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Home health care is a serious subject, so it’s not something that really can be taken lightly, not at all, not at all. I do find when it comes to sharing information with the general public home health care in tulsa, specifically as a subject, you can have a lot of fun with it, especially if, if you’re serious about life and passionate about people-yes, yes, yes, that you were waiting for a response. I was the odd silence in airtime pakistan. It was but got home health care in tulsa yeah, but when you have passion floating through the room and I like it is right now on that that’s passion for people like restore home, health care actually has silence. It is okay, because it’s filled with a passion mean about people at the moment of silence from ashton I believe it was I believe it was george. Lucas is the founder of pixar. He wants said the secret is not to give up, hope it’s and it’s very hard not to you, because if you’re really doing something worthwhile, I think you’ll be pushed to the brink of hopelessness before you come through to the other side. So that honestly, is a quote about tenacity that larry and I that ties into restore home health care and home health care in tulsa, because where’s the beginning of the year larry and it’s a hard time get stuff. It creates a it, creates pressure little bit strange. But how do you build build muscle, larry? How do I build muscle and just a general concept of building muscle how to how? How do you build a building muscle, complex organizational structure of proteins in the body that come together through various chemical and hormonal balances through homeostasis in the body? And what are you talking about other kind of muscle, disease, muscle of endurance and your muscle of integrity in the muscle of strength and the muscle of keep going and when the going gets tough right exactly muscles are a little bit different right. That’s what I’m talking about what we do is we, while we reflect on how hard things can be sometimes, and we reflect on the difficulty of caring for individuals in their home through home health care in Tulsa, restore home health care in Tulsa? What we do is we?

We, we always remind ourselves that you know the way to eat. An elephant is one bite at a time. So that’s how we tackle you know the new regulations and all of the difficulties that were face generally speaking as the healthcare industry seems to not be improving. We just had a statistics show for the second year in a row that the average life expectancy in the united states has a fallen once again and so for the american people, when they spend upwards of $12,000 per person per year on healthcare, which is the most for any nation in the world that we continue to have a decline in the longevity of life and so at restore home health care in home health care in Tulsa pierce in home health care across Oklahoma. Yes, it is our hope, and it is our mission to prolong people’s quality of life and to make sure that they are experiencing the fullness of life while they’re at home, and we do that by offering a comprehensive amount of comprehensive clinical services through physical therapy and nursing and personal care assistants, and all these things come together, along with the support emotionally from our clinicians to to promote wellness and ne-yo. So we try to keep it simple, and so we keep it simple. So we can overcome. You know all of the obstacles that were faced with the regulation through the damaging effects of poor regulation and through cuts and reimbursement which home care agency is set to experience once again, anna yeah, we just keep on keep in on, and we know that the mission, the mission for caring people, despite the obstacles, is always the same. Our purpose is always the same:yes, i, love that I love that and that you know that larry, the intricate fabric of life, it holds everything in delicate balance. Now we have intricate, as a word in there, I feel like restore home health care to bring home health care in Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond is an intricately designed to to promote simplicity. So what I mean by that is all the difficulties of handle handle on the back end, so that when the patient has their experience at all, I see is very straightforward.

I hate to be that get taken care of, and that’s a priority which it is. This is not what goes into, especially at this time of year. What I mean by building muscle is I know that somebody at who is passionate about going to the gym that the other one thing stan in between me and larger muscles are those whites? That’s why I don’t like those whites, larry people, think people think I like this white stuff is way too heavy difficult, difficult. It hurts when I left them when I get under the bench and less than 365 lb, it hurts lifting that it. If i, if I struggle and I failed it that way, it hurts when the ball comes crashing. But here’s the thing mary. That pain is necessary for growth. That pain is what stands between me and self-betterment:the pain of January, all the pain of the of the of the of the insurance, paying less and reimbursements and changes, and that pain is what standing in the way between now and the next level of us reason that the next level and so I think people a lot of people at other companies and other patients know you guys tend to overlook the fact that I’ll chip in pain is necessary for growth, it’s very necessary for growth, where there’s lifting weights brother is being a better company. What is making life decisions that you know whether it’s a listening to god when he tells you something that’s hard to hit it? Just it’s at just taking that and knowing that growth is about to come and if you just allow yourself to to go through whatever it would have been suffering. My big but I just wanted to reassure you that I restore home, health, care, hair, restore male cat, delivering home health care services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond. We understand what it is that that that needs to be done in order to get you to a better price, and that’s why one of the big reasons why we are cold, we’re still home health care cuz. We understand the necessity of what it is that you might be. What you might be going through enough to save it, you being in pain, is, is necessary and we’re glad about. That’s not what I’m saying, but what I am saying is:maybe it’s post-surgery pain that you’re having, but at the end of that, at the end of that pain. What is that is healing in? There is a great to strengthen, restore home health care. We went to get you to that greatest strength and help you recover, which is the main goal, and we really do care about people I just jump in that website at restore home, health. Cat, and that check out our about us video, all the we still connect video and look at some of the things that would doing and a home health care in Tulsa. You know, as far as the seven scares an industry.

This is very, very difficult to see that the service level in general across the board is starting to it’s starting to him. Too. He’s reason, for that has a lot of people. If I just don’t know how much money they going to make a nina have fun I see how well they going to do and, of course hero business is everybody wants to make money, but if you focus on the right things and put the right things and in your priority in your laser focus, then spend the money is going to come the mummies going to be that mean. God blesses the hand of the diligent. How much does the head of the slack it and said at a I restore home, health cat with very, very intentional and diligent about me, decisions that benefit the patient first and eat. You only have to spend 5 minutes and 5 seconds with larry to realize that that is what we are all about, and then it supposed to patients that the people they treat their employment at their employees, employees, just as if not more so than the patients are some it’s just that it’s fantastic place to work in a really good company, with a good people and good vibes and I get a home health care in Tulsa will never be the same since we’re still having health care. I have ended the market when you say so goal in mind in the mission is to provide patients and all in northeast, Oklahoma and central Oklahoma with the best home care in the nation, especially in Oklahoma. You know our goal is to be the best home care provider. We are not sitting out to be the biggest we’re setting out to break all of the ceilings and all of the standards for what it means to care for people in their home, and sometimes you got to do things outside the box, but you know that’s. What’s going to set us apart from the rest of the individuals in this sort of business, and it’s not just a business, I mean this is actually. This is our ministry. This is our service to the world and we intend on doing for as long as that, god is willing. He is certainly made us a table and so we’re going to keep on keeping on. So, if you have any questions, please feel free to jump in the website at www., we’re, still home, health. Of course at 918-747-1320 as a fax at 918-745-9907, and we will call you back