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Alright, this is going to be a continuation for part 2 regarding adversity and I’m, going to start out by telling a little short story about a 14 year old boy who was just having trouble, unlocking I stab really wasn’t around to even those that was trying to be. He was off trying to continue a career and and tell you what he did with the career was just wasn’t really around, so he had to hang out with his family and his mom, who was struggling all the time instead of 14 year old boy, one day came home and realize that you know he didn’t have a home to go to just been repossessed in his mom was crying on the front. Porch didn’t feel good. Has that 14 year old boy, so he decided to try to make money the best way he could buy a gun with his friends and stealing, which wasn’t the best choice of life, but he figured he could get enough money to to. Maybe me to pay the house payment at some point, but I didn’t really work out and there’s just a lot of frustrations than luck. Getting kicked out of schools and, Home Health Care in Tulsa and one day he goes to to a new school after spending the last year, also just lifting weights much so you could end up being a 15 16 year old boy, 22564 and not really having anything else to do, but lift weights and he’s sitting in a room that you shouldn’t have been in, and it’s coach comes in and says:hey. You need to leave this room, so we turned around to the coach and says I’ll leave when I’m ready. So he was rude to that. Coach coach was a little mad left the very next day this 16 year old boy now goes up to the coach and apologizes. He really felt bad it so bad. The whole night should treat him like that, and the coach says you know what I forgive you. Why don’t you come to practice? I think that we could use you on on this team and we could we could. We could use your strength and so is the first time that somebody actually really spoken. Some some true positive was to him. So he decided, you know what I’m going to get this football thing ago and I just give it my all what he did give his all and then before you know it was getting recruited across the country to go go to you know what to play at every college that one of them-and so he ends up getting recruited to the university of Miami and goes to university of miami has a great year. They win a national, championship and he’s just life is good for him, but all the sudden, a new plant came into town and that new players name was warren. Sapp he was one of the best NFL linebackers of all time, and that the time this is college he says to this well now, 19 year old boy, whose name by the way is Dwayne, the Dwayne, johnson, hey I’m, taking a position and Dwayne knew there wasn’t too much that he could do about it against the geico warren sapp. So he proceeded to get just really upset and crying and I’m pretty depressed. Actually, so then he kind of thought about his roots is that was a wrestler. What why why can’t he be a wrestler, so he starts practice in the mirror and trying to devote is timer to you know the wrestling one day gets cool. By the wwf who ask him. What’s your experience, how many fights we had and he just completely tell them-you had more fights any tax.

We had zero, but the problem was, he didn’t, have any money at 2 for his first fight. He didn’t. He couldn’t even afford to get the underpants that he was supposed to wear. So you borrowed some underpants. First fast five and imma hold handed up becoming the rock as everybody knows now, but it was a real big struggle. There was a lot of adversity. There was a lot of times that he could could have given up. So we know here ever stole home health of Oklahoma, we’re still home health in Tulsa that your life can be restored. That is always a belief that things can be turned around as always believe that things can continue on a positive path and I know that Larry definitely has you know different stories that he can tell and I want to pass you on to him in just a second but i. Think about that guy, who did not have any thing going in his life and now is part of a multibillion-dollar industry. It’s because he didn’t give up casey right now in a posse on Tulsa are and just remember. We’re still home health in Tulsa helps to restore and turn things around I’m still working on a little bit of failure to launch in my life, but now I’m, really i, don’t know which story to tell actually I just so many I’m trying to decide where i, where I’m sprung for the most I said. I. Think lori last me because I have all these little things in my life that I do and she finds that she laughed. She goes. Oh you so too and I know yes, i, so I make hats or I play the guitar or cook and thinks you know. You know so I mean i, think all of those things her and explore exploration of what were what we can succeed at in life and Home Health Care in Tulsa I mean growing up as a kid. I grew up very poor at four sisters and I wake up everyday, Home Health Care in Tulsa the same person that I was when I was a kid. I just live my life differently, then I use I’m, still the same person I still have the same heart and I still have the same sort of caring for the world. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs along the way, but my the biggest obstacles for me is you know, through experiencing such a little bit of brokenness in my own life and a little bit of illness, I’ve had some encounters with the healthcare system and I learned that the healthcare system was broken and from that moment, I’ve learned that our system was broken. My entire outlook on how we care for patients change dramatically from you know just going out and providing care and following the rules the way we were taught that they were supposed to be follow to looking at home health care in home health care in Tulsa, in home health care and all of our other locations, and deciding that we want to do something different, that we don’t want to just follow the rules and just take care of people. The way that we’ve been instructed take care of people. We want to do it differently, so that people don’t have the same kind of experience that I’ve had for the same kind of experience that people have every single day of their life when they encounter the healthcare system.

