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Good afternoon listeners you listening to pull James mathri with restore home health and with me today I do have my older, better looking and strongest sibling, Andy matheran, how you doing sir just doing so good I just love hearing your voice makes me so happy. Thank you. Thank you. I love hearing my voice. No, I don’t actually Larry Montgomery how you doing good. So I love hearing your all’s voices to Larry the king of knowledge AKA and also have Lori how you doingI might as well join the group. I like hearing your voice to a good time in Tulsa and Oklahoma, and we like to change the world. One patient at a time, make the world a better place. One person at a time as we like to say here, like buying the World of Coke right, exactly exactly are we winning the country the time, so it doesn’t exactly very, very exciting, Picasso. You, ladies and gentlemen, today we’re going to talk about joint replacement. Why why we told him I’d replacement? My joints are fineUncle some shucking. They feel a sin Comin. Home Health Care in Tulsa According to a study presented at the 73rd annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic surgery in Chicago, Home Health Care in Tulsa the number of total knee Replacements performed in the US. Will sleep by 673 white owl reaching 3.48 Million by the year 2030, unbelievable straight, just a strike morph there in your heart, say in German. According to new findings, which are based on historical procedure rates from 1990 to 2003 and population and population projections from the US Census, Bureau, hip replacements will increase by 174 % to 572000 by 2015 wow. That is phenomenal. The enemy is attacking us people. So when your joints hurt from excessive use injury, friction oil or any other cause, you know to be elated Bountiful you’re, a victim of robbery. Okay, now I can meet people. Okay, you’ve been robbed of your freedom, your Independence, you happiness, add your ability to bound through the very fields of Glee. Like you once did now. Go this good friend write. His name is William Shakespeare. Is your friend he’s a good friend of mine said the robbed that smiles steals something from the thief powerful? Isn’T it beautiful if you ever think where was a man of good? What’S Okay? So let’s go back to Steven M cuz he’s a PhD director and principal engineer at the Expo exponent failure. Home Health Care in Tulsa Analysis Associates in Philadelphia and he says: there’s a huge one of elderly patient from the baby boom baby. The Baby Boomers, the baby boom – bang, bang, bang bang boom baby boom is right through the system, and you know we don’t need no scientist to tell us of that. 10061, exactly right now, as the number one joint replacement boot camp therapy provider in the state of Oklahoma, we’re still home health care, how we going to help how we going to bring a smile back to these patients faces when that joint replacement. When I have a hip replacement, what is through the procedure of bringing back a patient smile, it was experienced, look well.

First of all, there are going to be greeted by a caller prior to their surgery to discuss what will happen when they get home and what to expect, and so as soon as I get home and they can notify our office to say, hey, I’m returned from my Surgery and then we will schedule a nurse to come out and do an admission and a friendly face will come out and sign you up for home care services and discussed those precautions that you need to follow discuss your medications and set you up with your physical therapist And you just answer general questions for you and you know make sure that you are safe in your home and speak with your position on your behalf and get you well on your way to getting better and up and going again you’re going to be feeling a Hundred percent better within a few short weeks on restore Home Health, Home Health Care in TulsaCare’s joint replacement, boot camp excellence in Tulsa by the way. Thank you, sir Edmund and Crow and growth wow. That’S a that’s a little different places in a big van Outreach. Home Health Care in Tulsa Now it’s called The Joint Replacement boot camps or they drool, so I can still come through and you know Spanky with whips and make it a push-up xenagos Larry boot camp, because it is it’s very similar, to that 5 a.m. bootcamp that individuals have been encouraging me to Attend for years and years, which I refuse to get up and abused my body at that time of the morning, but it’s similar to that approach that we send someone out to your home. Who is a a coach so to speak and they coach you into wellness? And so you go from an area of your life where you’re sick and you just left surgery to a place where you are physically Fit and Well on your way to doing new and great things. Great. 50 people in a field at 5 a.m. it’s actually coming to your home one person and one therapist with patient and the nurse Stewart’s personal boot camp. Okay, that’s why I get like that. I can take that actually good stuff candy have you have you ever had any surgery of any type not necessary to draw replacement, Home Health Care in Tulsa but the any surgery I have not had any surgery before really isn’t a big surgery anyway, I asked that already know the answer. Cnd is made up of superhero material made up superhero material. You may need surgery at some point. I hope one day you might do and if you do need some kind of rehabilitation program restore Home Health Care of Tulsa.

