We want to take a few minutes and talk about how Restore Home Health and OKC Home Health is the difference in Oklahoma City. OKC Home Health is not something unfamiliar to our accounts throughout the area, whether we call on hospitals, long term acute care facilities, skilled nursing facilities, or even independent assisted senior living centers. Imagine wherever you go there happens to be a home health company because of the saturation of the market, especially in the OKC Home Health area.  

The challenging thing for an OKC Home Health representative is how do you stand out? Why are you different? What can you offer that others can’t or aren’t offering? How do you effectively gain a book of business in a sea of fully tapped potential? In other words, everybody knows about OKC Home Health and there is a lot of familiarity. However, why and how are you any different? So today we want to talk a little bit about how Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area is different.  

We have account managers who have worked in home health for over 10 years now. However, they have surrounded themselves with clinicians, doctor specialists of all kinds who are making big differences, and they’re able to help patients effectively. They’re able to help them recover quicker through different policies and different procedures. We want to talk about what Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area is doing successfully and what they are doing to not just differentiate themselves because we feel like that’s kind of easy to say. We want to discuss the systems we have, the programs we are initiating and the overall things that we’re doing.  

Tbe different is important because that’s where successes are driven, by being different. We feel like there’s always a negative connotation to that. We like being different. We like being a company who is different because oftentimes different is good. We have an account manager that used to work on with EMSHe would run 911 calls all day and would run into scenarios where he could have been servicing someone’s grandma who had a toe that was hurt oon a more extreme scenario he would be servicing someone who would be involved in a motor vehicle accident. He was involved in everything in between and then far beyond. He was able to get an understanding and compassion about the medical industry. Now with this account manager being involved in OKC Home Health he has learned that being a great account manager is not just a sales gimmick, it’s not just a numbers game. For our account managers it’s a lifestyle that they are capable of helping patients stay home longer, recover quicker and ultimately reduce their possibilities of readmission by helping with Restore Home Health’s excellent nurses.  

Being different is always a good thing. We frequently have our account managers visit with new facilities, and we know that our account managers make it a point to make sure that every person they come into contact with and every decision maker they sit with, that they treat them like anyone else. We communicate things like, while we represent a sales industry, we consider ourselves a resource of information and an advocate for each patient. Because at the end of the day that’s what they want to know. That’s what they want to hear and see. It’s one thing to say it or to hear it, but it’s something different to represent or embody what you say.  

Frequently our account managers tell accounts they could say a lot of pretty things, but it’s about where their heart is, it’s about where our nurse’s hearts are, what they’re capable of and how they could help your patients stay home longer, reduce readmissions. Now, that sounds repetitive, but it’s true and that’s the point we want to hammer home every time we communicate. That’s exactly what we all want to find ourselves doing is helping those patients stay home longer, reducing their risks overall.  

So, like we mentioned before, being different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Being different has earned us the opportunities to work with some of my closest accounts, and our company has become great friends with themFor example, we had an account manager walk into skilled nursing facility about a year ago. This was the account managers very first time he had been there. He walked in and said, Hey, my name is Jay and I work with Restore Home Health.” The decision maker responds, “Oh, we already work with a home health company, goodbye.” And our account manager apologized for inconveniencing the decision maker, however, before stepping out and he said, I understand, but here’s why we’re different, here’s why I’m not just a typical sales guy.” and that to the account managers slight amazement, the decision maker opened the door again and communicated she had never heard something like that. She needed different and was open to working with Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area. Simply put, being different is not just a sales game. Facilities want to see how we can make a difference for every patient.