A lot of people ask what is physical therapy, what is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy, or people even ask what is speech therapy and why is it important? Here in the OKC Home Health area we want to help answer questions people might have around these different services Restore Home Health offers in the OKC Home Health area. So, what type of physical therapy and rehabilitation are available for the elderly with Restore Home Health and in the OKC Home Health market?

When we make use of the term “rehab,” we are typically referring to physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy. We see a lot of elderly using these therapy services, especially in the OKC Home Health area.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a treatment that focuses on improving an individual’s life, whether it belongs to bones, joints, muscle mass or nerves. Usually, an individual’s body has actually been hindered in some manner as a result of an injury, wear and tear, or as part of the aging process. When dealing with senior citizen patients, physical therapists usually deal with useful things such as pain, equilibrium concerns, poor endurance, problem with walking and bad muscular tissue strength. They likewise give clients with healing programs to reconstruct as well as preserve stamina as well as enhance flexibility.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a treatment that focuses on assisting an individual attain freedom in his/her everyday life. Within the geriatric populace, occupational therapists normally concentrate on an individual’s tasks of everyday living such as showering, dressing, as well as grooming capacities. Occupational therapists are trained to identify problems in these locations and also make referrals for enhancement. At times, device suggestions are made including rolling pedestrians, bathtub benches, commodes and also flexible eating tools. As part of their solutions, occupational therapists might carry out an in-home functional evaluation, suggest on the purchase of flexible devices, and after that give a plan of care that involves training in the appropriate use of these flexible gadgets in the residence. In the OKC Home Health market we see a lot of requests for occupational therapy.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy (Speech-Language Pathology) is a therapy that concentrates on improving an individual’s capacity to connect successfully as well as eat securely. Within the senior citizen populace, Speech-Language Pathologists commonly concentrate on speech, language, voice, cognition, as well as ingesting. It is their work to determine a trouble in these areas and give therapy to boost a person’s ability to interact with household, friends, as well as doctors, in addition to make safe, competent choices. Speech-Language Pathologists are also competent experts in recognizing and also dealing with ingesting difficulties that or else may go unrecognized. Specifically in the OKC Home Health area, the geriatric community is seeing a lot of results by using speech therapy to help after a stroke.