Working in the health care industry it can be chaotic at times, in all, aspects of the health care system are usually affected in both positive and negative measures especially with OKC Home Health. At Restore Home Health, OKC Home Health and their account management team has witnessed a high turnover with other health care companies that operate in the medical industry. What it looks like for Restore Home Health and OKC Home Health is that we build strong internal and external relationships, whether that is with the director of nursing, a social worker, a case manager, doctor offices or physicians themselves.  

With account managers, they could potentially build a relationship in a week and sometimes it could take months. However, when building new accounts and relationships certain accounts might decide to switch working with us based on all kinds of different variables. This is something that happens often and what makes account managers so valuable, because their responsibility is much more than maintaining an account, it’s also solving intense issues alwaysIt often seen that decision makers end up moving to different facilities and companies, now this could have a negative impact on any home health company, however there is also a positive side, because if relationships are built strong and if a home health company goes above and beyond similar to Restore Home Health, that relationship will be able to stay stable regardless of where that specific decision maker decides to go.  

What makes it difficult for account managers with OKC Home Health is when a facility brings in a completely new person that has had zero contact or gained zero knowledge about your home health company. Therefore, account managers are so crucial because their role and duty is to be able to build a strong foundation with that new decision maker to allow a smooth process of workflow between both parties. Ideally, account managers like to build relationships with not just the decision maker but also the staff, residents and families. For example, there was an account manager who had built a phenomenal relationship with the receptionist at their specific facility and the actual decision maker was always too busy to meet with this account managerThere was always a difficult time getting just getting two minutes with the decision maker in order to tell a little bit about Restore Home Health and to really dive deep into their needs and expectations with a home health company. Instead of backing down, this account manager continued to show up to this facilityThe account manager continued to build a strong relationship with the receptionist and due to the persistence of the account manager the receptionist started to speak for me and really push her boss, the decision maker, to sit with me and listen to what we could do to help them. The decision maker finally decided to listen for two minutes to this account manager. After their meeting the decision maker decided to work with Restore Home Health due to the strong relationship that was established with the receptionist, because that action showed the account manager was willing to go the extra mile to build an everlasting partnership. To this day that is one of the most productive facilities in OKC Home Health that this account manager has and the relationship with the entire facility is strong.  

Now, on the other hand, the account manager has to always be prepared that this relationship that was built and the time that was put in could disappear at any time due to these specific decision makers and staff moving on to a different facility, and therefore the value of the account manager is so strong and why the turnover rate in the medical industry plays such a strong role. An account manager must be aware of turnover in the medical industry because they might have a short opening to really show them what all Restore Home Health can do and why they are the premier choice for home health services.  

Our account managers with OKC Home Health have always known that the health care industry can be difficult with the turnover that happensbut what they have learned as account managers, especially with Restore Home Health, that a lot of facilities have paired up with each other. Whether that’s a director of nursing or even just the staffa lot of people move around to different companies quicklySomething very specific and a “purple cow” that we offer for our facilities and our patients is something we call the Restore Connect. Which has been a huge benefit for our facilities and patients. The Restore Connect has been a major game changer for the totality of Restore Home Health. We see things like our readmission rates go down quickly and we really see a service like this helping our patients get better and stay better longer. But as an account manager we must find ways to differentiate ourselves in OKC Home Health because a lot of companies are pitching the same thing regarding services. So, when we see turnover in a market like the medical industry it’s important to leave an impression on every individual that we encounter. Whether that’s through just connecting on a relational level, or really providing a service like the Restore Connect so our facilities can justify using us over another company.