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Good morning this is a poll Massereene with rice concepts and restore Hemphill’s to my right. I have the beautiful Andy Mathurin to his right. He has the beautiful Larry Montgomery and to Larry’s right we have the most beautiful Laurie Colobus How are you guys doing this morning.
Excellent excellent Every morning I called you.
Did you guys just all just so sad looking. This is ridiculous. Too much good looking in this room. So we’re here today to talk about restoring health who.
Is in actual fact the best home health company in Oklahoma and the world. And we’d like to discuss reasons why that is Andy is doing very well.
The small handful of them happen to be in the room with Larry and Laurie yourself and to talk about restored this morning. And so Laurie We’ll start with you if we could.
All right. OK. OK. So how are you doing this morning. Great. Thank you. Thank you. That’s good. Has a week been for you. Has we’ve been faced off.
First of all it’s been a great week. You know several times a challenge because we have nurses off on vacation which they all need. Right. It’s been great. It’s been great.
So it’s pretty important for the nurses to take time and get some time off from time to time just because of how hard they work.
Oh sure yeah everybody even our marketers right. They work as hard as anybody else out there. Sure. We all know we all need some downtime to refresh.
Yeah absolutely within us is how many patients typically do they see a week per week. Well we’ve got both our INS and LPN’s that restore the Aryans probably see anywhere from. Home Health in Oklahoma
Two to five depending on what kind what they’re doing. Usually they average run three or LPNs they usually see anywhere from six seven a day. Yeah that would be a good day for them.
So for those who aren’t in the medical field and may not be familiar with the differences between LPNs and Oren’s what would be the difference between the two.
Well I’ll tell you you know we’ve got LPN’s that are every bit as good as our. But primarily it’s it’s the amount of education that they have never seen an LPN licensed practical nurse. Usually that’s a two year program. OK. Right. Or taking a technical. OK. OK. Yeah. An associate’s degree and then a registered nurse. They go on to do a little bit more education where they’re able to do assessments evaluations come up with a plan of care with the physician. And then the LPN carries out. The plan of care. Home Health in Oklahoma
OK. So it is what does a nurse aide fit into. Into the equation.
Will they fit in very well at her store. Nursing is a very important very important yes.
I mean they have typically they have either three to four month training at a technical school and they become certified or they become certified and home health or long term care and then once they’re certified they either spend some time working in the long term care facility gain experience on how to properly transfer individuals say safely how to properly bathe someone how to properly change a bed with someone in it. So all of these things would be able to help someone you know with their activities of daily living. And then they come work for us. We’ve had one of our nurses aides in the office has worked for us for quite some time and she is phenomenal. I mean she is probably one of the best aids that’s ever worked for me ever and I’ve done home health for her at around time.
Wow. Yeah. I mean the nurse say it’s very very important. Nurse say that the services that they provide are not reimbursable by Medicare and most insurance agencies don’t pay for them either. But at restore We we know the importance of nurse aids. So we do we provide that anyway. You know like Larry was saying there in the home and they’re bathing the patient and they’re you know they’re really they’re much more intimate with those patients because of the of what they’re providing. So there’s a really strong connection between a nurse side and the patients and boy I’ll tell you the one that Larry was talking about in Tulsa. I think she’s probably the one person that I’ve ever worked with in any industry that’s never had a complaint. I don’t think I’ve ever heard one bad thing that is so effective. Yeah people go out of their way to call call us and let us know how wonderful she is. So if she’s a keeper for sure.
Well there you go. That’s good. Excellent. So that seems to be about three different levels of nurses essentially with the RNC LPNs say is there any other any other levels of nursing or levels of care that you guys provide outside of those three medical social.
Well aside from nursing Yeah we have the medical social worker and then the therapies physical therapy speech therapy rotational therapy. So we provide that as well. Home Health in Oklahoma
So you just you really generally have a a large team that you can help in patients with the most part and within this team there seems like there are specialties as well as I have some VNS is specialized in women. Some going to specialize in in different areas what would those different areas be. That you guys specialize in.
That’s sort of my sort of me. Yes. Some of our nurses are. Home Health in Oklahoma
Specialize in you know very complex skills like caring for tracheostomy. This is where you have an artificial airway that’s been created for some sort of disease process. So those nurses have had quite a bit of experience caring for tracheostomy removing intercranial and cleaning and teaching the family how to do this. We also have nurses have a tremendous amount of experience caring for a colostomy or ileostomy. We have nurses not all who have spent years working with wound care and different types of wounds. You know because women care is not just this this broad statement where you go will we have a nurse that knows how to care for women. There are specific types of wounds and specific stages in healing and specific types of drainage in each type of those wounds require a different type of care. And so nurses need to be very specialized and very up to date on the latest technology and there’s there and it’s forever changing and so those nurses are constantly reading and staying up to date on the new products that are out there that increase the healing time and restore works with a great organization that sends us information on a regular basis that you know shows the research and the science behind wound care healing because you know the sooner a wound heals the quicker you remove yourself from the risk of infection and so you have nurses to do with care. We have nurses that are are phenomenal when it comes to education. And so you know we don’t talk about that a whole lot. Home Health in Oklahoma
But education is is the key to teach you know is the key for someone managing their disease process. So you know we have some nurses that are are are.
