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Rich all right, this is restore home, health, paul, matheran speaking without to you coming to you, live and direct with larry montgomery. How you doing my man want. Thank you for tuning in and checking with paul and I are going to share some great information about home health care services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Oklahoma city metro and for the rest of you around the entire globe. If you want to know about the best home health care in Tulsa and i, look no further cuz you’re listening to that company right now, representatives of that company, that is a very special time of the year very, very special time of the year, do don’t tell me the year it is fall it is. Great time of the year. You know it’s nice and cool outside the leaves are falling. Hence the time fall back into that it’s the giving of thanks and thanksgiving 2017 the time for us to get together with our friends and family turkey love to have some yam yams, a good things during home health care in Tulsa right. We love them. It’s great. You know I had a conversation today, Larry go to patient, the patient didn’t pick up. The phone I ended up actually speaking to the patient’s wife, and you know she was very excited to utilize. Our services hair, restore home health care in Tulsa, because home health care in Tulsa is something we take very, very seriously hair restore and she was excited and there’s a number of reasons. Why one because she has connected with a number of a very friendly and caring stuff. Talking to me and she’s very excited to know that we have people who are who I die, obverse when I say diverse, I didn’t have an oklahoman accent and she’s very happy. She felt like when it has been on the plane, Larry yeah, but it didn’t have a part of this like who’s taking off it’s crazy. You know that the right annunciation he wasn’t there yet to be, not to make people feel,. This is me this is what I sound like no lie, but I’m nauseous every single night that we have is a very calming voice. I think that’s intentional Larry, because we want our patients that were still in healthcare and as we delivering home health services home health care in Tulsa, we won’t have nose.

Is it to be able to make that patients feel comfortable? That’s right! That’s right! So I mean are nurses, take it upon themselves to practice what they’ve learned in school and that’s too too too looks look at an individual not to speak too loudly and to learn culturally appropriate care, and so you know our nurses are highly trained and they go through various additional training before they’re sent out into the field to care for patients in their home, and it’s not typical hospital care, long-term care or skilled nursing facility care. This is a different type of care, you’re going into people’s environment. It’s not the environment that we’ve created. This is a patient type of centered environment where you going to their place living and you care for them there. And so you don’t want to interrupt this environment with your own agenda. You want to create something, that’s flows and is good and is helpful for the patient and doesn’t stress him out or create additional problems in their life, and so yes send me, our nurses have, you know very calming and soothing types of a demeanor about them and they work very hard to do that. Absolutely another thing about home health is something that I only learned and I am i, took me about years old. That’s what this was when we can accept the patient, believe it or not. There are certain scenarios where we are unable to to take care of some patients after a number of reasons, but one of them is going to cover. Today it was when a patient is non-compliant now, I wasn’t sure what that meant, because compliant in and of itself, as a way I can be taking it in a number of different ways. But I don’t hear a hum restore home, health care is to make sure that we take care as many patients as we possibly can I’m in the best way possible to where we can restore you too, as close to as possible I’m. Your original state, before the event happened or a fully operational whatever it may be. Whatever have you so me and the audience listening I actually know. I just affect your insurance at better and I i. Don’t you think in the ass I’m walking, please don’t know what they’re doing, but for the odeon still wants to know that this this this this light concept I will reveal in just a moment, is what what is non. Compliance mean, what what, how does a patient become known compliant or how is a patient non-compliant as it pertains to home, health care in Tulsa and of itself? One of these, the parts of the word is compliance.

You know this person is not complying necessary with you know. I ordered the position has prescribed something specific to your health and that specific thing to your health. Maybe nursing coming out to your home, doing a comprehensive assessment at providing some type of wound, care or and ministering some type of medication, and in the event that you declined, those in which is where everyone is completely well within their rights as a person in a human being to decline. Any type of treatment, then that would be defined as non-compliant and so and in that instance, then we would consider whether or not home care services we’re still appropriate for that individual. It’s not often that we find people that are non compliant, but we do on occasion additionally. You know, medicare has guidelines for people to be homebound homebound, meaning that not necessary that you can’t leave your home, but it must be a taxing effort to leave home, and so if your physician has recommended that you no longer drive due to vision, problems or weakness or are decreased mobility and now you’re still getting behind the wheel of a car and risking your own life and the people around you, then we would consider that non-compliance to know so there could be a whole multitude of things that have been ordered for you, whether it’s medical, you know something physical in nature that you decide not to follow through with and we would define that is not compliance. And then we would consider whether or not home care services were still appropriate. Additionally, people come onto services or refer to us who might be non-compliant in the beginning, and those people would likely not be admitted. You know it’s unfortunate, you know a lot of times. The things that are prescribed in the beginning during a referral process are designed to help the patient or help the person get better so that restore home health care. We want to see people I reach, a level of independence like they’ve, never had in quite some time, and so when we see someone who is non-compliant, it’s often due to various reasons. You know whether it’s some sort of a belief in the healthcare system, some sort of fear or some sort of pain associated with excellent, great exclamation. That Larry one thing, and that was an experience recently I could I say recently. It was it within the last month and restoring health care was referred.

A patient, a medicare patient medicare is, is the is the form of insurance with coverage that that up the pace, best buy home health companies-i mean that’s just going to tell it like it is, and so this patient I’m have medicare insurance after they’re in a lot of pain they in the in the house and so she’s by herself, and that we sent out I stopped of kenneth to assess the situation, and you know as a home health care company that cares about the patient and know so much about the the compensation we put as a priority to make sure that patient was safe for one, but also she had what she needed. We actually discovered that I liked was still broken. Leg was still back and said, is I’m just in a lot of pain, I couldn’t imagine the pain that she was in butt home health care in tulsa, isn’t about getting as many patients as possible. It’s about taking care of of people in the best way possible, and so what we did as a company is. We were fed her to another location, to a 24-hour care facility to where she could be taking care of him administered by the right medication and had the operation that like to make sure that she wasn’t any pain in any pain, anymore and i. She did see her at another facility a couple of weeks couple weeks after that then, and she looks so much happy I could, when I saw her, she was and she was going to ask susan to make paint. So when I bumped into other facilities, you had a smile on that face, and it’s things like that. That make me happy to work for a company like this, because we made I know deep in my heart that we had to restore home health care in Tulsa, made that patients life a lot better and so I said to be part of that and to represent a company that has that is a priority honestly. Does it makes you feel like you’re, not necessary, walking but you’re doing something that matches in time 24 hours a day 7 days a week, looking out for individuals who are the most vulnerable in our society, people who are broken weathers, physically or emotionally anna would take it upon herself to see those people as individuals, not just numbers or compensation. We see him as human beings who have soul and who need to be careful and I love for loved and placed on a pedestal of wellness beautiful, taking care of you guys at I’m, trying to change that weld in jesus name, amen,