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Call me, okay, who are we live as we are good afternoon, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls party people and party animals? My name is pole matheran as paul matheran I’m, representing rise, consults and I’m here with a squad today, an amazing squad in today I’ll introduce you guys to them and just a moment, but today we’re going to talk about some very interesting things and very real things. Guys have you ever heard of sylvester stallone okay okay, so we’ve had of sylvester stallone rambo was rocky, but if you knew the story, but when he was just a kid, he had a half of his jaw was paralyzed, and so he can talk and said he could. He couldn’t really communicate with. Home Health Care in Tulsa Anyone is hisoka old is made fun of by the way he spoken by the shape of his face and what no and then he got a lot of trouble at school and that the reason why I’m sharing this with you is the same place. But it’s always enough to me for a turn around and that’s one of the name of restore home health. We deliver home health services in tulsa, and we want to get you from the position that you currently at and restore you to have position of prosperity and health, and so so the story of a sylvester stallone goes cuz. It goes something like this so experienced a lot of trouble in school and there’s a lot of opposition, and he know he got expelled from schools. Behaving nothing out of communicate was getting bullied kind of ways on the dark side of life and he wanted to pursue his dreams and night time. He didn’t necessarily need home health care in tulsa, but I think you want to be an actor and he focused on his so much that he didn’t he didn’t work. He barely slept yet. She spent 2 weeks sleep on the streets trying to get trying to write a screenplay. So anyway he he wrote the screenplay eventually italy at the age of 24 when he wrote screenplay and it was actually the screenplay for a very famous that series of movies. Everybody knows me for now and when he got the ice cream playing shared it with some with some medical produces, they pay him $350,000 for for a screenplay, and that was supposed to pick us up for the he got and he said no, Home Health Care in Tulsa he said I don’t want to say the screenplay I want to be there. The lead, the lead actor in this in this movie and then the screen as yours to the direct to produce mail off to him. They said:there’s no way, there’s no way. You’re doing it is only going to act. You look silly, you sound silly, there’s, no way it’s going to sell. You know how the story goes to the right person to be the lead role and he became famous like he is now. So there’s always an opportunity to turn yourself around. If you have the right, drive the right tenacity and the right focus, and you don’t give up there anyway, you can file as if you do give up and I’ll just extend the south of the patients out there and no matter how bad you feeling, no matter how sick you are and is always an opportunity opportunity to to try and get that stuff. But you have to make that decision within your mind and will do the rest here, we’re still home health care.

We deliver those home health care services in tulsa and that’s what we do buy it. That’s what we do best and I just want to open up the app open up the floor, till I wait. We have larry and he said he guys know larry very well. It was have lori, and here we go to have andy and andy has some pretty great stories that he that he likes to share as well. How about his journey is there anything any of you guys would like to I would like to share any and your lives that what you kind of overcome adversity-and you turn things around-he’s made that one decision-and it says change your life forever-is anything that any volunteers want to jump in and until easter home health care in tulsa say you know, Home Health Care in Tulsa when I was looking at purchasing the restore. It was a previous home health before that it was home health care of oklahoma, and then we changed it to restore home health care of oklahoma and eat a boy that was a challenging challenging thing. I was at the time I was at single unemployed mother of two going around to banks, trying to get a loan, and if anybody’s ever tried to get a home loan, you can’t even get a home loan without income and also trying to get a business loan under those conditions was that you know it. It was very challenging. I think I went to eight banks and all 8 banks in the funny thing about that. The whole journey of it at least getting the money was the very first bank I went to is the one that ultimately gave me the loan, but every other bank I can’t tell you how adamantly they said. No, that you will never a bank will never give you money for this. Home Health Care in Tulsa You will never get this home health care company they’re, just there’s just no way the with your purchase, you know, usually when you go when you go buy a house and a $400,000 home in the house is worth 400,000 will give you the loan, because if you don’t pay, it don’t take your home will in home health care. They have very few tangible assets, because the the value of a home health isn’t in tables and and buildings. The value of home health is in the patience and your clients, and-and so it’s it’s very skewed, so most of all of them, except the one said, there’s no way you’ll never get alone.

So to get restore home health care of Oklahoma was a miracle. It really was a miracle that was no way you could deliver to your home health care services in Tulsa because you didn’t have a home health care. Business in a medicare is very strict and, and they should be sometimes they’re more strict than they should be, but there’s too many regulations, but in terms of giving people a number of a medicare number to be able to treat patients and then turn around and bill medicare for home health services, that’s a process, that’s it that’s a huge process, and so it’s not easy and it shouldn’t be easy. So yeah that was the the big thing was just going out. You know. Home Health Care in Tulsa First, it was a challenge and just finding one and and then getting the money to buy it and then finding the right people larry. You know who is just one miracle after another, so yeah I mean it definitely taught me perseverance. It definitely taught me, don’t give up and and I’ve always kind of been the the person that if someone says no, that’s usually not a good answer for them. To tell me no just you know it kind of motivated to keep going and keep story because it if you had given up and there’s no way we’re storing healthcare, could deliver their home health care services in tulsa the way they do now and I think you’ll, Home Health Care in Tulsa tenacity and you’ll stick-to-itiveness has been the root of this company’s, not even success, but the amount of lives that have been impacted. You will see this, you know it’s not everyday is not easy and I’m not like the entire journey is, is you’re motivated at your compton you’re excited and mean their challenges, their ups and they’re down? You know you might let yourself so look for a for a minute or two or day or two or whatever it might be, but then you pull yourself back up and you being a figure out now. Where do I go to this one said no?

No! No! No! That’s that’s true for many, many things that we encounter in life, but yeah that was that was that was definitely a challenge. I’m glad I went through it, I’m glad that course I’m glad everything turned out the way it did. But I learned a lot. A lot I appreciate you sharing that lori I’m sure the rita’s that reading this right now I appreciate a window into into the past and how he knows where you are now I sure, surely do appreciate it. I’m speaking of the pasta, I just I’m, a little worn out, cuz I just got out of my time. Machine cuz I went back to see at william shakespeare a good friend of mine, great friend. We go way back dinner, Home Health Care in Tulsa so I was telling him about it best to you and he just kind of like he put his hand up my mouth cuz. You knew where I was going with it. Cuz he’s like that, and he just said, and then he said, sweets are the uses of adversity which, like the toad ugly and venomous, where to get the precious jewel in his head and this a life exempt from public haunt finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks sermons in stones and good and everything. I. Think what he’s saying cuz I never get at first I was like shakespeare such a crazy man, always speaking in in the cities. Hot tub leave with words at what would I say. Whatever you stone and I are. There is there’s a paperweight with every cloud. There is a silver lining, and so you know we need to use our adversity to our strength and grow from it. And so again it’s just more encouragement to a patient’s that if the guy threw something you just had a surgery that I won having surgery is a good thing in and of itself, because that’s how the whole purpose of it is to make your life better, but every storm healthcare, wear stores in the name and we deliver home health care services in tulsa, which is pretty much. You know it on your doorstep. You know we come to you, Home Health Care in Tulsa we don’t we don’t just sit there at the hospital. We sit there, a location and wait for you to come here. Not we go to the comfort of your own home and deliver those home health care services in the comfort of your own home. Without having to worry about going anywhere-and we can just restore you know-you wanted to come sylvester stallone, but you will become a better version of yourself and as a result of the home health care services that we deliver in tulsa without any bias cuz. That’s just what we do. That’s who we are restores in the name for stories in the results and larry is exceptionally good-looking. If you have a good heart to you,