Absolutely amazing at doing that. Well. That’s. Home Health in Oklahoma
Something I’ve noticed about Restore. This is just the work ethic of members of staff that work that I know as a as a member of staff myself I can attest to the environment that. There is such a success driven environment. Now Forbes magazine states that you know seven 70 percent of workers aren’t engaged at work. You know they they hate their job essentially. Now I don’t see that ever stop them. So what is the big secret. What do you guys do differently to keep your members of staff engaged. Do you have a bunch of events so you know get them involved. You know give them more responsibility. What is the secret that must be some kind of you know secret sauce that you guys put on the put on the meat that it makes you make things the way they are. So please please share with us.
OK. Have to back up 70 percent of people are not engaged.
Absolutely. That’s terrible. Absolutely. That’s terrible. I’m sorry for the 70 percent. We are hearing about 70 percent of the world. Will be engaged in being gay.
Is there a secret to it. Well you know. I don’t know that there is a secret. I do know that that it starts from the top and that kind of filters down Larry and I have talked an awful lot about that. I mean I think when you’re creating a team and a good team there’s a chemistry that you begin to feel and see that you don’t know how you create I just know I just know it when when I see it and we have that. I mean we do we you know pass along try to pass along our enthusiasm for what we do and the purpose for what we do. And I think that that’s contagious. Just like when you have kind of a. No pun intended Debbie Downer that filters through. I also you know know that when when you’re surrounded by people who who feel like they have a purpose and feel appreciated and know what they’re doing. And are supported in that that’s contagious as well. And so that’s what we try to do.
It makes perfect sense. Do you think there’s a lot of information out there on home health for specifically you know this is there I got to school for two or four years. Know especially they are and they’re coming out and they’re thinking about going to a hospital like in the hospital possibly. Do you think there’s enough information out there for us to understand that there are options for home health company. And what do you look for then do you look for somebody who has more experience initially or maybe somebody fresh out of school. Home Health in Oklahoma
What do you think. Well let Larry do that and we got to look for individuals that have had some experience in home care. It’s not and it’s not necessary.
However the experience in home care makes it easier for us to to to train those individuals in our policies and procedures individuals that come into our organization who meet the chemistry criteria so to speak and we connect and we mesh and we know that this person is right for our organization. You know we’ll spend a little bit more time with them training. You know home health is you know a lot of times and I’ve been in nursing for a long time and I’ve heard people say to me oh home health that’s that’s where people go to retire. That’s where people go who you don’t really want to utilize their skills. Well unfortunately they’re wrong. The thing about home health is that you have to be highly trained in lots of different skills and lots of different areas. And when you work in a hospital setting you’re typically assigned to one unit of the hospital where you use one type of skill whether it’s cardiovascular whether it’s you’re working on the rehabilitation unit or you’re working on the surgical unit and home health. Our nurses have to be trained in all of those skills. And so they work with all of those individuals. And so you can’t just have a nurse that’s not able to care for each type of patient. So we have to spend quite a bit of time training those nurses and then teaching them about rules and regulations and Medicare and all of those wonderful things that keep me tied up for hours every day. But you know those things are important.
You know we you know even though I can sort of kind of make fun of them those things are important because you know restore store we take pride in the fact that we understand the regulations and that we’re going to be ahead of the game following the regulations. Home Health in Oklahoma
So yeah I think you know home health as a service is so valuable. I think you know when somebody has surgery or they’re in hospital for some kind of reason the more time they spend in hospital that’s more time where a bed is taken up with somebody else can be that one and two.
So it’s very expensive to stay in a hospital for a very long period of time. And Home Health provides an additional option to where you can go home and you know for instance you may not be ready to go home because you still need care. And this is where they can come out and take care of you in the comfort of your own home and if you need additional equipment there are options for that as well so that your home can literally become a hospital at home which you know a lot of the time people are kind of intimidated by the hospital environment so that provides an option for them as well you know home health in Oklahoma as you know. It’s particularly good when we’re dealing with restoring health I’m sorry Larry we’re going to say something. Home Health in Oklahoma
Well I was just going to say I was just talking to a patient yesterday about that very thing and she made the comment she didn’t know that she would be ready to go home. She’s going to have a knee replacements notion is going to be ready to go home in a day. And she just made a comment that they just push you out of there so quickly and they do. They do not only for joint replacement but you know for everything you’re discharged now the hospital sooner than they used to discharge. Yes but things are changing. Things have changed. And you know it’s more important than ever especially with the emphasis on decreasing re rehospitalization. So they’re utilizing home health much more. It’s it’s as much or more important than it’s ever been.
