As a company representative in the market oOKC Home HealthI want to talk about some of the important factors that help me find success to create and produce strong results. One thing to consider is the level of stress that sometimes this job and this opportunity creates in order to help patients.  

So, as we work in OKC Home Health, one of the things that honestly stresses me out the most is the inability to help patients because of what their choices or decisions are. For example, today I’m out in the OKC Home Health area sharing our key differentiators about Restore Home Health. I am teaching accountsI’m calling on themI’m being that consistent, dependable person, and I get a couple phone calls today saying how there are patients who are too busy, unavailable or whatever the case may be.  

So, one thing that stresses me out, is the inability to see our patients at times, and while that stresses me out the way that I try and cope with that is simply calling the patient, letting them know how important it is for our clinicians to come visit with them, teaching or educating them as to why we even need to visit them, why their doctor even ordered home health in the first place and there’s a reason for it.  

We want to be able to help the patient and their family members create autonomy and flexibility as well as level of independence that would otherwise have been unknown while the patient goes through rehabilitation with seeing our nurses, seeing our physical therapist as well as our occupational therapists. So that’s where a simple phone call begins, calling patients and explaining the importance or relevance as to why we want to do what it is we want to do, which simply put, we want to help people.  

One thing that I have really learned and have become aware of the importance of this, would be time management. I feel like you can really let time slip away from you as a company representative in the OKC Home Health industry because we frequently go to different offices. We constantly go into doctors’ offices or skilled nursing facilities and a lot of hospitals. So, to be able to call on those locations and visit with them may be difficult if we didn’t otherwise manage our time most effectively.  

So, one of the things I want to touch on is what I do here in the OKC Home Health area that I build out day to day. I know who I’m visiting on, sometimes, patients dictate my days and if I can help a patient, I am willing to go to the opposite side of town. If it’s they have questions and they want to do what’s called a warm hand off, where they’re about to discharge and I get the opportunity, I have the opportunity to go and meet them, answer their questions, put their mind at ease and help them transition home. My job is to be a friendly face and to really be someone who’s there, to comfort them and answer their questions as needed.  

Managing one’s time isn’t just what we all think of regarding time management. We want to be able to be effective and produce strong results in our industry, and that’s by doing the right thing, doing it on time and doing it effectively. must be able to manage time effectively, and so as a result of my efforts, I’ve probably been to accounts that could be not as productive as other accounts. That’s why it is crucial on building relationships that are strong accounts that could be perceived as time wasters could be very productive accounts, however there is also needs to be a realization that as an account manager, I need to move on and build new relationships. Building those sustainable, viable relationships are crucial in order thelp ongoing patients and relationships for months and of course, years to come is the absolute goal, building those long-term goals through our time management skills.  

Another thing I wanted to point out was leadership within my organization. But leadership, more importantly in the market as an industry leader and what’s critical about being an industry leader is that so many people look to who the leader is. They look to Google reviews and many people will type into Google searches and say the best OKC Home Health. Well, if you’re a leader, not only are you paving the way for other home health companies, to honestly, follow in your footsteps a little bit, but you’re creating new trends. You’re developing new programs; you’re analyzing your systems currently and how to be effective for the future. That’s what it’s about. That’s what makes a great leader in the industry.  

OKC Home Health is constantly changing. The expectations are constantly changing as federally mandated as they are, even as recent as January of 2020. So, the OKC Home Health market has changed exponentially. If you don’t change as a leader, if you don’t change as a company, it’s very easy to fall to the wayside. Being that leader helps you maintain your time. That helps you build those sustainable relationships. It helps you to have a high number of Google reviews.  

Oftentimes, as consumers we like to look to Google and figure out who we should go with. Based on a simple Google review, I know that I personally have gained more credibility from facilities because essentially Google reviews are the voice of the people. That’s why it’s critical to be a leader in the industry with good rapport industry widebuilding those relationships, being effective with our resourceand allocating them appropriately. The end goal though is being able to help patients and that is our primary goal. So all those things that I’ve discussed today are critical of being a leader, and doing so allows us to, of course, help our patients recover quicker, helps our patients stay home longer and ultimately reduce those readmission’s that can have terminal effects for some patients. So, we pride ourselves on all our systems, all our policies, all our all our programs that we have in place and those to come.