Hey, my name is Jay. I work with Restore Home Health Care of Oklahoma. I work in the OKC Home Health market, and I had the opportunity to visit with a patient and their family today, and I just leaving the account that I have a close relationship with. I wanted to offer how that conversation went and all the concerns and questions that they had to be able thelp others understand what that process looks like. So what? What goes into what goes into an account manager like me to be able to earn opportunities and grow a closeness in relationship? To be able to help these patients with those decision makers goes a little bit like this. Um, obviously, the first and foremost is building that relationship with the account healthcare facility, the skilled nursing, the hospital, whatever that looks like, then it’s being consistent. It’s being dependable and communicative with your referral source in order to earned those opportunities to help them, help their patients discharge home and be comfortable and confident that the nurses and therapists that are going to be in their home are not only trustworthy but capable of helping them transition home and helping them gain that strength and endurance to fully rehabilitate from their procedures. Of course, Um so visiting with the patient and their family. Obviously, no matter why the patient is being referred to home health the patient, I always consider them in a very uncomfortable position or even situation. Not only do they have to pick some random person to come in and visit with them and try and help with their needs after they’ve been discharged, even if it was something less acute or even up to including a stroke or a hip surgery, where nursing visits and physical therapy and at times occupational and speech therapy are necessary disciplines to bring in the home if I can go in and I’ll always advocate for this. But if I can go in and visit with the referral source, thesis killed nursing with the hospital, whatever that is, visit with them, learn about the patient and then from there, go in and visit with the patient and their family. That’s crucial for me. I believe in what I call warm handoffs, and that is just going in and answering questions for those patients and their families. Like I said, because they are in a vulnerable position, they’re expected to make big decisions and must go home with these random people and random companies. So what I like to do, like I said, as a warm hand off and uh, it’s going in and asking those sensitive questions, confirming patient demographics, their address, their contact information, answering some questions, some questions. I frequently get our house. How quickly are we going to come out? So, with restore home health in Oklahoma City, we guarantee service is within 48 hours with consideration to insurance authorization. But 99% of the time, we’re going to go see our patients here in the Oklahoma City area, at least within the 1st 48 hours. And, honestly, no patient and their family and, of course, family members need to experience or the lack of health care attentiveness outside of 48 hours. Once they’ve been discharged, we need to. Act quickly, be swift in our decision process, to be able to go and care for our patients as they just get home. So were first of all, going, you know, I would share with our with our patients here in the Oklahoma City area that our home health nurses are going to reach out to them within probably the 1st 24 to 48 hours schedule a visit, come and visit with them once they schedule that that visit And what? That you know, Then I Then I describe what that start of care visit looks like. So, when my home health nurse calls our patients here in Oklahoma City, they’re going to scheduled. That that appointment, of course. But then, obviously, when they follow through with that appointment, they’re going to talk about their medication. They’re going to talk about their diagnoses. They’re going to educate the patient. Um, if they have wound care if it’s a newly diabetic patient. If it’s, um, specific protocols from an orthopedic surgeon, whether it’s, you know, increased range of motion or wound care dressings or pressure dressing, whatever that looks like. Our OKC Home Health nurses visit with them on that started care appointment and teach and discuss about what that appointment looks like. And so, I shared just a little bit about what our nurses do for our patients. Because, like I said, when patients discharged from these facilities. It is taxing. It can be unsettling it makes them feel uncomfortable. I’ve noticed. And so what I strive for is helping my patients feel comfortable through the transition of wherever they’re discharging to, their OKC Home Health company so that they feel comfortable and confident in who they’ve selected for their OKC Home Health company, how we’re going to help and what we’re going to do, what we’re capable of doing for them. Um, oftentimes, their family members have questions on scheduling how often we’re going to come out things like that. And my answer to that is very simple. It’s dictated by the patient’s primary care physician and being able to communicate effectively with the primary care physician in the OKC Home Health area. We can understand we’re able to understand the expectations of the doctor so that the fulfillment of rehabilitation is successful for their patient. Our patient on home health and the ability to visit with that doctor have him sign orders and continue offering superior home health care to our patients is another thing that I like to visit with, because if the doctor needs physical therapy or if the patient needs speech therapy, whatever that is. My nerves. Excuse me. Restore Home Health Care’s nurse here in the OKC Home Health area will be able to go and kind of diagnosis, or at least put an evaluation request in so that our therapy team can go out and evaluate our patients and figure out what therapies or what disciplines the patient would benefit from the most. And so overall, um, having patients referred to OKC Home Health. We go in and to come full circle. Here I go in, and I like to visit with my referral source. I like to introduce myself to our patients or possible patients, help them answer questions and understand the processes and systems that we have in place as a company to be able to better help them. It’s an opportunity to confirm those demographics. It’s an opportunity to help them understand and answer those big questions about what is OKC Home Health. What can we offer? You know we are how we offer key differentiators. It’s not just physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, skilled nursing wound care. We offer orthopedic boot camps, cardiovascular programs, um, and of course Restore Connect, which helps patients agent place while reducing the risk of re admission. Because they have, you know, like I said, they can agent place and stay home a little bit longer, where they will thrive more than if they were if they live in a or move into an assisted living type facility or community. So, on those first visits, I, like to, go over some questions, discuss what home health looks like. Answer the additional questions. They haven’t confirmed their demographic page all of that, although kind of clerical category categories that it helps us as a company as restore home health in Oklahoma City. Toffer honestly better care because by doing that, going in helping our patients understand the necessity of home health answering those questions, it breaks down the barriers that they sometimes have so that they can trust who’s coming in their home. We can confirm their PCP so that we can get quicker access to two orders and communicate very effectively and efficiently with their doctor and continue their care, offering maximum disciplines to their recovery process.