restore him Health and OKC Home Health is so great. But really, we go above and beyond for not at this hour accounts, but the patients as well as the family. So first, when talking about an account in OKC Home Health, we understand that work have the bottom of the totem pole on things that they must worry about. They have so many things throughout the day that they’re juggling around, so it’s important to be aware of those things. And sometimes, although you go in to talk business, whoever you’re speaking with is, you know, having about day or stressed out with everything going on, sometimes you need to just be there to lend an ear. Whether that’s hearing about something crazy that happened over the weekend or something going on with the staff, I think that will go a lot further instead of being pushy. Um, also with that if they do have a lot on their plate and if they do have a lot on their plate and they need things like contact PCP or contact a family member, that something that us as account managers in OKC Home Health area are willing to take off their hands. Hey, let me, you know, make that phone call for you. Um, let me know if there’s anything else I can do. And that’s not just in terms of home health. If there’s something that we are capable of helping with just to make their job easier at the facility or hospital wherever we’re always down to do it in terms of going above and beyond for our patients, um care is obviously a top priority. But we understand that the family is normally very involved. Obviously invested, they have a lot of worry. They want that peace of mind that their mother, father, brain parent, whoever is going to get better and is on the road to recovery. So being in communication with the family and is very, very, very important to kind of blend the two, we also want to follow up with our accounts about the patients. They also become invested in their lives. They’ve been a part of their journey for several weeks, and they always want to. Well, for the most, they always want to hear about how those patients are doing. Mr. Warren is walking this many more feet compared to what he was doing. Little things like that. It’s also important to touch on the personality of the patient. Yes, we can throw out numbers and talk about balance and stability and things like that. But if they know that it was an honoree patient in OKC Home Health, they also like to hear that they’re continuing to be funky at home. So again, just touching base with the accounts about the patient’s touching base with the families, Um, something that restore OKC Home Health does. That I believe, really sets us apart, is the way our nurses interact with the patients. Obviously, care is what we’re there to do. We want to help them get better. We want to help them age in place. We want to help them continue to be funky and independent and everything that they want to be that they used to be. So instead of coming in and just working on these things, our nurses in OKC Home Health are so great at building relationships with the patients. They want to know what they did over the weekend. They want to know, you know, family stuff that happened. They don’t get a lot of interaction because they’re stuck behind you know the same walls of their home, and it’s exciting when you get to share with somebody who’s not a part of your family who, you know, you’re probably this thing. What’s going on? I know personally, when my grandma was on service with restore home health, they became a part of not only her life but my life. They knew what my grandma was doing on the weekends, but they also knew what I was doing on the weekends, And I also do what they were doing on the weekends, and it’s It makes it so much easier and more exciting to have somebody coming to your home mess with your day. You know you’re having to do something that’s strenuous and could be painful. Whatever about looks like it just kind of brightens the mood. So, restore home health and opened the city as we do go above and beyond, and probably every way that we can possible. I think what’s made the biggest impact has been the way we interact with our accounts. The families, the patients and our nurses are outstanding, so we’re constantly pushing the limits on what else we can do just to make everything go smoothly, not just for ourselves, but all the people in between. So, restore OKC Home Health is coming out and taking over and, most importantly, willing to go the extra mile for our patients for our accounts for the families.