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Good afternoon listeners are, you are smart. You are beautiful and you’re awesome because you’re listening to the restore Home Health Care podcast and hear the voice of pull chains matheran and I’m excited to share some stuff with you today. I have some excitement, exciting Leon, some people with me, The Usual Suspects. We have Lori, we have Larry and we have Andy and I need just got done, giving us the most amazing massages. So I just feel sorry for you guys have that, because you didn’t get a chance to experience, experience the massages, but that’s exciting stuff for you today we’re going to share some ass, I’m home health information home health care in Tulsa will never be the same one Through still home health care, is that is number one. I want what we are number one already, but once everybody knows the number one they’re going to be the same, because we’re going to set the standard in the standard is Excellence. Okay, excellent is a standard within restore home health care and know the exception, because that’s what we do way, we take it to number one. We do our very best and Home Health Care in Tulsa is the way to go. If you go through restoreI’m Healthcare, so Festival, I do want to talk about something I don’t know. If any of you guys have ever been to prison ever been to prison I’ll. Take the fifth okay, Larry Larry is going to Larry’s, going to plead the fifth and Lori says that she has never been to prison and Eve ever been to prison gets a pleasure being in prison how to get back to the appointment exactly. Nobody knows where I’m going with this, but I’ll tell you something right in prison right. It’S lunch time! Okay and you don’t have much Choice as to what foods are going to get the food gets placed in front of you and you have to eat it, and you know some of some of the prison people called a slow, so I’ve had never been there, but That’S what it is based on them in the movies they cool. As long as it’s not good, you don’t have much options. You just get the food you have to eat it. You don’t have any choice. Okay, so if you go to hospital right and if he, if you got a hospital and your recommended home health and they put a company in front of your nose underneath your nose, you don’t have to choose that company that you know imprison. You know what a prisoner, okay, you have what’s known as patient choice as it pertains to Home Health. Now, it’s very important to be educated, who the best Home Healthcare company is. If you got to choose your home health, you have to know what your choices are and restore Home. Health Care provides the best home health care in Tulsa I’m. I can confidently say that, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes, I’ve seen it with my own eyes that provides the best home health care. Austin was a good friend of mine. His name is William Shakespeare. Okay well hanging out having drinks, I had a Guinness and he had some old school. I don’t know Darth rathy and some kind of drink. He said to me it just randomly in the middle of conversation. He was just like pool level. Trust few do wrong To None. That’S something that restore Home Health Care it just that they were; they wouldn’t live by it right.

I said to him: I think it’s funny. You say that because that’s exactly the mantura that we say everyday before we high-five each other and get on with the day. You know that’s just it’s just what we do Home Health Care in Tulsa, as I said, will never be the same since since we’re store and taking over that, let me ask it so Larry you on the other Mike over there. Yes, I am I’m so so at ease ease on the m, i c for the 1-2-3. But what do you think about about patient Choice? Why do patients get an opportunity to choose whatever they want as far as I’m Health guys when they have a choice in the decision-making about their care? It’S called a patient and family-centered care. So as long as the patient and the family are involved in the decision-making from the beginning, the outcomes are typically better, so they they are allowed to make choices that benefit them. And if people look at your patient data, are they look at your brochure and they go all these people do this or they do that or they read your Google reviews as restore Home Health Care? Has some great Google reviews and Facebook reviews they’ll see some of the services that we provide it to other people who may have experience air condition and it allows him to make decisions for themselves. So I mean it’s it’s best that people are allowed to make their own decisions in that way, other people who might be trying to direct them to a home health that they don’t want are not allowed to do that. So it’s it’s helpful to you when you’re you’re working to be the best home health and you’re out there, you know sort of kind of making that image for yourself. You know, and you do that by caring for people at the highest level, so fantastic Larry. I just thought I loved it Goosebumps again consistently home health care in Tulsa. It’S something that we are it’s something that we do, it’s something that we are, and you know it’s it’s something that the we smell in the morning when we wake up. It’S just like that coffee smell I’m Healthcare and tells her son that we deliver with a passion, and we really want to know we want you guys to know that with the level of care that we provide, that there’s also provide cat for a plethora, a plethora. A plethora city of people out there a festival that you go out: army veterans. Okay, that’s all you veterans out there any way. We take care of you guys too, and we don’t. We don’t discriminate now army veterans, they might have had some serious goings-on out. That back in the day and that they’re suffering some ramifications, but but we like to respect and love our veterans to Sweet. Take me take care of you guys right Larry. How would you say we have a plethora of Better Business? I did that. That’S what I did. I said that yes, lateral of pinatas classic movie classic take care of just like any of our other patients to provide the highest quality, high quality home health care in Muskogee Oklahoma City and covering a 50-mile radius yeah.

