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Good afternoon listeners this is Paul James Matthew and I’m representing wrist or home health care of Oklahoma, we’re still home health care in Tulsa, delivering services to you in the comfort of your own home health care. What they like to do is change the world one patient at a time now. I am here as a trio with mr. Larry Montgomery how you doing man, what a happy man who is this and you speak. Home Health Care in Tulsa That would be mean gentlemen. I would definitely what what what a sexy voice, the only the infamous and the famous Andy, not bad, not bad at all Hello, everybody out there excited to be here, and I cannot wait to discuss the things that we going to discuss today throat and I think it’s Going to be very important, if you guys things things it’s funny, you should mention things cuz. It’S things were going to be discussing on this very podcast Andy. So I’m ready when I appreciate you, you saying that it’s going to be a perfect transition. No communication is the word today. Communication is what we’re going to be discussing now. Communication is very, very important. My good friend his name is it Shakespeare’s. First name William, William Shakespeare and expectation, is the root of all heartache. William Shakespeare expectations, expectations of fun, but I would say that quotation. Unmanaged expectations is where we are is where we start to find a little bit of a tumultuous in a friction this one might say. So how would it look like you’re a married man in the entire world? I would definitely agree that you’re punching above your weight is out of this relationship is when you guys together. It is an inspiration if you want to take out communication from your marriage. Home Health Care in Tulsa How long do you think about you? Lost it would still last forever Paul. It was still looking for. Somebody else is very important communication. We wouldn’t have such a great relationship, and so I can’t say that it would be a very successful marriage while it lasted, but communication is important to the success of our relationship, so I can’t I couldn’t put it in point on for you Paul. I hate. I hate to break your story, tragic ending to your Shakespeare, novel muddled, towards my story with it with your marriage, which is in espresso muscles. Ladies, it is true it’s true and in an English accent in case you haven’t heard it yet, but before we leave on the Andy now you have 5 children. I am I correct. I do have five children and I must add that there’s a lot of communication. Very very necessary in our household absolutely what what? Home Health Care in Tulsa What effect do you think it would have up on your relationship with your children and your wife, you had to take out your ability, you’ll, Fan-Tastic and inspirational ability to communicate. I think you’ll be a very, very tough, tough situation. We have to communicate to our children this morning to make sure that they got themselves ready for school, that they brush their teeth, that they did that if they did all the things necessary to do not be very hard to do without communication, absolutely say I think You’Re getting the communication is important in everyday life, but what about business communication so that this young lady named Miriam Webster, and she says that communication is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals to a cupChristmas symbols, signs or Behavior. Now it doesn’t say, but I’m going to go ahead and add words as well, because we have these words to communicate right and are important and clearly Paul is smarter than mrs.. Webster absolutely absolutely be erased from history. What can I say, his name that restore Home Health Care, United Healthcare cover home health care company, that it was Home Health Services in Tulsa Oklahoma? How do we communicate Festival? How do we communicate without Larry Larry? It’S probably good one for you how we communicate communicate with our staff first thing in the morning as they come through the office and and get their assignments and and I get ready to go, see their patients and they make contact with your patience through the through Phone calls and they meet with the their supervisors and the director of nursing and they stop in and talk to meSaturday, and you know we just leave.

