Restore Home Health has recently decided to do something great for their patients who are Medicare qualified and need extra eyes and help while at home. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a substantial increase in families and older people staying home and having to be extra careful about allowing themselves to get in contact with other people. We want to help protect our geriatric community here in Oklahoma, so we have decided to upgrade and own a technology that keeps our geriatric community safer throughout this crisis. 

We have advanced our Restore Connect technology. The Restore Connect essentially was similar to a smart watch that our patients who are Medicare qualified could wear on their wrists or around their neck. This device allowed our patients to press a button that could connect them to any family member, to transportation, to their doctor, to nurses, and to an immediate certified social worker that could help have a conversation and see what their problems or requests were before connecting them to their desired person. We have had patients use this as a form to get in touch with family, and we have also had patients use this as a form to even order pizza. Our patients have loved it because it makes them feel safer, and their families have loved it because they know there is extra eyes on our their loved one. This technology even included fall detection, GPS location, and medication reminders for our patients. It’s been huge and we are the only company in the state of Oklahoma that offers a service and products like this. We decided to make this technology even better, more enhanced, more features and we wanted it to be our very own. 

We have developed and partnered with a technology company called North Connect. We have enhanced this technology and created something we want every patient, every family member and every clinician to feel one-hundred percent confident in. We have seen an absolute increase in the OKC Home Health market for the need for devices like this. OKC Home Health market has an extremely high geriatric population that needs help feeling safer and needs help getting in contact with their medical providers in an easy, quick and affordable way. North Connect allow seniors, people with disabilities, or people who have big health that create personal concern around their safety to have a level of independence. This something everyone wants to have, and we don’t want our patients and people who have health issues that might feel like they are set back to lose their independence. 

What makes North Connect so great is that it’s a single button technology that allows our patients to press a button and immediately they will have five emergency contacts already downloaded on their device. So, when they press their button a text is sent to all five emergency contacts at the same time as well as a call to all five emergency contacts until someone picks up their phone. The beautiful part about this is that family will be working as a team to keep an eye out for their loved one and we have made it simple for every patient. 

The innovative single-press button technology notifies up to five family members, friends, or a clinical nurse specialist with the patient’s current location through a text message while calling each number simultaneously until there is an answer. North Connect system provides peace of mind and comfort to seniors and their loved ones knowing that help can be easily reached either at home or on the go. The optional connection to a clinical nurse specialist and the custom daily or twice daily reminder feature provides a higher level of monitoring and guidance when it is needed the most. 

We want to create ease of use for our OKC Home Health patients in all circumstances. A cool feature as well is that the North Connect device can used for children as well. Every person that orders one will have the ability to set geo-location for the device giving their children or loved ones a boundary of where they can explore. If they pass this boundary then the specific person designated to getting notifications will receive a text that they have crossed the set boundary laid out for them. Another great feature for our OKC Home Health territory is that family members can listen in to the conversation their loved ones are having. Sounds like an invasion of privacy? Actually, it’s not. Most young kids are in situations where their parents would like to know if they are safe or how they are doing, as well as family members with a geriatric patient who has health conditions or mental ailments. This gives family that are helping take care of the patients a way to make sure they are always safe without disturbing them. 

We will share more and elaborate on every feature in future articles. However, we want this article to be one to help learn and gain some knowledge on our technology advancements. People in the OKC Home Health market often ask why we as a home health company incorporate technology like this with our patients. Our common and truthful answer is that we implement this technology to help you. We know the struggle of taking care of a loved one, the fear, worry, stress, that it brings to the table. We want to give every family member a way to make their own lives a little easier and the lives of their loved ones a little easier. Whatever we can do to help in the OKC Home Health area, we will do our best.