We want to talk a little bit about what it means to build friendships and relationships in the OKC Home Health area. A lot of us in the industry are experiencing something we’ve never dealt with in years of health care, which is, pandemic. On the smaller side in the OKC Home Health market, obviously, everyone is a little bit freaked out about the pandemic of Coronavirus or Covid-19. Many people are following the instructions of the President of the United States, and they are either closing their business doors or more relevant to our industry here in the OKC Home Health areawe are seeing the skilled nursing facilities, the assisted and independent living communities, some major hospitals shut their doors to non-essential staff. In fact, they’re all following that advice and declining any nonessential personnel, which is crazy because as a company representative in the OKC Home Health market, that’s all we do, is we get in, we’re face to face and we build these relationships first hand 

How is it that we’re able to successfully help others in terms of OKC Home Health in the area? If we can’t even get in front of the decision makersSo, we want to talk about the importance of being able to have these relationships built. If we were new and very fresh in the industry, we would be a little bit concerned about how we would be able to navigate through some of these trials because that’s exactly what they are. As an OKC Home Health representative, we go to these skilled nursing facilities or we go to these long-term acute care facilities, hospitals, and were met with a sign on the door, a locked door code which no longer functions. Many places, we have some great relationships already, friendships that we are able to just text with those decision makers, and if it weren’t for those long-lasting relationships and friendships, their patients wouldn’t gereferred to Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area 

We think it’s especially important to have these relationships in a time like this so that we can still be a helpmate for those decision makers. But at the same time, we can still get them the help that they need. So, some ways that we are able tbuild those friendships is we would by encouraging every account manager to just be themselves, ba genuine person, sincere person, building that trust. That’s what it comes down to, building trust, dependability and consistency to every account decision makerThat in itself will build a bond of trust where these individuals will be able to call on you any time that they need to. 

Specifically, with the Coronavirus in town, we are unable to go do anything inside of a skilled nursing unit. However, because of friendships and because of relationships in the OKC Home Health area, we believe that we could simply call any one of them and they would have a great conversation with and possible referralsWe can text any one of them now, even though we are all still on lockdown. But when they have needs in terms of OKC Home Health patients, they know that they can reach out to us, and they know that Restore Home Health is a reputable company who has very specific protocol in order to facilitate the needs of the patient while working around the struggle that is Covid-19 or Coronavirus. In the industry, we have some patients who don’t want anyone in their home and being able ttalk to them and build that relationship of trust helps them understand the necessity of OKC Home Health and why they shouldn’t abandon OKC Home Health services 

We understand it’s kind of a scary thing to have a couple of different people come in your home and nurse them and provide therapy. Clinicians working with the OKC Home Health market are doing everything we can to eliminate the scariness, and it’s most important to continue offering that assistance of OKC Home Health to our families and patients. 

The fact that this virus is forcing us out of our normal places and routinesmedical facilities are creating boundaries for the safety of their patients so that they minimize the risk of those most likely to contract the virus. So, the hardest thing is maintaining those relationships in a difficult time, which eliminates the opportunities to really get face to face with our accounts. The ability to maintain those relationships after having formed those friendships is what’s most important. Focusing on the friendships and relationships will help us overcome the crisis of Coronavirus 

To continue helping people here in the OKC Home Health territory, offering therapy and those nursing visits to help people get better is what mission is. So ultimately, it’s about patient care and patient safety, which is why we’re being encouraged not to come into the property of the skilled nursing facilities and hospitals. The hard thing is still completing a job of being an OKC Home Health marketer. Now, overcoming those struggles is what we are trying to do successfully, by navigating our way through, by counting on the relationships and friendships that have been sustained and created long ago to carry us through this pandemic. Because ultimately, like we said, it’s for the benefit of the patients, for the health of the patient, and we can’t do that if we’re not face to face. Unless we have the friendships and relationships to count on during this moment of crises and help patients together with our accounts.