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Get off today and you listening to pull james meth ruin it with me. I have the wonderful, the amazing larry montgomery before i, introduce larry a full belly. I just want to say that I’m just so happy I’m happy because I’m representing your company, that’s known as restore home health and restores in the name or stores in the game where stores in the brain of the company owner, and we make sure that these potential patience, because we know what it takes to take care of patients. We know the importance of patient feeling safe at home, and the goal is to make the world a better place. One patient at a time and and I was talking to this-this guy named larry larry montgomery, and you know he inspires me with every word that he says:he’s actually also I qualify that registered nurse, and on top of that he takes care of business at restore home health care, taking patients taking care of patients himself and taking care of members of stuff i. Don’t say it taken care of that. You know bashing out those winding solos on the on the electric guitar, which, which is that, which is the talent that he wouldn’t wouldn’t suit, admit that he that he can run but I’ve seen him. Do it he’s a humble man, man of many talents, larry how you doing man i, don’t know where we’re going to tell me that in Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond tell me some crazy things that go down at least some crazy things that you’ve seen in the past you know. Paul. We like this think in the home health care business, especially home health care Tulsa. We don’t call him crazy, but we do call events that or outside of the usual it would be. Abnormal events in myself included have been a nurse for very long time and so I know the experience that the nurses have that work for me are outside of the usual events, so you might have patients that are chronic conditions that prevent themselves with congestive heart failure. Diabetes, hypertension, you know, are, they might have a surgical wound that needs addressed or pressure ulcer, a traumatic wound, or they might have some sort of mobility issues and they present themselves without wow. On the other hand, you have patience present with some very unusual disorders and those things fall outside the norm, but restore home, health, care is, ready and willing and able to care for those patients. Are nurses are equipped to care for patients in special conditions. So, and some of those are just completely that some people would say, they’re completely crazy, an off-the-wall, but we look at those patients on an individual basis and that that experience to them-it’s not crazy, but it certainly is worthwhile in caring for those people and getting them back to health wellness and that’s what restore home health care in Tulsa does and does quite well and actually restore home, health care all across the northeast Oklahoma central,.

Does it very well I love that I love that larry and you opened up there with us, but we don’t call any any situation to patients crazy and that that really hit a tennis ball to meet larry, because you know I’ll ask people in the military hey! You know you see some some crazy stuff out. There are a lot of people in there and in the police force. Hey, you haven’t seen anything crazy in the industrial earrings and you know it’s impossible job, the police officers that got to do what I got to do and they love what they do, that they help people and the other people in the military faithfully 7 this country will they do I change the home health care in Tulsa or still home health care, nurses at restore home health care I do what I’m going to do it and they take care of patients on an individual basis, as you said, larry, and that they understand the fact that that each patient as it pertains to them needing home health care in Tulsa. You know what no matter, how strange the year. This condition is no matter how strange the medical treatment they need. Maybe two one person to them:it’s not strange, they just know what they need. They just know that they need help and say that want to be looked at as crazy or that condition as crazy, because it was the day that is trying to get better. Is that isn’t that way? It will your sandler actually. You know from our account managers all the way down to people that are answering her phone, that we provide culturally competent care and family-centered, and we provide care that focuses on quality measures and quality outcomes, and when we do that, we focus on this individual patient and we coordinate and collaborate across multiple disciplines to understand what the patients need is, and sometimes those needs are unusual or different, and so we have to be creative. You know, certainly there are circumstances where people come home and they have very complex wounds and in unusual places or they have a complex mental health disorders. Yes or they come home and they have complex family situations and family dynamics.

They they come home especially in our home health care in Tulsa, our office at in Tulsa individuals come home and they come from different cultural backgrounds. Then that you know, are nurses come from, and so are nurses need to be have some sort of confidence when it comes to caring for those individuals that that they go into the home and that they don’t express any of their personal agendas on those patients that are or our personal preferences, especially people that might come home with a different sexual orientations or preferences, or things of that nature, restore home, health care’s for the individual and specifically the individual mean that we don’t judge an individual based upon their age or their color or their religious preferences or our sexual orientation. We take care of the patient because there somebody and that somebody needs to be care for and. We do not discriminate against them, regardless of whatever their disease process might be, whether it’s unusual or whether it’s common. So let me ask you this larry, you ain’t, you into sports. I am i. What’s your favorite basketball team for the Oklahoma city thunder thunder, you telling me that if you went out and on that what was they had a warrior post as you would you would help him you’d make them better look at the warrior poster and go matt kevin, durant i, think to myself that kevin durant and this is what I try to teach my conversation with me the other day that sometimes when we have a reaction within our self that we have to remember that. That’s not about the person we’re caring for that’s about us, and so we have to stop and have a self-awareness and really that’s important for every person is to ask yourself why you had a reaction. Why does something upset you? Why did something to make you angry? Why do you have certain feelings about a certain person in the way that they live their life for the way to take conductor lot? So if you have this sort of self-awareness, you’re, better able to care for people you’re better able to understand why you feel a certain way about something versus going into someone’s home and having an automatic reaction to a warrior poster or going in someone’s home and and having a reaction to them because they’re not of the same religious background.

You are things aside and care for an individual based upon the inherent good that is within us, because we’re all born with that same sort of inherent good and that same sort of equality is given to us by god’s, good grace, and so we should treat each other absolutely incredible. Intelligence I mean home health care in Tulsa is something that is so complex. As far as that, the understanding goes, I know what it takes. I, don’t know what it takes. I know what it takes to pause:a simple science class in high school. That was something that was very difficult, may be like comorbidities and exacerbation always different things. These nuts is know that stuff, like i, mentioned that 5 times today, as I was marketing for restore home health care who, deliver senior home health care in Tulsa comorbidities when I was explaining and when I said comorbidities. She know that I had as though she knew what I was talking about. You know. I was like how you know asking me what that means,, but it is me and of course, because she studied,, but it isn’t she’s an ass and suck I just to be around nurses at restore home, health care, delivering home health care in tulsa. It’s just it’s fascinating. How much they’ve learned in school in the university and getting that are in passing the nclex and doing everything they need to do after that, and then they take care of sick patients that need the help. This is this is annie. This isn’t going out there in the saying hey this is this:is the part of the you need on qvc you better by this? Now by now, it’s at 5% off now it’s just a few absolutely need when you’re sick, you need to get better than us. Is all the medicine inside of a blunt how to deliver said, medicine and, and so, and so it’s just something just just quite special and home health care in tulsa. It’s it’s a highly competitive industry, but when it comes to restore home health care, we we raise the bar above, all, about, competitive growth, and we did and I just really appreciate you guys, reading this and listen to this podcast. If you need to know anything else, what do they have to do? Larry, 720 or 858-9520 or text? +1-800-858-9520? Excuse me or you can always email us at admin at restore home health,? Are you can go to our website? Restore home, health, restore home, health. Care or you can just stand outside and scream larry paul, andy, lori and I will listen for the restore signal and come to your rescue, amen, amen,