You know that’s really important! That that you know some of those rule areas where are veterans live outside of the Tulsa and surrounding areas that they know that are nurses and our therapist will go to their home and and see them if they have a nice little country home out in the Middle of nowhere are nurses in our therapist have have been there, so I will will will will travel the distance for our veterans and, of course, will do that for all of our patients. That’S right! Larry! We do that’s another thing. I love about restore Home Health Care, namely Health Care, Home Health Care in Tulsa, because we deliver Seven Seas in Tulsa, home health care in Tulsa by will say so. We serve veterans. We make sure the patients have the choice if they knew who restore Home. Health was, and they do know who restore home health is, they will choose us or still home health care, Living Home Health Care Services in Tulsa.. Let me tell you this amount of the amount of different patients that we do see. We do stuff and we do heal, bring back to their original state, hence the name, a tree store and that there are some patients that are seriously ill. So we don’t, we don’t seriously ill will just take care of the patients that need, I don’t know, help standing up in the morning and then that healed hit that that’s what that’s what we cool, we cool, easy patient said. That’S fine we’ll take those, but we also take those those more acute care patients to patients that need extra TLC, The Tender, love and care. I believe that the term guys and we don’t discriminate, but with that with that lies in judgment – comes some risk of us being as loving as we are as a home health care company delivering Home Health in Tulsa. All good could have said it better myself. Absolutely at home health care in Tulsa restore home health care in Tulsa important is an equal, a human being, nothing Financial, those people who are acutely ill or have chronic conditions, and they need more help than then some of the other. So you know those people typically have a difficult time finding an agency to be placed with over the past few years. Regulations in the changes and reimbursement have changed the way that home care agencies receive patients. So a lot of agencies – and you know I certainly would never throw anyone under the bus – have have decided to to not take patients who have high Acuity levels, and so, when that happens with these patients, while they’re trying to be referred, are they choose an agency? Those agencies, a lot of times, will turn them down, especially patients have daily wound care or IV therapy, or they have a wound VAC or they have problems eating around their house, where they’re going to have to have an any increase, number of skilled nursing visits or An increased number of therapy visits, they might even need a personal care aide. A lot of agencies are are turning away from receiving these type of patients, because the reimbursement is just not there to care for them at Bayshore, home health care. I mean we believe that every person is entitled to receive care. How does that mean that we can take care of every single person that comes to us?

No, not necessarily. We have to be able to provide that exceptional level of care. We have to know that we have the correct amount, Staffing, the correct amount of therapists in that patients area in order to give them that the care that they need, the other care that that that that they should expect, and so with that said, you know where Store has taken, you know an exceptional amount of high Acuity patient and we don’t mind doing it and because this is our mission mission is to serve the world, make it a better place, one patient. At a time I like Anna and when we do that there is it. There is a great deal of a sense of pride in that there’s and that’s what we we sort of kind of feed off that and we and our agency get stronger and are nurses get better at what they do because of serving these type of patients. Now some of the Remicade ramification to that are, when you take higher Acuity level patients, they are at risk for rehospitalization some of these patients at return to the hospital. Despite your the extra level of care that you that you go to to prevent that, just because of the nature of their condition me there’s a tremendous amount of studies out there that will show that patients with the sort of at the end stage of congestive heart Failure or at the end stage of renal failure, they have a spider, the interventions that you might provide in the home and the medication management they will statistically have a higher rate of r e hospitalization, and so, if you have a significant amount of these patients on Service you’re going to have fluctuations near rehospitalization right now, while restore has maintained a lower RI Hospital. Home Health Care In Tulsa Today’S low rates that rate will fluctuate from time to time, that’s affecting you know we’re home health. The quality compare scores and we’re well aware that, but we will continue to take patients not based upon scores not based upon redi’s, not based upon stars and not based upon reimbursement. We was getting to take People based upon the desire to make the world a better place. Did you read that Larry? Did you write that that sounded like that was amazing and it straight from the heart that was just that it was a well prepared speech. I think he knew I was going to ask question. At least it sounded that way, but basically I’d what the way I understand it is there a law, Home Health companies out there there’s a lot out there that they fed things such as rehospitalization rates May 5th things such as scores been impacted by by Medicaid guidelines, But we don’t say those things: what we fit is a patient not getting better in there. Any way they can get better is if they don’t come to restore home health care. So we’re going to get that taken care of that’s what we do. We make the world a better place, one patient at a time over and out pull James mastering and the crew