No I can never be in this. You know like a needle in a freak out. Let’s get into bed. I really do respect the role that nurses play you know in home health in Oklahoma and in the hospital setting as well. Now a son of a lady who has 11 to 12 years of our experience has worked the majority of her career in the hospital setting and now has is taking a very important integral role in home health in Oklahoma specifically working for Risto with a very strong British accent. And now she is very much and very much enjoys it. Home Health in Oklahoma
Now as I was saying you know the nurses in a home health food and he’s been extremely diversified and being able to take care of a plethora of different patients with different needs. Now also Larry is saying it doesn’t make home health nurses any better than hospital nurses because this is play an important role. But from hearing from what mother has been saying about home health this is very challenging very challenging because you never really know what the next patient is going to need. And so you have to be well equipped and prepared to be out to take care of a diverse range of patients. Wouldn’t you guys agree.
Oh yeah yeah. I mean I agree with that. And you know my experience over the years is that when you’re out there your you’re not alone.
I mean you’re constantly connected to the office. Technology has allowed us to be in constant communication with each other. You know that wasn’t the case. You know 20 years ago or you know. I won’t go into how long ago it was I started in home health all over 20 years ago. You know we weren’t you know we were in constant communication with each other but now we have the ability to communicate our home health nurses have the ability to stay in constant communication they have the ability to access the patient chart at the point of care which allows for a better interpretation of the data.
It allows for quicker access for input. It allows for a better quality of care because what happens is more people are on the same page at the same time in real time. And so it just it just allows the nurses and the nurses constantly connected in that sense. However they do have this sort of they do have to have this sense of autonomy about what they’re doing because they’re on their own. Home Health in Oklahoma
You know they’re responsible for themself. They don’t have a supervisor standing over them all the time saying you need to be in this room or that room. You need to be in this place or that place they’re given a schedule and they have a responsibility to cover that schedule and see those home care patients by the end of the day. And if there’s a problem that comes up they have to communicate with physician. They have to wait for the physician to call back give orders on how to care for that patient. And so home health is just you know this sort of kind of. Overseeing
of that one patient that you’ve seen today and then that that care may carry into the next day where it may carry into two days or it may carry into a week.
And so you know the thing that you note is the problem that you notice while you were doing your home care of it is it may carry over for two or three days. And
so you know these nurses you know that work out there who are in constant communication also have this sort of responsibility of being on their own and caring for these patients as sort of kind of style that that’s completely different than any other nursing home.
Now Larry you obviously have a wealth of knowledge about her health but I would say all things out almost as far as the Google Google have home health. You know forget Google just just ask Larry. Home Health in Oklahoma
You know so you know you see a great resource for the nurses marketers and pretty much anyone you know about anything. So how many times would you say you know on average per day what would you say that you’re contacted with a question and guidance. Do you have more more more time where your phone is ringing than not. Or is there any time we have downtime many times on average would you say the low cost 428 eight.
I don’t and I don’t see that information and I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep track of how many times nurses are in contact with you. It’s just a scary statistic.
But the wonderful thing is as you know Laurie and I have been able to surround ourselves with some very competent leadership individuals and those nurses from supervisors to our direct care in nursing have the ability to capture the majority of those questions before they arrive at our telephone. And so you know so it’s not nearly as much phone calls or questions as it used to be when Laura and I first started so it’s it’s a little easier now. You know there are days where the phone rings nonstop you know morning till night but you know the thing is is is you know we put our heart into this and we believe in what we’re doing and we’re passionate about it. Home Health in Oklahoma
And so if there’s a question we want to be in the middle of it so we can help solve the problem. Laurie I’d like to.
Kind of take you back into time just a little bit to way back way back.
I’m sorry. That’s a song. It was like it was just going to fall somewhere.
So you mentioned this is this was last week you kind of mentioned about how you first started. How do you think things have changed in terms of the message to get across. You have a sales force you have a team you send out of people. You obviously have a lot of different locations now. What. How does that differ from when you first started talking about restoring and doing things back back when back to now back in the day.
The way we used to do these things everything is change. I mean it really has I mean I think a big part of it is. You know with time comes experience with experience comes a little bit of maturity and we figure out how to do things better. You know when I first started.