Is the People Too Cool? Now this isn’t just that when I was talking about the gloom-and-doom here, you know it’s cool boot camp program for a reason and no there’s not going to be a drill sergeant, but we want to call that boot camp have a little bit fun. What are they get? A free item right and I have to get through this program successfully with everybody does well I mean it’s, it’s an earned item, so to speak, so you have to get through the program and basically it’s a it’s an admission to the boot camp program. Your your admission will be a slightly different than the admission you would receive if you were coming in under a different type of diagnosis. It specifically designed for joint replacement. The approach in the protocols are different. The the the frequency of your visits is going to be different and at the end, you will receive a certificate of achievement of of passing the boot camp, the boot camp program. So I will give you the Fantastic t-shirt and everyone loves t-shirts and we won’t be shooting into the crowd where you have to jump up and grab it. Home Health Care in Tulsa We actually just hand it to you, and it says I survived: restore Home Health, Care’s, joint replacement, boot camp and fantastic logo on the back, and I just got a name on the front and you know it gives you the opportunity to talk about what you’ve been Through and share your wartime experience with your buddies down at the lake swapping stories over the fire that message to beautiful imagery right there now I just in case you’re, worried about you know I didn’t know. If I could take this boot camp United, it sounds pretty strenuous it his thing. This boot camp Taylor Made for you, you might have a double knee surgery or a double knee replacement with a hip replacement. If you’re unfortunate, to have all three of those things that time your program. Is it going to be exactly the same as the person that just has one knee replacement is going to be different? Home Health Care in Tulsa It right every that question to Lori actually, but I will say this: if you have two knees and hips at the same time, you’re, probably not coming home or going to your going to go to a Skilled Nursing Facility, rehab you’re, going to be in some sort Of traction, you know, I’ve heard people having double knee, but never double knee plus I have to take the hip out there and usually use a double knee.

Would it be a different program for a double need in a single negative on the recovery? So I can go back a little bit. One thing that I wanted to point out: if it’s not unusual for a patient to see their orthopedic surgeon for a visit, decide they need surgery, and then surgery comes 4 to 6 months later, when they’re already in under anesthesia, and then the doctor comes in a Lot of times, that’s all the contact at the patient’s going to have with the surgeon, so they go home now, although there’s you know, the office is a great resource. The physician’s office is always a great resource. We all know that you don’t get in to call you can’t call in and talk to somebody as quickly as we would like a lot of times. Home Health Care in Tulsa These patients go home and they’re not sure what to expect that the swelling is normal is the bruising normal. Should they be breech or a bleeding this much. How often should they take their pain medication? When can they get a should they shower all of those things? So that’s why Home Health in especially restore Home Health? You know we really focus on making sure that the patient is comfortable with knowing what to do to take care of themselves and sending in therapist in exactly what particles are from The Physician, get them up when they’re supposed to get up start them on. There exercises and to you know, make the person feel like they’re being taken care of and and know that, just because the positions not right there, we can ask act as a liaison and yeah. We can call the doctor if there’s any questions, and we can let them know. You know what the doctor says, what the dr. wants them to do. We really, you know, we really want to make sure that the patients feel very well taken care of, because you know this is a big step for them to nobody goes under the knife because they want to usually it’s. You know last Resort, but it’s the first step in and getting back a piece of their life that they had lost. So you know it’s a big thing to have someone come into your home and take care of you. Home Health Care in Tulsa¬† We take that very seriously. I really appreciate the input that Lori and another thing people are concerned about is a transition between hospital and home and I’m hearing some feedback from some of the patients that the transition is just so smooth. It’S it’s it’s seamless in the reason. Why is it?

There is communication with the physician to continue to care of the same, the same level of cow, backed up from the hospital to make sure that you that transition isn’t doesn’t hinder. The healing experience and don’t know said you started for an experience together. We try to have it that fun there as well bye, bye, throw in that boot camp T-shirt. If you make it, that’s the that’s the thing you know exactly better for the second half of this, this entertaining podcasts. I really wanted to share with you. As far as nutrition goes now, I’m going to put you guys on the spot here, so I hope you’re ready. I hope you’ll nutrition noise is too at 8, because when I go through these different elements of nutrition, I need you guys to tell me until I listen is what this does for the body and a particular for the balance right. It is, if you don’t know – and I will just kind of playing it by ear, so I might say so. This is what I did a little research into 2017 article by Sondra, Winslow she’s from orthogate and this article 7 foods to eat after having orthopedic surgery. Okay, now I’m not going to lie, I didn’t come up with this on school and he did and he gave it to me and we went through and I are going to hate hate hate. Let me read it soon as this is this going to go there on the quizzes and both by the way, doesn’t it I can’t see it. You really want to focus on your protein now now. Why is it? Home Health Care in Tulsa Why is protein important for the body in particular the bones protein in protein is the building blocks of all most all cellular growth in our body. So I would assume that that without protein you’re, not you’re, not building new cells, so that that’s where I’m going to go with that answer: Larry V. 3004. So that’s excellent. Stuff.. Some examples of protein we’ve got eggs. We go fish. Chicken,