With OKC Home Health, there are many, many options for people to choose from. Medicare dictates. Obviously, patient rights are. Medicare dictates that facilities have the allow patient choice, which obviously is federally mandated. It’s a law patient choice, patient consent. That’s all great. But at the end of the day, if patients don’t care who or what home health, there, they’re assigned than what allows case managers and discharge planners and those decision makers to give referrals to specific companies.  

Since I’ve been with Restore Home Health in Oklahoma City, I’ve learned a lot with OKC Home Health. I’ve learned that it’s not about. It’s oftentimes what makes you different Those we talked about those key differentiation with Restore connect with certified home health aides on a couple of the things that make us different. But oftentimes it’s about the relationships that you’re capable of building with your account sources. So whether you’re working with hospitals, long term care, acute centers, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, long term care, memory units, whatever and whoever you’re working with, it honestly comes down to the relationship you’re able to build. So, I want to talk about a little bit about my experiences with Home Health and Account Management within the OKC Home Health area. When I first started, I met this market with a lot of I don’t want to say hostility, but, ah, lot of abrasive conversations and a little bit difficult difficulty navigating between all of the OKC Home Health in the area and in all the accounts. Sources like we said, hospitals L tax sniffs things like that on, and I had difficulty fighting my way through that. But I think the hardest thing I had was trying to build a business when the market was so heavily saturated with to them. The same service is skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, wound care. If you’re all the same, how are you different? And that was a generalized statement I consistently was getting from money referral sources. So, I had difficulty, you know, right from the get-go, I personally, I’ve worked in home health for several years. I used to be a paramedic for Oklahoma City. Um, I’ve worked in hospitals and icy used on many different floors, so I was experienced with a lot of patient care. But the home health side of it was a little bit newer.  

So when I first started with Restore Home Health here in Oklahoma City and really learned about OKC Home Health, what I did is I went and tried to build or connect the dots between mine, my paramedic side of the world of patient care to home health side of it. And it wasn’t easy, and it was a lot of frustrating, to be honest. But what I learned was, it’s obviously is all about the patient. It is about the key differentiation, and it’s about how you build those consistent and dependable and communicative relationships with your account sources they want. They don’t want to just have somebody come in the door and spit words at them about home health this and home health that they want to be able to. You know, see that you’re a real person. Build a friendship, build a relationship. They want to know that they can trust you at the drop of a hat to take a patient to help a patient, too. Help them recover and rehabilitate and gain that strength and stability endurance. They want to know that their patient who sometimes feels like a family member to them if they stay long enough, is in good hands. And while that wasn’t difficult, what was difficult communicating that was not difficult. What was difficult was proving that because only through experience will that really prove who we are, where we stand, how big a footprint we have as an OKC Home Health. So, the way that I was able to achieve that was simply by remaining consistent, and I’ll be a little bit of pig-headed determination. I wanted to make be the change that they wanted to see in the home health industry and time a time, time and time again. Pardon me. I’ve been able to prove that, Um, I mean, just today, while I was out visiting with some of my normal accounts, they shared with me freely about how I am the only marketer that they allow in their office. I am the only person that can come in and sit with them. I am. I have built such a great relationship with decision makers that I’m the only one that they want to deal with now, outside of patient choice, that is the first and foremost that’s the most important. But beyond that, we talked about earlier in this audio that how is it that these decision makers, if a patient doesn’t care, How can you build a relationship with these decision makers to consistently earn their trust and earn their business toe? Ultimately help their patients stay home, reduce the risk of readmission’s and stay home longer and healthier. And it’s through. Like I said, pig headed determination was the biggest thing. But it almost equally to that was building trust, being consistent, being dependable, Um, those air huge things for these accounts to recognize. So, while I have been new in OKC Home Health. Restore home health has truly differentiated themselves.