Currently, account managers with Restore Home Health and OKC Home Health, whether new to the home health industry or full of experience have a lot of new things they are always learningHowever, it is more than just managing an account itself, there is a lot of different things that a professional must do to be someone of impact 

One of the biggest things account managers in OKC Home Health are focusing on is managing excellent communication between each account and their OKC Home Health office. But not just excellent communication between the accounts and the home health office, it’s essential that excellent communication happens with each patient that is taken care of, as well as their family members. An account manager ends up being a middleman for this, which in return builds solid relationships and long-lasting business.   

Now, it can be overwhelming if you look at working as an account manager in totality of what the job requires, but what Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health sector has taught each account manager is to take everything one step at a time, one day at a time, and most importantly one patient at a time. This viewpoint when executing productive relationships is essential to break it all down into micro-steps.  

At Restore Home Health and OKC Home Health it is important that each patient is treated with specific undivided care, especially with the diversity of our patients, giving them the peace that a professional is taking care of them is crucial. Although when most people think of home health, they think of it in the broad sense, however when it comes to Restore Home Health and the account management team, the message needs to be conveyed of all the services that are or can be provided. Such as, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, skilled nursing, wound care and much more.  

But even when communicated effectively there are still all kinds of different personalities that are dealt with, along with all kinds of different family dynamics. That’s why it’s the account managers responsibility to be able to read situations quickly and decide the best way to interact with each patient.  I might never have communication with this patient.  

There are certain times that account managers in OKC Home Health that have experienced receiving phone calls at 8:30pm at night from patients and even their families, and in these scenarios it’s not just about getting a late night call from a patient and treating it like it’s not important, it’s about giving these patients and family members a peace of mind and showing them that we are here for them. Now most people don’t see the behind the scenes of what account managers do when it comes to communicating with patients and when it comes down to it, account managers at Restore Home Health make it a priority to take stress off their referral source and to bring peace of mind for every patient and family member. That’s the role and the expectation. 

Alot that goes into working and communicating with the patient. It’s not just about getting a patient into the system, it’s about providing a quality of care that exceeds expectations for not just the patient but for the family, and even the referral sources. Account managers at Restore Home Health make sure to answer any and all phone calls at all times, and to make themselves a friend who is available. Normally account manager working day is expected to be from 9am to 5pm, but the expectation set for account managers who work with Restore Home Health is to go above and beyond the call of duty. That right there is what sets Restore Home Health apart from other providers. Even in such a saturated market, Restore Home Health’s expectation is not to be like the other guy, but to treat every person as if they are the only one. 

Restore Home Health ultimately cares about the patient. They are all patient driven. Restore Home Health and OKC Home Health is able to tackle whatever situation that is presented in an effective and efficient manner, and once the phone is hung up, there will not be a worry on the doctors end, the families end and most importantly the patients end. There’s a lot of trust that is established and our patients know they can trust Restore Home Health and the account management team no matter what. 

The goal of Restore Home Health is that each patient is at complete peace and comfortable with us coming in to take care. We want families to feel confident and good about what we are doing and what is going on with their loved one. Restore Home Health understands that moments of sickness happen when we least expect it and usually when life itself is at its busiest. So, our goal is that worry is taken away and that we can be a professional lending handRestore Home Health can do this through trust, excellent communication, dependability and giving them ease of mind in knowing they can reach out at any time they wish. Restore Home Health and the account management team has done and will continue to do a great job at providing superior service.