OKC Home Health firms are seemingly a ruby a lots. Everyone kind of deals the same thing. They say the very same point. It ends up being so repetitive. The accounts that I see within OKC Home Health are areas like hospitals, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, long term and also assisted living. The consensus I get from those locations is that your kind of done in the same group. What makes you different? Just how can you stand out?.

You know you can have red solo cups. Everyone knows what they are, you know they hold the exact same quantity. You can put the same liquid and 2 various cups, however at the end of the day, it coincides liquid. It’s the same volume. It coincides specific mug. Why would certainly one person pick one mug over the other? It shouldn’t matter where it matters. Are those vital differentiation exactly how somebody can distinguish their OKC Home Health? They’re red solo mug for an account or a relationship or a choice manufacturer. How they can make a distinction. Make an adjustment, and also it’s all for the person there, their rehabilitation, their prognosis, anything like that. What it boils down to is how those OKC Home Health business can truly influence, alter or implement change via numerous strategies or strategies. Anything like that. So, warn that large differentiation that Restore OKC Home Health supplies our individuals is something that’s called totally free store connect..

Currently Restore Connect is a clinical tool that helps people maintain communication open liquid constant with many various professors or classifications of rehab. So, whether the person I as soon as they’re certified as well as we’ll discuss what those qualifiers suggest and also exactly how to do that. But essentially, if a person is released from a facility, they have the among other qualifiers, they can become gotten a restore connect. Like I claimed, Restore Connect is a two-way communication device means can keep interaction open and liquid between the health care medical professional member of the family. We can assist set up long lasting clinical tools with the gadget. Currently this gadget is run with restore home health. They have people have the access 1 day a day, seven days a week and, yes, 365 days a year. They can hit a button if they need something and also connect to a medically trained as well as certified social worker. There’s a big and also to that due to the fact that people, whenever they need assistance while they go to home recuperating from a hip surgical procedure or recovering from pneumonia, whatever, whatever it is. Whatever that diagnosis is on, just how to improve gain that strength and also security to get home. They have actually a medically educated and also licensed social worker at their disposal. So, if at 2 a.m. they intend to speak to their child in New York City, they can. If they, somehow need to connect to us as their clinician as their home health company, they can. They struck a button. They can connect to a social worker. That social worker is sort of a one-point communicator one-point liaison to assist that person with anything that they need. Now we spoke about red solo cups, so way have the very same. Yes, we are the same. We have proficient nursing. We have physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech treatment right here in OKC Home Health we have nurses that can help with wound care way Have home health assistant’s method have a lot of things that are very comparable. I would not say the exact same, but we have a great deal of groups or techniques that we can supply that enable us to use client treatment. Differentiators air this. There’s a few of them. So, the 1st 1 is that restore Connect. Um, we have home health assistants. That as well as those are things that we add to that red solo mug. Those are things that assist us separate ourselves in a greatly saturated industry..

We have a few various other points that will certainly speak about right here in the later, later discussion regarding what distinguishes us in our own industry. So back to restore connect. So, we have actually talked about what a few things of what can take place waken get area. We maintain communication open as well as liquid to our nurses right into our, , 2 are medical professionals. Um, an additional thing is, what it does is it presses medication reminders. So frequently, when people are launched from any center that we deal with, that we that we obtain a referral from, we help them keep a stringent medication routine and sometimes that can be a lot more quickly said than actually carried out when we state medicine tips. What that resembles is this. When our registered nurses head out as well as do a begin of care visit means, try to get every patient that certifies. Gotten restore connect, if they certify, will certainly set up Restore connect either on their wrist or around their neck as a lanyard, as well as had the ability to set that up to make sure that method is clinically educated and also certified. Social workers right here in OKC Home Health can reach out to whatever patient, whatever client that is. You recognize John Smith, Betty Sue. Whoever that is, we have the ability to connect and also claim, Hey, good morning, Miss Betty Sue. It’s you understand its own. So, from restore Connect, it’s time to take your ex-spouse medicine. Or later in the day we might take your you know Hey, it’s time to take your why medication. So, by producing a tip telephone call from social workers, we produce medication conformity. Obviously, with conformity for medical care, we decrease numerous so many unpredictabilities or two lots of dangers entailed with re admissions to health centers.

Most importantly is re admissions to healthcare facilities by allowing us to send medication pointers. It enables us to send out those pointers to those clients. It helps develop compliance. Our individuals stay home longer. They stay home much healthier. They stay home and also are following the procedure, or the orders dictated by their medical care doctor. So, recap. So far, we have, um, standing by medically trained and certified social workers. We have drug suggestions. Help reduce readmission’s of our individuals below for our OKC Home Health. Of course, an additional choice or one more opportunity is that Restore Connect has what’s called what I such as to call proactive fall detection. So obviously we’re extremely accustomed to what’s with completing firms, and their slogan has actually always been for years, which actually has actually functioned successfully. Um, they say, Help. I have actually dropped. I can’t stand up Well, what happens if an individual can not talk? What if an individual falls subconscious as well as can no more or no more can strike a button as well as ask for help? Below’s what we have actually done that restore OKC Home Health. In this tool, we have the innovation built within that finds the speed, the gravity in which an individual falls and discovers stationary activity. If, after a fall a patient lies motionless, it calls out to a social worker, and also it sends an alert to our data source facility. As well as, um, one of those social workers obtains a sharp on Betty Smith as it established. Um, it’s appointed to every person, and also the social worker can reach out as well as state, Hey, Betty Smith, we’ve identified a follow whatever all right? Now, Betty Smith has a couple options. She can claim, Yeah, I’m all right. I stubbed my toe. You recognize, I located the pet dog. I dropped. I’m all right. I’m up by moving. Great. Finest instance circumstance from an autumn alert we documented. We let our registered nurses know we go on. Our nurses follow up. That’s terrific. 2nd alternative is Betty Smith Falls stubs. Her toe hits her head. She’s bleeding. She’s conscious. She’s alert oriented, however she did have a head on as well as allow’s claim perhaps allow’s intensified and also claim there’s a bit more of an emergency. She is puzzled. After a slight fall, she is bleeding from the head. It is an emergency. From that point, our social workers can reach out. Initiate What? What I like to just call is an EMS method Emergency Medical Solution protocol and, in the weekend,, notify the power of attorney the emergency contacts. Whoever established from that begin of treatment with our nurses, they can inform them via that something has actually occurred. Worst instance scenario, Betty Smith Falls lies subconscious. We have no ability to speak to her because she’s subconscious. So, from there, we simply We, um We launch PMS procedure once again without task. So, from there, we’ll still inform emergency calls. Ambulance service is obtaining the wheels turning. Due to the fact that if it happens to be a stroke, we know scientifically that time is mind. If it’s, ah, cardiac arrest, we you know, we obviously need to get firemens there or paramedics there as rapidly as feasible to start CPR and also get her to the health center. Um, at the end of the day, it’s essential, I understand that understand about our individuals. If they have actually dropped, we need to know if they need help. We want to know. As well as this is just how our red solo mug differs from others. This is how we are helping patients remain at home longer without a while, decreasing those readmission’s and helps everyone via the procedure.