Today we just wanted to share what Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area is doing proactively to help safeguard our patients, our clinicians and how we’re able to socially distance ourselves in a time where we still need to take care of our patients, for that matter, even family membersdoctors and childrenLeadership through the Centers for Disease and Control, leaders of our country, are suggesting what they’re calling social distancingIt’s hard to be socially distant to those most prone to the Coronavirus here in the OKC Home Health area without being in proximitySo, one thing that Restore Home Health has implemented is some technology here in the OKC Home Health area that has been for our patient’s well-being and help them still have that sense of closeness while still being safe and staying socially distant.  

Here in the OKC Home Health area for Restore Home Health, we have what’s called the Restore Connect, and it is basically a fall detection device. But more applicable to why we’re discussing it today about the Coronavirus in the OKC Home Health area is that it’s a medical device that our patients who qualify can talk to clinicians on the other side. It’s kind of like a smart watch or an Apple Watch on steroids is what we’ve called it beforeWith this device, it not only can communicate with the social worker 24/7 but it also allows family members to call in or allows that patient to call out and communicate. That’s why it’s so critical.  

Everyone has emphasized around us in the country, and those in leadership have encouraged us to remain socially distant. It’s not even the easiest thing to do when our loved ones, our family members are friends are home alone. We want to check in on them. We want to make sure they’re doing okay. This is how Restore Home Health of OKC Home Health is able to successfully manage those needs from our patients, help them with daily needs, and just having a conversation or being able to call and check in and see how they’re doing. Like mentioned before, the patient is qualified by one of our nurses.  

They can reach out to a social worker 24/7 365. That social worker can help get them in contact with their primary care physician, for example. Our account managers are in the OKC Home Health area. The Restore Connect can also help them with their medication management and remind them to take their prescriptions on a timely basis. One other big thing is that they the device itself, can track any falls that our patients experience.  

This device helps family members feel at ease for being distant, at the same time keeping a safe distance from those who may be of higher risk for the Coronavirus and allows our medical device to do its job. The Restore Connect detects potential falls from our patients, and it immediately alarms those power of attorney’s or decision makers for their health needs and reaches out to nurses and clinicians. So, we really have seen the benefits of implementing this device for our patients, especially during this time here in the OKC Home Health area.  

We are the front lines for our patients. Families get in there and see their loved ones maybe once or twice per monthHaving an extra piece of communication in the home gives that family as well as the patient a surety that they are being taken care of and that they are being monitored. They’re getting the help that they need when they need it.  

As we’ve seen, we’ve developed the Coronavirus now for three to four weeks now from its inception in the United States, at least, and we’re seeing astronomical increases. Well, just until recently are they very slowly starting to flatten that curve. As you know, Oklahoma City continues to go up, and patients are still at a very high risk for contracting the Coronavirus. So, at Restore Home Health we utilize this Restore Connect device paired with our nurses who take every precaution necessary to make sure that our nurses are safe and that we’re not bringing anything into the homes of those family members. We are monitoring our staff to make sure that they are asymptomatic every moment that they’re on the job, whether that’s wearing masks, gloves, taking their temperature and monitoring their symptoms if there are any, and taking the steps to quarantine as needed. Based on our new Covid-19 protocol built for specifically here in the OKC Home Health area. To reiterate, but not to sound repetitive, Restore Home Health of Oklahoma has created this medical device not specifically for the Coronavirus, but because of the Coronavirus and social distancing. We’re utilizing this device as an extra support as an extra set of ears and eyes, let’s say, to keep family members home longer, the last thing they need to do is go into the hospital. The last thing they need to do is go into their doctor’s office, where they fall prey to the hidden, the hidden the virus. And there’s no there’s no reason for them to do that if we can help them.