to do we like to share a meal with people always say one of the biggest things. One of the biggest things in my own life is the way to get to know.

People is to sit around a table and share a meal with them, and so some of my greatest memories come from sitting at a table with others, friends and family, and so we like to take that out into the world and create memories with other people. That’S amazing, Larry and, like I said I hadn’t been with the company for 6 months and Gina doing something like this affected me on more than just one level Festival, the company Vision, Health hope and wholeness what more of a slogan ristow Home Health they live. Home Health Care in Tulsa It ain’t just say it because it sounds good: they live at restoring health and wholeness to each patient. They see how many patients do we set. Those are people in the community, and that meant a lot to me as a member of stuff and just that one occasion help me understand the wire as to why I’m working for a restore home health, and so you know if the second reason that affected me Was it help me get to know my upper management, both Lori and Larry, and other members of stuff outside of the work environment? So I can understand who they are as people and at what it is that they represent, and suddenly I felt like I was making a difference, making a difference in the community now as a marketside god there are do. I have to do to bring business in but being out there in the community and helping feed people, as Larry said that some of his most fun memories are sharing a meal in across the table and I’ll definitely share that sentiment. And so I go in opportunity to meet people that I never would have met before in an outside of this opportunity. If so, I would really appreciate the opportunity guys and appreciate everything you do outside of the way of the walk in front of the community. That’S just one of many things that restore home health care of Oklahoma do other than delivering home health care services in the comfort of your own home., Quick question for you guys now that you know it did anyone come out to this? Home Health Care in Tulsa You help people that I mean I’ve seen this so many, so many examples of things that you do for people. I could literally stand here and list them all off and send be here till I grow a long grey bed, I’m still still waiting on the things that you do. Why is it what inspires you that to help people well along the way people live, help me for sure, and you know, when I’ve needed help. I’Ve always been surrounded by people who were willing and able to help me, and so I think what that does. Is it can it gives you a sense of gratitude and understanding that you know as a business and as a person, we have an obligation to kind of pay it forward to turn around and help people, not you know with any other motive other than just wanted To help people so for me I think it’s. It comes from a sense of gratitude and understanding that everybody needs help sometimes, and so I kind of see that as part of our purpose, I love that, thank you Lori, but why do you help people so much all the time? Home Health Care in Tulsa There is a great philosopher who said this and it wasn’t a William Shakespeare. I can tell you that whenever we, whatever we win, Home Health Care in Tulsa our deepest passion meets the world’s greatest need. Then we found exactly what we’re supposed to be doing. So someone told me that a long time ago – and it’s stuck with me for years and years, how many when we help people it’s life-giving until we talked about this and our last party cat – it’s not just life, giving to the person that were helping its life, Giving to us – and so not only have we had the privilege of serving other people serving other people in the sense that they are needing a there in a moment in their life, where they need a little bit of hell and they need someone to give them A hand up – and I need them to hold them up until they get to the top knot. Just give him a hand up and then let him go but holding up to they get them to the top and that once we get them to the top, then they stand there with us and then we can all move forward as a group helping other people.

Yeah, so so, not only is it like giving to the person we’re helping me it’s like giving to us and it’s something that we can draw strength on as we move through our our world and the challenges that we face each day. It’S a it’s clear that sad when you walk through restore home health stores that there’s a sense of family, how do you think that’s really doing all these things in the community and ready outside the community just come back from abroad? Home Health Care in Tulsa You think that’s brought you guys closer together ourselves together as a family, so that you can go out and and 7 community and end with patients as well yeah I mean, I think so I mean I don’t you know, I’m not one of these people that believes In coincidental, you no points in our lives, but I think that Lori and I both have the same sort of vision for helping people and that we would both to give our our last dollar to someone if they needed it, for something important and so somehow someway Along this, you know 16 17 year Journey we made each other and we both have the same idea about caring for people, and so that’s not a coincidence. I believe that some sort of divine appointee so that we can restore Home Health Care, can be an organization that not only puts Patients First puts our nurses as top priority, but we, but we really mean that we are going to care for people. Home Health Care in Tulsa And then we were and an end that takes sacrifice, and that takes me to understand be able to their needs through their eyes and so yeah. I’M very thankful that the Lori and I met years ago and and have connected in and shared a vision for how how we care for people within our organization and how we care for people generally in the world. Home Health Care in Tulsa You know what does it you know, kind of bringing us closer together as a family, and I think our employees have seen to on a personal level the heart that we have for them as employees, because there are many of them, including myself and including Larry, that At different times have needed something in particular, and you know we have been in the position where we can help them personally, whatever it might be, and so I think that just threw the years of of really being able to be there and to understand that they’re Going through a spot, you know where time in their life and they’ll get past it. We know they’ll get past it and they just need a little bit of help with whatever it might be that we can provide that for him. So I think that’s really helped with you know, just done being the family that we are creating that atmosphere when somebody thinks of Home Healthcare, their name restore, comes up as almost a synonym to the sevis and also, Home Health Care in Tulsa I feel like we’re still home health care. Is a synonym of selfishness just buy the things that what you asked yourself, Lori and Larry – represent on a daily basis, Larry. So, typically, Home Health Care in Tulsa on a Sunday, people like myself would like to put my feet up that’s in the morning and not move until the evening and then go to bed. You know maybe getting up to it to you, know, Grace on some food and maybe have a cup of coffee and that’s the best basic it was Sunday. Sunday looks like to maybe but not Larry, not not lying Montgomery like what it.