We have that first point of contact first thing in the morning and we encourage each other as a team to go out and to care for patients. You know any provide the highest quality of care throughout the day. We use a what we call an intranet type of system. It’S a software system, that’s hipaa-compliant, it protects patients, private confidential health records and we are allowed to communicate back and forth all day long about the clients and their conditions through this internet system and where it allows for this seamless order. Que no communication. At the point of care, while clients are in the home, then we use our cell phones, which we didn’t have it. When I not everyone had when I first started In-Home Care Services, we were still calling. We were using beepers and pagers, and I had a pager for on-call and a pager for everyday and a pager for the part-time jobsthe hat. So you would see me at church on Sunday morning with three pagers on my belt loop and it looked. You know thinking back that seems kind of funny now, but you look like the way I look like the Kingpin or something, but nevertheless I was the guy with the pagers, and I was the guy that was ready to be ready to get in contact with. We had to find him a payphone or or stop at a landline or something. But now we all have cell phones and and cell phones work in most areas, except for some of the rule areas where we see patients but, generally speaking, call each other. Home Health Care in Tulsa And we stay in contact, you know pretty much all day along with our nurses, and so, while it’s a you know, it’s a different sort of setting in the hospital we were sort of kind of contact is a very similar to a hospital setting, as as as It would be anywhere else, and that’s that we are always contact at always in contact with their nurses and always in contact with our pagelet. Him know when someone’s going to be there, giving him updates on labs and in contact with our physicians in our Referral Services sources in contact with their office staff in contact with our account managers, who are out there being the face of the company. And so this sort of us seamless communication, which is Advanced by new technologies and and everyday, is changing and restores. You know at the Forefront of of learning new, innovative ways to to increase our level of communication and efficiencies. You know it’s just a wonderful, exciting thing to watch technology and fold. You know, even at my age of 41, I’ve seen so many things changed in the last 20-plus years that I’ve been at home care and it’s absolutely amazing to see how technology has made communication. Home Health Care in Tulsa Just you know just absolutely absolutely just unfathomable how we, how we are able to meet the needs of our patients through this wonderful way of the world has changedwell. That was a long sentence that that was awesome know. That is fantastic, exactly exactly what I was looking for, that Larry and I had a Coke Zero before I start from 0 to 100, a cut 100, my friend that’s beautiful stuff. Now, as far as communication goes extremely busy with seeing patients communicating with nurses, I see more patients, communicating with those patients signing orders and other such things. They stay busy, broadly speaking, because they do a good job right now as an example. So just to reiterate that busy, because the good so when I was a kidin a moment, I asked me to make a cup of tea and my mom actually told me how to make tea. If you guys are at Splash of milk and we have to get a tea bag right now, you put some hot water tank happens if it’s a t diffuses into the water to get a splash of milk and then the desired amount of sugar. If you take sugar in your tea now I was good at it. So what was the result of that asked you? Give me me why? Because I was good at my job, so so don’t take this. Home Health Care in Tulsa The good doctors are extremely busy. They don’t have time for the patience to keep calling back asking questions because sick had a sick that they wanted us to come out and visit.

Then it’s just going to take up that time. So at restore home health care of Oklahoma, ever stole Home Health Care of Tulsa, to bring home health services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas for all the other people. Listening. What have we come up with to reduce that so now they’re? There is something that’s going by the name of restore connect. I do understand, it hasn’t quite been released yet so you guys are getting together full front of the year at the unfolding here. We still Connect Now Larry if you would have just described this device Larry in words. What verbage would you say to you? It is very simple: I mean restore connect is a technological device that is going to change the landscape of how we engage our patients. Home Health Care in Tulsa It’S going to change the sword of nurse Center type of patient care to Patient, centered and family care. We at restore home health care, and you know it in the Tulsa area and surrounding areas as we provide home care. Services are looking for devices and instruments that will allow us to reach our patients and give them an opportunity to communicate on the highest level with their clinical team is actually device that they can wear on a little when they call those things that you wear around. Your neck, your necklace, necklace lanyard, you guys the bus trying if I could lanyard and a butthead really really where people are at these days is there are interested in wearing a restore connect watch, and so what we do is if an individual qualifies for this type Of device and there’s you know, say, for instance, they have a conditions where you know that they have experience to recent hospitalization or they have lots of new medication or they’ve had a surgical procedure or there they they are living by themselves, and they they they are At risk for Falls or – or you know, they’re their family had said, increase concern for their safety, because they’re home alone, where their doctor has showed an interest in the restore connect device in Belize at their patient, Home Health Care in Tulsa would benefit from it. So let me explain to you what this device does. Basically, as a watch, the individual is it’s not like these other major companies where someone Falls at home in there. The push a button in this button gets in contact with the person, and the person is able to reach out to Emergency Services in an ambulance, shows that restore connect is so Innovative and it’s so inspiring and changing a new that it is. One of these things is that you know when I talk about it, it’s it just kind of stirs up in the excitement in me about what what what kind of things we can do in the future for our patients, because of something like that.

