n late 2019 and early 2020 the novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 started impacting the lives of many Americans around the country as well as team members at Restore Home Health and OKC Home Health. We’ve been subject to Coronavirus and have been learning how to respond to keep our patients safe, how to keep our staff safe and all our administration and clinicians. It is something that changes the health care industry immensely, especially in the last three to four weeks. It’s not something that we ever expected to see happen in our industry and may never see something like it again. Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health market has created many protocols to combat and to safeguard all our staff and patients. Some of what those protocols look like can be broken down by just executing hand hygiene and social distancing.  

As we’ve been guided by the Centers for Disease for Control as well as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Service’s CMS. Those protocols are there for the safety and well-being of all parties involved. They include simple hand washing, keeping a safe distance when you can and wearing a N95 or equivalent mask. Again, these are for patients who sometimes have the greatest health issues. The Coronavirus obviously, is not going to affect everybody here in the OKC Home Health area, but to minimize those chances, Restore Home Health is going to do everything we can to negate all those issues. Some patients won’t even show symptoms, they’ll be asymptomatic. Some patients will have everything, and it can be very difficult on them. Some patients will have a different strand. As of now none of our patients have contracted Coronavirus. But it is something that surrounds us in our industry and something that we take incredibly seriouslyIt’s worth mentioning that we’re doing everything possible that we can with the support of our federal and local governments, to safeguard our patients.  

The biggest reason for executing what the government has issued and to be a top professional company in the medical industry is because our patients oOKC Home Health are typically those individuals who have underlying issues, whether it’s congestive heart failure, COPD or some sort of breathing issues along with intense underlying health concerns that would work together with the Coronavirus to put them in a more severe state with consideration of the power of this virus.  

One thing we do for our nurses is that we require they take their temperature every single day before they start their shift and even throughout the day as needed, our nurses also practice hand hygiene with soap and hot water, according to the CDC guidelines of washing hands. They also use at least a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer to get rid all those germs that they may or may not encounterSo, our nurses here in the OKC Home Health are fighting their way through to see their patients. Like mentioned beforeRestore Home Health has created many policies and structures to combat the Coronavirus. Here in the OKC Home Health area we have some of our patients who request to wear masks before they we even come in the home. Now that is a little bit different than what the CDC councils, but we want to make sure that our patients feel safe and comfortable in their home.  

What we typically would do is put masks on those patients who are symptomatic or even asymptomatic. We want to make sure that our patients feel safe and comfortable in their personal home. We would put their minds at ease, wear a mask, whatever it takes. Some of our patients are requesting a two-week lapse in their visits. While I can’t encourage them on not seeing their nurse and their therapy for two or three weeks, we’ve all been counseled to shelter at home to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area has seen its pressures while with Coronavirus, it hasn’t directly infiltrated our barriers, our patients or our staff, but it’s only the right thing and responsible thing to take every precaution in order to prevent this virus from spreading 

We’re seeing the effects around us, and we’re taking every proactive measure possible, even creating protocol for our Restore Home Health offices and our OKC Home Health officesWhat we’re doing is we’re protecting our patients, protecting our clinicians, all our staff and reminding them daily to take their temperature before they go out and see patients reminding them twash their hands, and use hand sanitizer. We’re working in conjunction with those that were counseled by the CDC and CMS to make sure that we always find ourselves working in accordance to those guidelines. Those national guidelines and overtime will continually see the decreased movement of this virusObviously that’s the biggest goalwe’re doing everything possible that we can, and we will hopefully see that impact of all of our efforts come to fruition where we can go back to having a sense of normalcy in all of our lives and continually help patients by differentiating ourselves in the marketplace and continue growing those relationships all around us to help those that call on our service.