As an OKC Home Health representative for Restore Home Health it can be difficult at times. In order to stand out from the crowd here in the OKC Home Health areait’s important to understand that the OKC Home Health market is fully saturated, and frequently patientsfamilies and clinicians are already familiar with what home health is and what they can get from home health. However, with Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area, we continually seek to innovate and seek to improve our systems and programs. A few ways on how we have become different or have set ourselves apart is by, continually innovating and continually seeking to improve our services offered and developing our market presence.  

What we want to talk about is how to be different in a saturated market. How to gain a book of business that knows all too well what home health is. One way that Restore Home Health has differentiated themselves is by creating a medical device called Restore Connect. This device called Restore Connect is a device that we qualify for all of our patients under Medicare. Now, many OKC Home Health companies offer a lot of the same things when it comes to skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care and social workWhere Restore Home Health wants to be different in the OKC Home Health area is what we could bring to the table that is needed and missing in the market 

A lot of people who work in their own home health companies will say that they have great home health, we have X, Y, ZHowever, what truly differentiates you in a way that brings more value to the facilities and to patients? What can be said to be different? Being different, we believe, is always a good thing. 99% of the time being different is what hahelped grow our market presence in the OKC Home Health area. Being different has allowed us to be able to help our patients. The biggest way we’ve made ourselves different in a fully saturated market in the OKC Home Health area is offering a medical device that no one else has. No one else can touch it in regards to the technology. 

We qualify everyone we can possibly qualify for this medical device. It has 24/7/365 availability and servicePatients will have access to a medically licensed and trained social worker who can answer a phone call by the click of a button on this device that’s worn on the wrist. If a patient were to push the button on the device, they simply have to talk to a medical social worker and explain their situation and that medical social worker has the ability thelp them with whatever need they have or come across. If they want to talk to their family, they have access to call family members or friends at any time. When they press the button, it gets them in touch with their closest contacts of their choice without having dial anything. The family members or friends can be in any state or city and the patient will be able to have access to them. This device offers the patient, level of autonomy that would otherwise have been unknown because when they wear it, not only can we communicate with the patient, we have the ability to locate their coordinates. So, when the patent is wearing the device, we are able to track within a 30-foot GPS radius wherever the patient is. So, if the patient decides to go to the hair salon, the bank, the grocery store, football game, whatever it is. We have the ability to track where they are, which means that we could help minimize or even eliminate dangerous alerts for those patients with maybe early onset dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Like I said before, being different can always be a good thing. It’s about why you’re different, how you’re different, what you can do to help those patients in that moment.