You know we truly did we started out of our car. We didn’t know if it was going to work or if it wasn’t going to work. Well then when it did work and then when I went on to. Home Health in Oklahoma
Buy store used to be home healthcare of a common OutServe store home healthcare of Oklahoma I mean that was really you know not to go too deep into it but it was a it was a blessing. At that time and I mean it really was it was it it was timed perfectly.
And it it kind of came at the end of a really dark season for me. And so when we kind of right in the middle of the process of buying the company knowing Larry was coming and thinking of names we didn’t want to change it too much but restore it couldn’t have been called anything other than restore because it really was. You know it was restoration for you know kind of a season that I had gone through and you know not only personally but also you know in terms of patients and you think about what’s been taken from them. You know we really want to be a part of the team that helps restore what was taken from him and that’s you know their health their independence whatever it might be. So you know his store has a very very personal. Meaning to me. But. We also know that it is. It’s helping a lot of people. You know it’s helping a lot of people and just that purpose. You know I now have a purpose with restore that I didn’t really have at the beginning when I first started you know it was kind of a oh let’s see if this works. So you know and we just kind of stumbled onto it which I learned so much and I couldn’t do what I do now had I not gone through that. So you know it was definitely a learning experience. It was wonderful. It was awesome but it doesn’t compare to what we do right now. Right. Not at all sure. Home Health in Oklahoma
Well you can tell just speaking clinically. You know in the beginning of this conversation there’s a lot that is coming out that are in the in the field with patients and there’s a lot of people being taken care of. But you can also tell your thoughts certainly in the company and you to Larry. And then also how does that get displayed out to your sales team. I guess we could have Paul talked about how are you. How is your messaging display and kind of the heart now they’re restoring. And you know what a difference it makes to the community.
Well I think it’s very very important to understand that Lori Beth Laurie and Larry do truly care about their patients and truly care about their business and the way that they are the images portrayed.
And I think that resonates really I mean all you have to do is listen to what Larry just said and the way it’s communicated you can really feel it. It really resonates in the words they used. And even in the meetings that we have and every interaction I mean it’s not just something that is turned on and off is something that all the time and that’s communicated to us to us market is directly. I mean you can feel it and so when we’re going out there we’re talking to you know case managers or doctors nurses medical social workers you know the very same feeling they get from us you know they know that there’s something different. The fact that we truly care about patients is not all about going in there and getting the Medicare even though the Medicaid patients are very important just as all the other patients are important. But unfortunately there are home health companies out there that do just go chase them Medicare patients and do just go and chase the money and that’s not what we’re about. You know and they get that from from meeting us. And the message that we that we put across. So that answer your question without too much hyperbole. Home Health in Oklahoma
You know let me back up for just a minute and go back to the whole chemistry thing and team members I’ll tell you what Larry and I interviewed Paul.
That’s probably the best interview we’ve ever had. So go wow that was an interview very very well. Well we didn’t get it.
We didn’t let him in on that. We saw her through the phone call. I thought that’s how we roll.
I had to get in a second but I think we both knew when we met Paul that you know he certainly had the energy. He certainly you know had the willingness to learn and at the end of the day you want somebody especially marketing who just won’t quit right. You know it just doesn’t matter what happens. Just don’t quit. Just keep doing it. Just keep doing it and you know we got that feeling from Paul and he proves us right every day.
Thank you. Home Health in Oklahoma
And I will say that I will add to  the transition. You know in my own story or transitioning into a story there is a. And Laurie you know she talks about coming out of a dark and then and then restored you know sort of creating a purpose and restore is I think that’s a story for not just her but that story.
For me too you know there’s a there’s a great deal of what I like to call red. It’s a resurrection story of my own life. And so when that happens while participating in what we’re doing at Rashe door and so the two seem to kind of mesh together. And so my own life you can have you know I’m not going to go into detail is changed so much. Home Health in Oklahoma
You know it’s so me I come up from some very difficult places while we’ve been doing this so it’s been a restoration or a resurrection of my own life which you know I attribute to you know being able to have this flexibility in this organization. So that passion and in changing who I am bleeds over into what we’re doing and I think that’s the same for Laurie. Home Health in Oklahoma
We see you know from difficult places we see that those things need to transcend into what we’re doing. This is not just a business but this is a mission. You know this is a service to the community. And so where we’ve come from you know we want to not only live that out and live it out. Well we also want to portray that message to the people that work with us. You know the people that come on board and become part of the team and once people get that same message and they get that same passion you know they start to have their own resurrection story.
They start to have their own rich store story and so it’s really an exciting thing to experience together with a group of people.
Actually it’s beautiful I really do. You know we talked a lot about restoration today. We’re going to end on that note of restoration from Restore home health of Oklahoma. And this has been a brilliant podcast and enjoyed this with you guys for the next week and everybody out there have a fantastic day.