What are you tell the people? What Sunday looks like for you? I am. I am. I am a very blessed and privilege, man that be married to a wonderful associate minister at the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church, downtown Tulsa, whose primary focus is missions and serving other people. And, and so you know that not only does that that work well for our relationship, it works well moving trying to move mountains that don’t look like they can move, but on Sunday mornings you know we’re up we’re moving we’re out and about, and while that seems A busy the real heart of the matter is is really not on Sunday mornings when you’re busy it’s those Thursday nights where we were preparing meals for the homeless people and we’re preparing meals for the Mental Health Association. It’S it’s so Monday evenings where we’re getting together. As a group and we’re talking about how we can go out in the community and impact more lives, you know we don’t look at it from the standpoint of. Is there enough, but we look at it and go well. We already have fishes and Loaves to start with, and so we’ll start with that and we’ll keep passing it out until it runs out and the thing about it is as long as I’ve been with Sarah and I ran out so man that sounds like you. You read that from it and inspirational book, and if it’s not in one, then we need to write one and make lots of money from it. Home Health Care in Tulsa So honestly that that that that just explains why you never restoring health hope and home. This is something that is Lyft driver, still home health and not just something that we say a few examples of how we’re still has gone above and beyond the Call of Duty. I just generally speaking because I know the nurses don’t want me mentioning any names or whoever to where they want me to mention any names, because that do it for accolades and do it because it said out of context of that hot sauce Festival visiting patients. Just because they’re lonely, not necessarily because you know that they want that they needed the the met, the medical care act as a medical came after they’ve been administered for that happened times with nurses have visited patients simply because they need someone to talk to you. I think that’s amazing. Another thing I’ve seen is rehousing patients that don’t have a roof over their head, going to mention any names, but it’s happened believing guys. Another thing are rallying members of stuff to come to get support. Member of stuff and other numbers. He’s become very sick and is going through a expensive treatment. Stuff like that I have seen which inspires me to give 150 % every day for this company.

I’Ve seen nurse is getting random. Random bonuses for performance and encouragement., Going through Paso changes as well. It’S the stuff that I get to. I get to witness on a daily basis. So one thing: I’ve definitely seen from your store now this dismal to business than just making money, and I just want to stand that tend to end up being more profitable in the long run. It’S just, I guess it’s the law of reciprocity or something like that, but I really wanted to wanted to wrap this up and if there’s anything else, that anybody wants to talk about feel free. But I did want to share this fun fact about a young man named Alexander, Graham Bell, if you guys knew this, but he started his well changing career by teaching people with him and pet haring’s. You guys know that so his wife, his wife, was actually deaf. What is it was experimenting with sound waves, and you know it washed it twice at the same time, teaching people with impaired hearing how to lip-read and soda through these experiments. That’S when he came up with the invention of the telephone when he was experimenting with weight with the sound waves. Now you know the telephone like an accidental Discovery, but it came through his heart for helping people where the invention came out and made him walk famous sucks. I really feel like that’s a great example of putting people before yourself in an ending up and they’re, not working out just fine in the end you know so, but was there anything else? You guys want to add it to him. Thank you. I appreciate that preciate. It I get stuff out of it. I know right, that’s right! That’S all I’m saying yeah we should. We should do a fun fact about Backpage, that’s good! I like that. I like that I hate Larry, just lost question. If anybody has any questions regarding Home Health, home health care of Oklahoma, a number with a cooler or how they’re getting in touch with us 471-3204, you can call us at 1-808-589-2550. You can speak to any one of our wonderful administrative staff in the office. They’Re very knowledgeable and very helpful, and they would say if they can’t help you. They will point you in the right direction. Where help can be received at we don’t want anyone to move or navigate their way through the healthcare system with being lost for a or are chasing their own tail, so to speak at restore home health care. We like to call herself Healthcare activist and that’s what we do every time we pick up the phone restore Home Health Care, changing the walls, one patient at a time, thanks very much, ladies and gentlemen, have a lovely day.