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All right we are bumpin and we all jump in. My name is Paul restore home health and I have the one and only Larry Mongomery right here with me. How are you doing Larry.
I’m doing well thank you very much for that wonderful introduction.
Absolutely fantastic. William on the walk the walk. Now today we’re here to talk about some home health services in Oklahoma. So Larry in the most layman of terms what is home health and what is it for. Home health services in Oklahoma
Well I mean the name pretty much describes what it is we provide good care in the home. That’s a wonderful question. But we don’t want to leave it as simple as that. Right. So every store home health care being that we pride ourselves on providing the best home health in the northeast Oklahoma and central Oklahoma.
We send nurses into individuals homes who are requiring some sort of assistance after surgery or requiring some sort of assistance for a chronic condition. And sometimes those services include physical therapy occupational therapy speech therapy or home health aide. In addition we provide social worker services. So you know that’s sort of kind of the the gist of home health is that we can do pretty much what they do at the hospital you know with the exception of some of those really high tech things. So home health care services especially restore home health care services. You know we we we try to do we try to keep people in their home as long as possible providing services that you might receive at a skilled nursing facility or you would receive at a hospital.
Excellent excellent. Now hospitals they do provide a lot of really good quality care especially in hospitals and Oklahoma but there’s nothing that substitutes that feeling that you have a home right Larry.
That’s correct. That’s correct. There are a lot of statistics and studies out there that say that people get better when they’re at home and when they’re in their own environment. Home health services in Oklahoma
Naturally we all feel better when we’re at home when we’re sick where do we want to be we want to be at home in our own beds. I do miss a warning this early.
I want to be at home in my own bed but you know the case being is that when people are in the hospital there is constant interruptions.
There’s an inability to sleep there in an unfamiliar environment and study after study shows that people especially elderly people seniors become confused about the kind of care that they’re receiving. And then now when they go home and they receive nursing and physical therapy in those things is that they progress. More quick they progress quickly. Being that they’re in their own environment they’re in they’re doing their own daily routine.
Excellent excellent. Good stuff. Now if I was a sick patient right. Home health services in Oklahoma
And I need it which might be the case which might be the case in the kind of services we don’t provide which is psych nursing.
Yes exactly. So let’s just say I am a sick patient you know what. I had knee surgery which is kind of more realistic for I mean you know being the athlete that I am correct etc.. But so but what I really would want to know is how do I make sure that I get a good home health company no and no restore home health is a fantastic company. So as a patient. How to empower myself to make the decision that I want to go with restore. Do I have the power to do that.
Yes. I mean that’s one of those things is when you’re searching for a home health agency Number one it’s always important to go out there and look do your search do your work put the time in and look for those agencies that have great reviews on google home health agencies that have good star ratings on home health compare you know Medicare’s created a Web site that allows you to compare agencies next to each other and then if you’re needing home care services you know a lot of physicians are have relationships with different home care agencies.
But if you’ve found yourself in a position where you need home health care services and you’re wanting to restore home health care because you’ve heard about us or you’ve had a friend that’s had us or you read some of the Google reviews about us or you read some of our Facebook reviews or you’ve seen some of our testimonials. Then what you would do is you would just simply ask your physician to refer you to restore home health care. The thing about home health and the thing about any of the services that you receive outside of your physician and with your physician is those are your choice. Those are the things that you get to choose. And home health care is one of those things that is at the top of the list of things is you get to choose and you know also you have to do is say you know I would prefer to go with restore home health care. Home health services in Oklahoma
Great stuff great stuff and you know something I really love about working with him. Health care is the things that the company does side of delivering home health services now one of my first experiences as an employee at home health was driving all the way to Stigler how they’re there in northeast Oklahoma. And really having the opportunity to serve serve the community there are shouts out to Stigler a high school football team go Stigler high school football team. Now what we did is you know after the game we provided a bunch of food for them though. Larry one thing you guys might not know about Larry one of many amazing things is that he is a fantastic chef. Home health services in Oklahoma. Yeah he can he can smoke some he can smoke some meat right now.
Yes right. That is my hobby and my passion in life is to cook food and to give that food away. So I mean I’ve I’ve spent many years cultivating the art of smoking meat which is a science by the way. Absolutely.
And you know I think it goes hand-in-hand with the home health care and home health care services that we are serving people. And one of the basic needs that people have is you know at the core who they are is being able to have food. And so one of my greatest passions in life is to make sure that that people have plenty to eat and not just you know on the lines of feeding the Stigler football team. We always want to make sure that you know restore is always involved in Mission projects and service projects where we’re providing food for hungry and the needy in our communities and we encourage others to do the same.
