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Good afternoon this is Paul James, my friend, and I’m representing, restore home health care of Oklahoma. Now, with me to my right, I have Andrew matheran how you doing after 7 glad to hear it you always doing. Well, you always looking well, I can shop as well. Thank you so much more than welcome now, next to Andrew matheran is mr. Larry, Montgomery Larry. Home Health Care in Tulsa How you doing fantastic thanks for asking fantastic! You look fantastic. I feel fantastic. Mr. Larry is Miss Lori. This Lori Club at how you doing Lori beautiful Crystal home health care of Oklahoma. We are the best home health company. There is an in the world actually typically folks in Oklahoma, specificallyTulsa in Oklahoma. Now, today we’re going to talk about something very exciting. You guys ready! Absolutely dive into what we going to talk about the weekend, anything anything crazy. As have anything you guys want to get off your chest.. What are we doing? Restore the Tulsa office? Very nice awesome, that’s great news. That is awesome. That is awesome at it. We’Re still home health, you know we do focus on taking care of the patient needs, but in addition to that, we provide jobs, guys a big deal in America today, which means we have to have really good marketers. You said really good looking Market. As I know, we do need those you’re right, we do need it, it’s it’s it’s imperative for the growth of the, so it said that that’s exciting. So what I’m going to do is I want to talk about something we are going to talk about something very, very, very exciting, very interesting, and it’s the difficulty of Aging, hey man now the reason. The reason I bring that out. The reason why I wanted to talk about something exciting to fuss, because nobody wants to talk about it, but it’s something that age is something we wish for when we were young, but it’s something we wish to escape when the world isn’t that funny.

I remember when I was 15 years old. I could wait to be 1606. Home Health Care in Tulsa I can’t wait to be 18 that can’t wait to be 21 and I know I’m 31. I wish I was 18 again cuz. I feel like Tina Anna and the bags and pains are coming. You know I mean it says it’s crazy. It’S really close friend of his name is William Shakespeare with muff and laughter. Let old wrinkles come William Shakespeare now I know what you’re wondering guys, what in the world is meth made out for you, research relates to amusement and special is expressed in lobster. Home Health Care in Tulsa This is a great I love to have, because I change is going to come, whether we like it or not right, but what some of the things that we dread as it pertains to age, anyone any guys going to lose a little bit of our independence. If our Mobility declined as a big bility to dunk the basketball, it sounds like you’re speaking from experience City in your face. If this does not to Dunkin loss of elasticity in your face now, I’m interested and Ewald wouldn’t tell us about dunking and how you’ve lost the ability to do so. You know I remember the days when I used to walk into the gym and some of the guys who used to play with would say: hey one day you won’t be able to just jump up there and dunk it and you won’t be able to just just Come in and then play to your heart’s Delight, you.. You have to warm up first, remember that so clearly, and you know now, if I want to play, I do warm-up, I want for the two hours before I actually get you involved in the very next day. I’M really struggling the making and I’m hurting, and I’m contemplating why.

Why did I ever think about sitting putting the possible car? Where is back in the day that that wasn’t there? I just wanted to plan challenge anybody. Who is that you know, I said yeah we come to different responsibilities of like stretching, for instance, and I must do that phone to play. I remember when I was 15. The old guys looked at me and said: you’re never going to you’re, never going to be able to dunk. They were right. Those are terrible. This is evil. Home Health Care in Tulsa Evil men out there getting taken away its abilities done. One of the very important things is just what Larry said about 2 minutes ago, and that is it takes away your Independence and that’s one thing that little people fit. You know they worry about being put in a home to Wagoner than they going to turn into a vegetable that doesn’t necessarily have to be that way, but you know I’m forcing for a lot of people it is. It doesn’t feel right now. I did a little bit of research, article Brody and she’s at article writer, and they asked who is that cool staying independent in old age, with a little help. Home Health Care in Tulsa Now, when Austin DeQuincy Osco, 89 % of all the people say they want term be there in time. For as long as possible, so the golf at home health companies already Citgo should be to get people better as fast as possible, or maybe to introduce things that are going to elongate. That are Independence, that I’m of Independence. Mukilteo remaining in one’s home in definitely is not always the best choice. Even if it’s financially feasible with his you know all the people might, they might lose the ability to go to work until the fine is not coming through, but that’s not always the only concern.

Another can they might be rich, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the home is the safest environment Fulham, especially when there’s no one else around. So you need to find a reputable Home Health company. That’S going to come to your house and take care. You know. I take care of the needs of one., Maybe after surgery or not. But if you wait till the very last minute to find a home health company and you’re going to find yourself under under stress and under pressure on specific speaking to maybe the chili, the adult children is at the people that need to be taken care. Of now. We’Re providing a solution for you, however, still home health. We all that reputable company that I definitely employee to research, WWE, restore www.crystalrunhealthcare.com or still home health care, and you can reset for yourself not to be Doom and Gloom danger, danger High Voltage in a lesson. Home Health Care in Tulsa You know this is solution here now we’re still home health at were still home. Health care in Tulsa we’ve been trying to come up with a way to make the most safe and farm for you guys to stay at home now Larry. What is this restore connect with people talking about? Can you tell me a little bit about what do you know about your Kinect and it’s a fantastic new product that we are fixing to release to individuals who might qualify for it basically is a call type system. It’S not you know if I won’t name any names.