Working in the account management industry within OKC Home Health is competitive field to step in to. Although most people have an initial pull to enter this industry due to the reason that it is competitive. Working in the OKC Home Health market and working as an account manager people enter an environment where they are constantly learning new things. That really intrigues most people at first. 

However, some people do not like the competitive side, and that’s okay. Jobs like this are not for everyone. There’s a lot of doctors and account managers can get great results, but there’s also a lack of unity within companies and facilities, and that can prevent growth. A common thread you see with most OKC Home Health companies and even companies in the hospice field is that these companies focus more of an argument over numbers and money instead of the care of the patient, and that’s something most companies get sidetracked on, which can be negative for their culture and growth. At Restore Home Health we find it important to give our team a breath of fresh air in the way they face their job, specifically in the OKC Home Health Market.  

We found that most new and tenured account managers that work with Restore Home Health feel that they are a part of a really great team. Now, we’re all competitive in our own ways, and we all bring something different to the table. We’re not on each other’s backs and we’re not putting each other down. Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health market make it a priority to create a competitive yet safe space to work. We have a great team behind Restore Home Health who always reach out and let other team members know if they need anything that they Restore always has their back and is available. At Restore it’s important to create a fluid team and it’s important that Restore plays a role in being a guiding force for our account managers and helping them understand the industry. We don’t want our team to feel the pressure of not doing well. The leaders at Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area make it a point to give our team reassurance and peace, knowing that as long as they put in their efforts, whether their bringing in insurance patients, Medicare patients, 100 referrals or referrals, the effort is what matters, and that’s what we see really makes our team want to try harder to bring in patients to Restore Home Health. 

Bottom line Restore Home Health and OKC Home Health are great at making new employees feel comfortable by helping them continue to understand the different dynamics that they’ll be faced with. We know the competition that we have amongst the marketers is a fun, challenging environment. Everybody wants to beat each other, not because we think we’re better, but because it’s always just a fun way to approach our work. To have a strong team working together it’s important that our team never feels intimidated by anyone, especially within Restore Home Health and in the OKC Home Health market. As a company we think that’s what sets us apartbecause we don’t focus on tearing each other down but rather we build each other up in all circumstances 

Some insights on how we operate within Restore Home Health and our OKC Home Health team is that wcan share stories with each other through the marketing team. Through our director of nursing, administrator and CEO, their stories and lessons were shared which has helped growth and comradery. There’s less trial and error when you’re able to hear about somebody else’s personal experiences. We think that’s what’s really helped Restore Home Health and the OKC Home Health market grow so fast. Although we have the best nurses and the best leaders, what is it that we can do differently? We have found that being united as a company and continuing to find different and new ways to work with each other outside of what we do in the field has been helpful 

The foundation of what we have is also one of the most important aspects to what we have. Foundation from the bottom to top of any organization is crucial, and it’s not just having a foundation, but it’s about having a strong and healthy one. Aour account managers continue to bring in referrals, we are further learning about the people that everything runs through. Such as where the referral comes from, who sent that referral, the process from the hospital to intake, and then we learn to communicate with intake and the team so we can be most effective.  

Working as a team is so important for any company in any industry, we see the value of how it can help each individual grow in their own way as well as helping Restore Home Health grow as well. Teamwork makes the dream work.