That’s the that’s the feeling that people get that they’re not being heard or that they are not actually participants in their care or they ask for something and no one ever gets back with him or they call into the office. But they call in to the doctor’s office or the hospital, and they ask for something and no one ever return your phone call or they try to schedule something or they ask when the nurse is going to come out and they don’t hear back or they’re confused about the care they’re getting or what it’s going to cost. You know these are the things that impacted me and i, told myself. I don’t ever want us as an agency to provide people with care like that. I want us to be different in the sense that we understand what people feel on the other side and i. Think I think we’ve done a good job of changing how we provide care. If we really do pay attention to the patient and trying to understand it from their perspective and that we do put that patient first and understandably, if they’ve asked something they don’t people don’t just pick up the phone and make a phone call for no reason they want to answer. They want answer to their health care needs. They want help. Most people are have a lot of pride, Home Health Care in Tulsa and especially our geriatric population of a pride and who they are and asking for help is not something they do so they taking the time to pick up the phone and call you call our home health office in tulsa or any one of our home care offices. What they’ve done is they’ve laid down that wall pride and they’ve asked for help, and if someone does not return that phone call basically we’ve sort of kind of put them on the back burner and we’ve disrespected them as a person, and so you know I encountered that in my own experience through some health problems. You know a few years ago and just recently experiencing some health that you know. Sometimes we we don’t always get what we were expecting and sometimes things that were expecting are far more than we deserve. But I think that you know this is always always been fresh. On my mind that you know our patients never ever experienced healthcare from restore home health like they will anywhere else, Home Health Care in Tulsa it will be at the highest level all the time. That’s it and company that delivers home health care services in tulsa and that you’re you’re strongly Tulsa are and just an examples.

It just an example that you leave by no one one example of many of millions of examples I could bring up about you Larry, is that you know specifically about your your health and your your physical well-being. You had to go to hit as far as that goes and I’ve seen. Change can use that I haven’t seen anyone before and it looks phenomenal and not to sound weird. But you let you look like ekseption lee good. Are you asking me I’m assuming that you’re okay, with going out with me, because you want to see it sad that you are an inspiration to many ways and not just in the industry of home health in Tulsa home health care in Tulsa, but just as a whole. Home Health Care in Tulsa This is just as soon as a leader and I need to lori the first, the fasting I say when people ask me what you like working for a stihl handheld. You know it’s because of you guys and your leadership, and just the people that you are it makes me want to work here for the rest of my life, no matter what else happens, you know it once I want to I want to represent god, and we can record you saying that just in case we have a cold case, but in any specific care in Tulsa, you need to have integrity in your business and integrity stops with topping and it flows down. If you don’t have it take me to talk, then it’s going to be hard to to create and generate that halfway down the line, but we have integrity, but I want to see it. It’s up and it trickles down through the employees and through to the patience, is well in the patient, see that and they they give us a positive reviews on google, and you can see on google the kind of positive reviews of that giving me a video testimonials at home health care in Tulsa. That was told him how come or still at home, health., care and I either want to guess the same website, but either way just that. It’s just a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful thing and you got two beautiful people. I love you and take care of yourself and each other good-night