My name is Antonio Guajardo, and I have the awesome opportunity of being an account manager for Restore Home health care in the OKC Home Health market. Restore is an incredible OKC Home Health company who truly values the care, the health care of patients. We’ve been around for 20 years, so we’ve had some time to really get our systems down and be as effective and efficient as possible with our time, especially in the OKC Home Health market. It’s a joy for us to watch a patient come in with a deep need and necessity for health care and watch them be taken care of. Well, recover and be back on their feet and independent again. Okay, It’s one of the main reasons that we’re in this business. To watch people, get better and to help people get better. If there’s one thing that’s evident when it comes to OKC Home Health, it’s that there’s a significant amount of need. There’s a significant need for it. There’s a relatively significant amount of people that need to be taken care of. Therefore, there’s a lot of money in the business. With, there are a significant amount of OKC Home Health companies that lose sight of the vision they get so focused on the money side of things that they fail to remember why we’re ended in the first place. The reality is this restore doesn’t fall into that trap, which used to focus on what really matters, which is patients getting better patients improving. That’s what matters. And obviously we make money in that process, which keeps our ship afloat, keeps our staff paid, keeps everybody happy. But the bottom line is to help sick people be healed. One of the major ways that were able to do this is through a device called the Restore Can Act. See, there is a significant amount of home health care companies in just the Oklahoma region alone. I don’t know the exact number, but I know there are a lot of them. Therefore, it’s forced us to come up with a reason to be different. It’s forced us to come up with something that differentiates us from everybody else. So, it’s not just the fact that we care for patients more than we care about the paycheck they’re going to give us, but we also want to provide them with the best care. Restore Connect is a device that we give our patients who qualify free of charge way don’t make them pay extra for it because we believe in the process of them getting better way. Want to help them get from point A to point B as fast as possible? What the device does is remarkable. The patient wears it on their wrist, and it has a massive number of features that ensure the patient is being taken care of. Watch serves as an extra eye for the nurses and the loved ones of the family. To make sure the loved ones of the family member to make sure that that family member is well taken care of at the patient, where’s the device? On their risk, he or she will notice several different features. One of the massive ones, most important ones. Being the GPS tracker, the GPS tracker ensures that our patient does not get lost if they struggle with dementia or if they struggle, remembering where they’re at all the time way. See stories all the time of individuals wandering off and getting lost way. See people wandering down the street, wondering through their neighborhood, maybe forgetting where their home is, or just getting lost in a large group of people with the restore connect. We can keep tabs on our loved ones to be sure that if they do wander off, we know where they are. I won’t go over all the features because there’s a significant amount. But another feature that is huge for us is the fall tracking device fall tracking sensor. Now one thing that I failed to mention before is that restore Home healthcare has the lowest re hospitalization rate of any home health care company in the state of Oklahoma. This is a huge deal. This means that when patients are on with us, they’re not going back to the hospital. But they’re going from home health care to being able to take care of themselves almost all the time. We see all the time in this industry patients going on OKC Home Health services and then immediately needing to turn right back around and go right back to where they started at the hospital. If you’re on with restore, you can count on us to do everything possible to make sure that doesn’t happen, and our numbers are indicative of that. The main way that we’re able to keep this rate so low is big is due to the fist fall tracking false sensory device in our restore connect. We’ve all heard stories of patients having a fall in their home and being forced to sit there and wait until somebody comes and find them finds them. The longest I’ve heard of this happening was patient was on the floor for three days. They almost passed away because they couldn’t get themselves up. They just sat there and waited for somebody to come and find them. We saw this as a major issue, and we knew we had to do something about it. That’s where the Restore connect comes in. If a patient is wearing our device, it falls. There’s a sensor that picks up on whether they’ve fallen. They fall. There’s no response. Are social workers that we have working around the clock for us will reach out to that patient if there’s no response from the patient. Those social service social workers will immediately send emergency service’s to whatever facility or home that that individual is in, therefore completely mitigating the amount of time that they would be on the floor or on the bathroom floor in the shower with no care. This has been a major benefit with us, our store. We’ve seen it work a significant amount of times, and we’ve seen people’s lives literally be saved because of it. Other features that the watch has, such as medication reminders and the ability to reach out to your emergency contact or emergency service’s or your ability to reach out to your PCP are all also huge benefits. Many people compare it to life alert. However, there are so many things that restore Connect offers that life alert doesn’t and it’s free again. At restore. We care about the patient first more than the paycheck. We’re so thankful to have had the opportunity to take care of patients over the last 20 years. And be sure through devices like the Restore Connect that they’re taking care of. Well, we look forward to being able to serve you and serve your loved ones if needed to be sure that they’re provided the best care is possible and to be sure that they go from being sick to being restored.