Hi, my name is Antonio Guajardo. I have the opportunity of being an account manager at Restore Home Health Care of Oklahoma. It’s an awesome opportunity, and I truly enjoy it, especially in the OKC Home Health market. There are several things I’ve learned since I began working here that have truly helped me that fall in line with the company’s vision as well. Restore home health care of Oklahoma and OKC Home Health. Truly value an immense number of things regarding taking care of patients. One huge thing that we value is relationships with accounts and medical facilities in the OKC Home Health area. See various medical facilities such as hospitals, assisted living centers, nursing homes, rehab centers, post-acute long-term care, short term care. All the different types of facilities that we call on require that we communicate effectively. These different facilities have care managers or social workers, or an individual that oversees the sending of a referral, which is a patient specifically in the OKC Home Health market. They’re assigned patients to take care of and ensure that they’re provided the best care. Now the reality is in the state of Oklahoma alone. OKC Home Health companies are a dime a dozen. There is a significant amount of them However, restore is one of the best, as I mentioned previously in talking about the Restore Connect that separates us from the other guys. There are also other things, and that’s what I’m going to be talking about in this article. The main thing that separates us is the Restore connect from a technological standpoint. But another thing is our trust that we’ve built with our accounts in OKC Home Health. And so, in this article, I want to break down some of the key factors that go into building trust with an account. And the 1st 1 is integrity. I take that back. The 1st 1 is consistency when it comes to building relationships with accounts, whether it be at Restore OKC Home Health or restore on health care of Oklahoma, Consistency is key. Don’t give up after the first try. I remember one of the first accounts that I walked into, and they gave me such a rude and mean looking look. The reality is this, especially at hospitals, case managers and social workers have hundreds of reps come in throughout the months that they’re there. Every day there’s multiple reps that come in and bombard their time and distract them with their hidden agendas. These individuals generally set a poor example, and they set the bar very low for the rest of the reps that go in because they leave a poor taste in the mouth of the case manager. Therefore, they had a poor experience with one rep one time, and now they think all reps are that way. It’s a classic stereotype situation. So immediately when you were walking in as a rep, you are operating from a disadvantage. If you were to go and meet a stranger, you wouldn’t know anything about them, and they wouldn’t know anything about you. And generally, you would just each set each other at a zero in your head base of zero. You’re not negative, but you’re not positive. But you’re going to find out after you meet them and get to know them when you’re a sales rep, because they’ve already met other reps that have come in there and broken their trust and used and abused them. Now you’re operating not from a zero, but from a negative five or negative one, depending on how bad they’ve been burned, and so instantly you have a disadvantage that you have to work out off, and this simply comes from consistency. The more that you show up every single week, the more that they’re going to trust you. Some accounts give trust sooner than others. Some accounts give trust later, and some accounts it takes longer to build. So, for example, there are There have been accounts that I have cold called and walked in, and I have received business from them or a referral from them within the first several weeks. They have also been some accounts that have walked in, and I still haven’t received a furled referral from them after months and months and months and months of showing up consistently. Regardless, the one thing that stands true is the law of consistency. If you are consistent long enough, the individual has no other choice eventually, but to send your business. But it’s can’t be consistency alone that build the relationship. You can’t just show up and stare at them. It’s also number two on my list, which is communication. Communication is extremely important. Essentially, when you’re consistent, you also must communicate well. One thing that a lot of reps do is that they go in and they bombard these people and they start throwing up all this information on to them. Now chances these people don’t really care. They know that home health care is a competitive industry, and if your company will get what needs to be done, they’re happy. And so, what it really comes down to is how effectively you can communicate with it with them, that you are going to be consistent with them in the future. If you can go in and communicate with them and let them know, Hey, I’m going to be consistent with you, and I’m going to ensure that the patient’s airway to well taking care of and I’m not going to annoy you. I’m going to honor your time, and you show them that they’re going to be much more likely to go with you, and so that’s very important. Communication is also key after they’ve sent you are a referral. After they’ve sent you a referral. Very few reps go back and communicate with the care manager and give them updates on the patient. Very few people do that, but you want to prove to them that you’re not just in it for the money. But you’re in it for the overall care of the patient, which is what restore home health care is all about. We’re not in it just to make money, although that’s the main reason anybody is truly in business. We also recognize that were in the health care industry. We also recognize that we can’t just provide mediocre care for our patients. We must provide some superior care, and we do that through multiple different facets that have been discussed in previous articles. All that to say, communication is key the third and final thing that I will be discussing today because there are many other things that go into it. But the third and final is integrity operate with integrity. It’s important that accounts know that you’re not just in it for the money. They need to see that you genuinely care, because so many people go in with this mentality that I’m going to just go in here to get something out of them. But they’re not willing to offer up anything you must be willing to offer up yourself. Your service is your time, your text message time you know, different service is that you offer. You must be willing to offer that up. People want somebody with integrity handling their patients. They want somebody that does what they say they’re going to do when they say they’re going to do it. They don’t want somebody who’s going to blow, smoke or lie about Their service is or lie about how quickly the patient can get started or lie about any of these other things. They want somebody who can go in and who they who they can trust. So, to recap, there’s three things that are very important when it comes to building trust with an account. The 1st 1 is consistency. Stay consistent, beat everybody else. Yes, there are 1,000,000 other reps in this industry, but there’s one thing that not everybody has, and that’s willpower and consistency. Outlast the other guys and you’ll get it. Number two communication. Staying open communication with your accounts and communicate effectively. Don’t babble off and waste their time. Number three integrity. Do what you say you’re going to do have integrity. Carry yourself with integrity because remember you’re representing the company that you work for. I’m representing restore home health care, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.