Working in the OKC Home Health industry, you always consider what could possibly go wrong. Or at least I always consider this, especially in the OKC Home Health market due to the competitive nature. Now, there’s not a lot that changes through my experience. We have been faced with a sickness that the world in the last 100 years has not faced, this contagious sickness I’m referring to is Covid-19, or most known as the Coronavirus. It’s interesting to see these changes and see how the responses of different facilities work or manage themselves while trying to minimize those the risk of their patients getting sick or even themselves 

I think it’s also been interesting here in the OKC Home Health market. Most recently the President of the United States made an official address and he instructed intensely that all skilled nursing facilities, hospitals and really any medical facilities to close the doors to any non-essential personnel. What’s been interesting to see is how quickly they took that to heart, and obviously, the benefit of doing that was in reference to their geriatric population. Of course, the Coronavirus is something that is statistically proving to affect the geriatric population and so anything that anyone can dto eliminate or minimize those risks for that population is something that should not be take lightly.  

Tcompanies like Restore Home Health in the OKC Home Health area it can be difficult to receive new patients during this pandemicWhile I hate to say that it has affected OKC Home Health agencies such as Restore Home Health, medical facilities have shut their doors for the safety and benefit of their patients, and many of them are operating a little differently in terms of who they let in. 

Some have new protocols and policies because of Covid-19. Some of our accounts here in the OKC Home Health area have different visiting hours or limitations, even going as far as shutting down their facilities to anyone not working there. This is important and responsible in order to help protect our geriatric community. Here in the OKC Home Health market we’re striving to follow those new regulations professionally and taking these new policies seriously. We’re striving to follow what’s being dictated to us in terms of how we conduct business, because way cannot go face to face with our account decision makers, which is frustrating, however, we’re nothing except compliant and understanding, because this is for the benefit and health and well-being of our patients inside the hospitals before they come to our OKC Home Health service’s.  

Lately I’ve what I’ve been able to deal is conduct a lot of my business from the phone, which I naturally find uncomfortable and at time ineffective. But in the OKC Home Health marketplace, and I’m sure all over the country right now, home health representatives are being restricted to what they can and cannot deal with, even in some of my most beloved accounts not being able to be there because their policies are dictated such that we cannot enter their facility to help with home health in those moments of need. So, I’ve made it a priority to help them from a distance. I must understand that’s the safest thing right now for their geriatric population.  

I’ve been able to conduct more business through phone calls, calling in and checking in, seeing how their needs are being met, seeing if they need anything. I have wonderful relationships with all my accounts and being able to help them navigate their way through this pandemic has been more fulfilling then I could have anticipated. The reason why is their OKC Home Health needs air still relevant. These facilities can’t just let anyone in. Like I have mentioned before, only their essential staff can show up to work. So, it’s important I get creative with how I help my facilities I work with. For example, rather than just maintaining relationship over the phone, I have been setting up lunch deliveries for their whole facility, working on setting up events that don’t require a lot of people. The point in doing these things is to represent what it looks like going the extra mile for them.  

So, with Covid-19 2020 we are being strictly limited on what we can and cannot do inside of any of our accounts. Some of our strongest of accounts here in the OKC Home Health area are closing their doors to us, their own official lock down from their administrators not to let anyone inside. We fall into that criteria of nonessential building personnel. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to overcome and move past this Coronavirus pandemic. However, until then, I find it important to continue working with many of my accounts, in order to help their patient. Their residents essentially go home and allow us as clinicians to go into the home, keep them safe, keep them away from going to the hospital and help them in that process.