So what it does is it is, it functions much like those devices, but it actually reaches out to a care center and sews must like it call center, but it’s called a care center and it put you in contact with a group of medical social workers who Are familiar with your history they’re familiar with your medication, they know where you live. Home Health Care in Tulsa This is all information that you were approved to share with them and basically you can call and chat with them. Experience counselors, you can call and they can assist you or arrange for transportation to your doctor’s office. They can assist you with questions about your medications for arrange a doctor’s appointment. They can arrange for things for your pets. Are they can arrange to get a hold of your son or daughter, because you can’t get a hold of them since your son or daughter, can’t find you or they can’t get ahold of you? They can actually call in to this device. That’S on your wrist and talk to you and go hey: where are you at? Have you fallen? Are you in the tub? Are you in the bathroom you know? So it is not just about calling because you’re having a problem. This device is about being a a Healthcare Advocate Health Care Navigator, someone who’s going to help you someone much like the call light system in a hospital when you need something that person’s going to be there for you, 24 hours a day, Home Health Care in Tulsa 7 and restore Home Health Care presenting you with restore connect is changing the way home health care is being delivered in Tulsa and Northeast Oklahoma and central Oklahoma, and we are going to lead the way and making patient and family-centered Care number one and the nation delivery Larry. And what amazing product that we have that we’re going to be given to these patients? I pulled it out of the box. Looked it over activated it. The call service center came through loud and clear. You can hear them if there’s not, there’s not going to be any issues. If you’re hard of hearing the the volume on the watch itself is is phenomenal, it’s very clear: you can speak, you can hold it. If your arm quite a distance, they can still hear you very clearly. They know what you’re saying you know the battery life on it’s 72 hours. So you know I don’t want to see. You only have to charge it. I you know every you know. Every few days, or so it’s water-resistant, you can take a shower with it. You don’t want to. You, can leave it on it’s easy to clean. You know it’s not unattractive, so you know it’s not this big giant bulky thing that you’re going to wear it’s. Actually, you know pretty fashionable fashionable: it’s not like the watch Paul is wearing from wherever he is wearing very nice devices. It goes around. The shows are our partners in home health in our our our communities that we work with are referring. Hospitals are partner hospitals in our partner Physicians, the device, because we want them to feel like they are part of this coordination of care, Home Health Care in Tulsa and we want them to be aware of what we’re doing, because it’s what they’re doing when they refer a patient as we’re all In this together you know so we’re not just so. You sent us a patient, so we take care of the patient when they sent us a patient, we’re in this together.

We do this together, so when they are Say Hey, I want you to take my patient and care for them in the home and put a restore connect device on them. While we want them to know exactly what that restored, connect device does soap all be wearing those, as he goes around to his are refer partners and just give them a little bit of taste of what it does and there’s a real excitement around it. I’M really excited about it and you have really pumped up. As you can tell, I mean I’ve gone 4 on 4 to 5 minutes., That’s a beautiful thing, Larry just to take it back to the races point is communication. We have to to strapping gorgeous man in here that very happy in the marriage isn’t and they both just about for the for the importance of communication in a successful relationship. Now we do want to have a great relationship without patience and want a patient’s to have faith and trust in us as a company, in that they can contact anyone they need to at any given. Time is literally at the at the extent of their arm. Home Health Care in Tulsa On the ends of the rest, they will have the restore connect watch on which is moderately fashionable has, as I was saying, the fashion tape. That’S right, some of us can make anything look good. I want to say some of us. I mean only listens out there and the three gentleman there in this epic classroom speaking to you right, now., The living home health care services in Tulsa Oklahoma. This is restore Home Health, changing the world one patient at a time, making the world a better place where there any final thoughts that you guys wanted to add before yeah before you wrap this baby up, stay tuned, I’ll, be more information about restore connect. You will be posting the information I read website restore home, health. Care and restore home. Health.Com will be posting pictures and information about the device and some of the other fantastic features that are associated with it and – and you know how restores trying to make better place. One patient at time, beautiful