Absolutely. Also you mentioned that I recall in the early morning when we were setting up to feed to feed the homeless there in Tulsa which was in North Texas which was a very very humbling and also a fantastic experience. Outside of that. Are there any patients that we have that you can think of where you have helped them outside of their home health needs. Perhaps any patients that don’t have a home or anything like that.
Right. I mean restore home health care. We we try to go above and beyond for our patients in the sense that we we want they become our family. And when once someone becomes part of your family I mean how do you care for your family. I mean you have to ask yourself the same question the question we ask ourselves every day is individually we know our patients by name they’re not just a number to us. And so if we have a patient that’s in need we want to make sure that we go above and beyond to try to meet that need. You know I mean there are regulations and things of that nature that prevent us from doing certain things you know Medicare says you can’t provide free things to our patients. But you know there are there are ways that you can connect the patient to services that will help them get where they need to be in today’s society. Home health services in Oklahoma
And you know and so we’ve had patients that have come to us who have been homeless they’ve lived in shelters. And so we have worked with them diligently trying to connect them with services through social work and through various community programs and Correctional Services ministries churches and those things to try to get them moving from a position of being homeless into a into a setting that works for them. It’s very unfortunate that you would find someone who is homeless and also homebound. You know it doesn’t make sense you would ask yourself why this doesn’t make sense. Well it happens all the time in our community. We have had a number of people who have found themselves in a situation where they have lost their home and they’ve ended up in a shelter and they are very sick. They are very ill. They move to the top of the list when it comes to number one needing home health care services and restore. Home health services in Oklahoma. Typically we find ourselves at the top of that list of being referred to because we go out of our way to make sure we connect people and get them in in an appropriate home situation. And so we’ve been able to help people move from the Tulsa’s Tulsa’s homeless shelter Salvation Army and moving into their own apartments and we and we pride ourselves on that. And we we’ve been able to work with the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma and getting people connected with mental health services and things of that nature.
Excellent excellent. Now I I’ve had a lot of questions out there in the market from patients who are potential handheld patients and a lot of the other patients are worried of a huge out-of-pocket expense because you know a service like home health is such is such a privilege to be able to deliver such a service but it’s also very needed and needed service no for services like this. You would think that they would cost you know hundreds of thousands that the patients have the power they put it right Larry. Home health services in Oklahoma
Well I mean I think people go into that thinking that you know in a lot of times when we admit people to home care services they they go Well how much is this going to cost me. You know I’m on a fixed income I can’t afford to do this. And we you know first of all if you’re on Medicare Medicare Part A and B we tell you right off that we accept exactly what Medicare pays. Sometimes Medicare doesn’t pay us anything. They look at our claim and they say no we’re not going to pay you anything for that and we accept what they pay so that’s $0 that’s exactly what we accept you know so we tell our individuals on Medicare a and b that we take exactly what Medicare pays. You don’t have anything to worry about. And we’re going to provide the services that have been ordered by your physician and we’re going to give you the best care that we possibly can with without regard to how much we’re going to be paid for. Paid for to take care of you.
You see that right there Larry that is why I believe that health care is the best out there. You know putting people first and people’s needs first and not their own as far as a business business venture goes which is which really does set the company apart now. So if somebody wants to know a little bit more about restoring health care outside of what we discussed today what what would you say the best move is.
Well right now the best move is to talk to individual one on one. Home health services in Oklahoma
I mean I always encourage people to just call and ask questions. You can always find out more about our home health care services and restore home health care by calling our Tulsa office 9 1 8 7 4 7 1 3 2 0 you can ask for me. My name is Larry Montgomery. I’m the administrator. You can ask for Laurie clover. She’s the owner. Or you can ask for Tanya MARTIN She’s a director of nursing were always available. We can speak with you we can talk about home care services we can answer your questions your fears. I think a lot of people that try to stay away from home care service because they think that this might be the next step to them losing their home or going into long term care facility. But really it’s the next step for you staying in your home and staying healthy and staying well and getting better. And so you know I always encourage people to just call have a one on one conversation learn more about home health care services and again that number is 9 1 8 7 4 7 1 3 2 0. And feel free to call anytime. We have nurses that answer the phone calls 24 hours a day seven days a week and we have some fantastic nurses who are on call they’re very knowledgeable about home health. We have over with our current group in Tulsa we have over 100 years of experience with our nurses. And that says a lot about who we are because we have people who stay with us and work with us and believe in what we’re doing.
This is not just a job it’s not just a it’s not just an organization and another company this is our mission this is our service to the world.
Excellent Larry. Thank you so much. Now that’s it that’s about all we have for you right now. Larry the man that can and pull James Mathurin from Restore home health making the world a bright place. One patient at a time. That’s right. Have a great day. Home health services in Oklahoma