Years ago, I started my healthcare career working as an emergency medical technician for a local ambulance service in Oklahoma City. I helped patients. I ran emergency calls. I worked with paramedics and firefighters alike. I really and thoroughly enjoyed what I did, which was ultimately to help patients in Oklahoma City. They got to a point where I transitioned from the EMS world or emergency medical service, world or side of health care. And I transitioned into the emergency medicine side of things. Working in emergency rooms in Oklahoma City, working in intensive care units floated and different floors and hospitals rehab stepped down places like that and all the while really enjoying helping patients achieve their goals through rehab therapy, things like that. But I also enjoy just the concept of helping people on. That’s really what’s motivated me continually to help those patients here in OKC Home Health. Through that process, I realized that there were so many inefficiencies in the health care system. And while that list is entirely too long to start listing, um, I decided years ago to change my educational background for rather educational major in college from a Bachelor of Science and nursing, too. A bachelor’s in business administration hopeful of finding myself in a healthcare atmosphere, utilizing my business degree What I wanted. What I wanted to do was help so many people and implement policies and strategies, tactics things like that to ultimately help those patients stay home, stay in their places of living or help them age in place. Things like that. I wanted to help them in so many ways than I’ll be at the low man on the totem pole was capable of.  

So, while working through hospitals and working in patient care while obtaining my business degree, I, of course, worked in hospitals that I was unable to really implement or affect any change in the real world. So that’s when I decided to go back to school, get my master’s degree and so that master’s degree will be in health care administration. And with that degree working in OKC Home Health, it’s really helped me. Aline. My goals help me focus more on the patient, find new clinicians, new marketers, new therapist, things like that to really help me where I am now, which is restore home health in OKC Home Health working for a home health company has really helped me along with my education. Helped me to meet my overall goals, or those aspirations in my career to really implement or affect lives for my patients. That’s what’s most rewarding to me is to be able to put my hands on something and help my nurses or my therapist really affect the change for those patients. Any way I could help them, I will have met my goal and it’s it really comes down to the patient, helping them meet their own goals. Let’s say it was for a patient with physical therapy or a patient going through, you know, having wound care of skilled nursing, whatever that looks like me having my education, educational background, working where I you know, for OKC Home Health has really allowed me to help those patients recover quicker and especially with, you know, our OKC Home Health company 

We have things that other companies don’t. We have programs and policies that are changing lives that are reducing readmission’s helps our patient’s agent place here in Oklahoma City through our home health company through our nurses in our therapy as well. So, to just summarize, there was a lot that went into me deciding on what I wanted to do for my career. I thought about being a nurse. I thought about being a paramedic. I thought about being honestly a certified registered nurse, anesthetist for years. And all in all, I realized how little change I was capable of making in those positions if I wanted to help the patient in that moment, that was a good avenue for me to take if I wanted to help as many patients, whereas many people and their families as possible, then I realized that I had to take. Then I realized I had to take a different stance in the health care industry and approach it with a different with different ideas and a different route to accomplish those goals that I had lined up. I think the hardest part for me while I saw patients every day while I worked clinically was seeing the restrictions and maybe inefficiencies in the health care system and not being able to do much about it. So again, in this way, working with patients in Oklahoma City, for restore home health. I cannot just maybe train new marketers on how to how to help our patients visit with our clinical staff and help them together to help our patients.  

Ultimately, it’s Our efforts are to reduce re admissions and help patients aging place and I feel like at restore home health. Those goals are easily met or more easily met because of our trained and licensed professional staff. Um, with our knowledgeable marketers here in OKC Home Health and our therapists that can go out and help with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Ultimately, whatever the patient’s necessities are, we can. We could help with a large majority of what that looks like. Helping patients is truly a passion that I have and working with this home health company. Restore home health in Oklahoma City countless times. I’ve countless times I’ve seen that happen again and again, and the responses and the feedback that I am able to have with maybe the hospitals where the skilled nursing facilities that I work with visiting with family after patients have had our service is here in OKC Home Health. The benefits are paramount. The services are unparalleled, and it’s been an absolute joy to be able to help those patients get where they want to be, recover from whatever has been affecting their bodies and be able to get back to a sense of normalcy. And again, it’s about aging in place and helping them stay home if they can without being re admitted. And countless times I’ve seen that happen with our clinical staff and support staff for restore home health in Oklahoma City.