Today we want to talk about what it looks like being a leader in the OKC Home Health market. Our account management team is one of the best in the state. We keep our team lean, with only 4 account managers, but we keep our expectations high. We expect every account manager to bring in at least 20 Medicare per month. Why do we have such high expectations? The reason why is because we want our team to not just work hard but work smart. We want them to thrive financially and if they have families to be able to take care of their families without having to worry paycheck to paycheck. 

However, it’s not just about how many Medicare referrals they can bring in. It’s about how they work, how they treat people, how they stay consistent, how they go the extra mile for their business accounts but also for their personal life. We want our team to be leaders. Most people view a leader as someone with authority, someone who can get a group of people to follow them. We view leaders as servants, as being that person that does the dirty work when no one else is looking. We not only want our account managers to operate this way, but we expect each team member throughout Restore Home Health and especially anyone working in the OKC Home Health territory to work and operate this way. 

Here are some qualities we look for when we ask our account management team in the OKC Home Health area to be good leaders. We first ask that they be consistent. Consistency is so crucial because in way people interpret consistency with integrity and trustworthiness. We ask that our account managers be honest with themselves and work every day as if they are representing themselves for a higher calling. We ask that they show up to their big accounts and small accounts on specific days so their accounts and facilities know that they can rely on them. We ask that they keep their vehicle and personal image consistent and to take pride in what they do. The reason this is so important is because a lot of companies sometimes start to get relaxed and lazy in the way they treat their accounts and even their personal lives. We believe we operate with a higher calling and want our account managers to operate that way. One way they can do this and to be a good leader is to be consistent. 

The next thing we ask and look for in our account managers is to be someone who does the hard work, the dirty work, the work that no one wants to do when no one is looking. This is such an important thing because our account managers are given a lot of freedom and operating in a way of excellence not only benefits them in their work but grows and establishes their character in their personal life. When living life this way, by doing the hard thing and right thing when no one is looking starts to build internal confidence and establishes with themselves a consistent pattern. Our account managers start to trust themselves more, and when you can trust yourself and go that extra mile, then it naturally bleeds into how you operate with other people, including your work. This is something we expect and find very important, to do the hard thing when no one is looking. 

Another thing we expect and look for from our account managers is how do they treat themselves and how do they treat other people? We want our team to always walk in with confidence, to walk in with a smile, to look people in the eye, to treat whoever they are talking to as if they are the only ones that matter. This might sound obvious but a lot of account managers with other companies lack in this area which in turn limits the amount of business they are able to produce. We want our people to be people who are a light, because a lot of the case managers, doctors, hospitals, nursing facilities and assisted living homes are in constant stress and pressure. We believe being a good leader is the way you hold yourself and the way you communicate and treat other people. 

In the OKC Home Health market it’s extremely competitive so these things just mentioned are crucial in separating themselves from the other average joe. Finally, to be a good leader in the OKC Home Health market and in the home health industry in general is to be people that serve. Sound bizarre right? However, we want our team to be servant leaders. We believe this is the true mark of what being a good leader is. We expect and hold our account managers to the standard of operating as a servant, this means going out of the way to deliver lunches, paperwork, referrals or anything else that shows a level of servanthood to their accounts and their team that they work with. We believe this is important because when operating as a servant and developing into a servant-leader, the focus comes from you. It becomes about other people. We want our team to be concerned and take responsibility for other people and to help and serve in whatever way they can. This not only builds trust but also builds a sense of giving back in a natural way. This starts to enhance our team’s personal lives and their work lives. Being a servant-leader is a big component to what we do in the OKC Home Health area and throughout all of Oklahoma. 

These are something that here at Restore Home Health we find important for account management team to do. We want them to thrive not only in their work but in their personal lives. We also want the accounts and facilities we work with to feel better after we contact them. Being a leader is not hard, but it takes practice. We have seen our OKC Home Health division do this and have seen our team become better because of it.