Here in the OKC Home Health market we continue to grow and build relationships and exceed patient care. We have moved towards the Oklahoma City area, and although I could have taken a job in my hometown, I decided to stay in Oklahoma City to grow this great OKC Home Health company, Restore Home Health. I really wanted to be a part of all the growth that we’re doing out in the OKC Home Health area. Now, OKC Home Health is a very saturated market, especially in the city area. It is big. Although we are a 20 year company, working in the OKC Home Health market, we are fairly new. So we’re all about differentiating ourselves and really promoting the care that we give to our patients. Now most while every OKC Home Health is going to come in and say relatively the same thing we offer physical therapy, wound care, skilled nursing and we’re the best. Our nurses are the best picture. Now I would not have just packed up and moved my entire life for any other OKC Home Health company. If it wasn’t special, Restore Home Health  is beyond, a OKC Home Health company, our nurses genuinely care about our patients, not just the care provided, but there’s a lot of investment as well the people behind the scenes at Restore home health. Um, they’re not just in it for the money. They’re not just in it for the status and all of these things. They’re honest, good people. I like to say that, um, the real and it’s very hard to find real people, especially in the healthcare industry. Um, so being real was very, very, very important to me when looking for a job and who I wanted to work for, and I am still putting new to the industry. I’m continuing to learn every single day. I did a little bit with hospice prior to this, and although some things are similar, there’s a lot that is pretty different. And what I’ve learned coming out to the Oklahoma City area is that although restore home help has only been around for a short time in the city, it’s already made such a great impound. So, for example, I was in an account last week, and another home help rep came in and wanted to know who, what, where, when and why all about me. When she heard that I was with restore home help, she immediately brought up J. I asked how they met and she said that they hadn’t. But she had heard a lot of things, and it really just kind of solidified how happy I am that I made this move with this job and to represent this company with this company. One thing I’ve noticed in really have loved is how we’re always looking for something new to try to help create more efficiency in the health care system. There’s always going to be some sort of hang up. We realize that we can’t fix everything, but what we’re trying to do, and what we have been able to do is be proactive in making things run smoother. With that restore, Home Health has created a medical device, hold breasts or connect. This device has been an absolute game changer. It’s very easy for our patients to use at any age. Um, not only is it has a number of great things, but what I’m gonna touch on the most is the peace of mind that it gives the family We understand that although the patients who were working with directly there are other factors. Whether that’s a sister, brother, grandson, daughter, whoever. They also want that peace of mind that I also have a lot on the flight in terms of their own life in their families. So anything we can do to help further give that peace of mind while assuring them that we are taking care of their family member, their family member, that that’s a huge gold. So this device is two way communication. We are able to communicate with the patient. The patient is able to communicate with their medical social workers as well as when they press that button. They can let us know that they want to come to a pin, Remember? I mean silly questions aside, we can be able to facilitate communication. We’re able to facilitate communication, um, in a number of ways. So again, patient care is our main objective. But I think what sets restore home health in a home city, apart from the rest is how far we’re willing to go past everybody’s expectations. And I couldn’t be happier with the move that I’ve made. I’ve learned so much. I’m continuing to learn and build relationships with different facilities and hospitals, and not only in my building relationships with the patients that I worked with directly with case managers, of course, that to be able to volunteer for bingo or, you know, bring a care package for a fundraiser or whatever it is that they’re having at the facility, I want to be a part of their community. I want to know the ins and outs of what it looks like in every aspect of that building, and I think that, furthermore, shows back to investment. So restore home health and OKC Home Health is continuing to grow its continuing boom and prove ourselves time and time again. And we just want to continue to push and help our patients and pushing help our patients as well as anyone we can in the I say, a line of fire. Um, I’m really excited to see what OKC Home Health continues to do, and I can’t wait to be a part of the growth.