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Well good morning this is Andy Mathurin from Rise consulate’s. And today I’m going to be introducing you to my lovely brother Paul Mathurin. Good morning. Good morning. Oh yes. Representing restore home health.
That’s right is representing restore home health care of Oklahoma and we are going to talk about a few different things today. We’re going to cover sales. We’re going to cover restore itself. We’re going to cover a fantastic joint replacement therapy problem. Map down road right now is that right. That’s quite right. That’s quite right. The good stuff you know I wanted to bring up the fact that there are so many different people in so many different industries. The cell that if you’re just talking about the medical industry just off the top of the head in you know in the shoes of Soden you have pharmaceutical sales medical device sales. You have compounding sales. You also have. Home health care sales and there’s many other sales. But in terms of just covering just those four. How would you feel the.
You know how different they all are or how interrelated I we sit there and Andy you mentioned that in so many different industries we sell. And I think people tend to underestimate how much sales is actually in society right now. You know you do have you know the home health care companies and you know pharmaceutical companies and whatnot but let’s take it back a second. Let’s take it back a second. When we were kids. One of the monsters the masses of cells I don’t know about any other kids but I certainly was you know I wanted some candy. You know I’d make sure that I got that Candy the best way I gave myself the best chance to have that Candy. Right. So then he pitched the sale to your parents. You know Mom what do I have to do.
What do I have to do for you to be out to acquire that marshmallow on the shelf over there. You know. So you know sales sales are a part of our lives is a big part of our lives and I think you know in most industries if not all industries there is some element of sales especially if it if there is growth required to be successful which in most cases growth is required. Right. But you know to answer your question Andy you know that there are lots of different forms of sales. And one of my personal experience is in the realm of home health. And you know I feel like it’s to be successful it sounds you ought to be good at building relationships. You’re going to go out there and you don’t have relations of people because you can’t necessarily so without trust. You know I’m fortunate I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that does have an amazing product. And so you know once people have experienced restore home health care and the product that they they provide in the form of a service you know it doesn’t necessarily require too much persuasion because they experience that great service restore himself does it restore home health care of Oklahoma does have a boot camp joint replacement therapy program which they’re very very famous for. You know just the other day actually I went to an office just to pick up some paperwork because as you know that’s that’s part of my responsibilities as a marketer in relationship building.
Sometimes I have to pick up paperwork and or I bumped into a patient that you know was wearing the t shirt the free T-shirt that is provided with the bootcamp joint replacement therapy program. And you know she didn’t know me from Adam you know but she came up to me and she’s like hey young man you’re a good looking young man you know that happens from time to time you just come unstuck sometimes you know that could you see her with a mountain of paperwork you’re carrying in your hands.
It was hard. I was like who is who goes there who goes. Is that why you are so muscly. Just because you carry mountains of paperwork. Yes. In fact that is my secret you know on a daily basis that they had to carry around mountains of paper and boxes of T-shirts boxes and lovely ladies does pull you over to the side. Absolutely. Absolutely. And from time to time I’ll take treats to my referral sources. You know it’s so you know that there’s a lot that I have to carry and that people that often know that they think I spent time in the gym. But you know.
After after this small digression that this patient said to me you know you’re a good looking young man. What are you doing around here. You know. Well she started off the conversation probably didn’t she. She did.
Yeah. I think that was probably the most important part of this conversation I would imagine. It really was. It really was. I didn’t really know quite what to say. I was a little embarrassed. I was a little embarrassed. But I said Well thank you for the compliment.
You know a young lady. And I said I can’t help but notice that you’re wearing a restore home health care of Oklahoma. Boot camp replacement therapy program. And it came out a lot smoother at that time.
You know I had one eyebrow raised in the elbow leaning against it don’t know if she didn’t mistake you for me. No no. I’m not sure it’s the answer to that question. Right.
You know I didn’t actually tell her my name I was so flabbergasted by her amazing comment that she was wearing that T-shirt and she was representing restore home health care so well and she was so happy. And I said Can I ask you young lady. Did you enjoy your experience with the restore home healthcare bootcamp joint replacement therapy program did you enjoy your experience and she said Paul. She saw my name badge at this point I think that’s what my name was Paul. I can tell you something right now. I’ve had the most amazing experience your staff is professional. Your staff is friendly your staff knows exactly what they’re doing. Knowledgeable. Thank you. That’s who has the faith in restore home health care of Oklahoma that we’re going to get the job done. Not only are we going to get the job done. All right. We’re going to get the job done right. And so you know experiences like that that make me realize I’m working for a fantastic company and that there really isn’t really any comparison as far as that goes. Good.
That’s good. You know going back to sales when you talked about going back in time. So it’s a. Lot to go back in time a little bit to a time when we were first in sales. Now most people can relate to that they don’t like rejection. I’m not sure if I’ve met anybody that really enjoys rejection. Even on a basketball court if somebody goes up and does a lap and somebody rejects them do they like that. No. Most people in fact I think 100 percent of people don’t want to get rejected in any way shape or form try to dance with a girl once get rejected leverage they get another form. Nobody likes that. So why would you want to get in front of somebody and get rejected. And why does it happen all the time in the very very beginning of sales no matter what the sales are. You call somebody they don’t want to hear it you get nervous you say OK you hang up and you feel defeated defeated you get in front of a surgeon for the first time off to being at training for a month thinking that you know. What you need to express. But once you get in front of them and you get a little flustered and they can see that and they completely deny you. It it doesn’t feel good public face. But yet it’s it’s not normal. It’s supposed to happen that way so that you can learn and you can improve and you can get more confident. And it happens across the board review.
Pharmaceutical sales where you have to be cautious because you can’t pretend that you know because you could literally put somebody in danger and harm if you give them the wrong information. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. That’s going to work. They come back next to my patient go into a lot of trouble because he told me the wrong thing. If that happens it could be a job on the line a medical device. A Just go ahead just go ahead. That’s fine you can do that right now. Press that button kaboom something happens that’s not that’s not good.
Hopefully that to me. Capones in surgery you don’t see that wouldn’t be a very hilarious event.
Quite the opposite. And so. And then also you have home health one of the cabins in home health that you want to avoid.
Well there are a lot of booms really. I mean I think you really touched on that pretty well. As far as you know as salespeople I feel like where people please you know we want to say yes we want it to be a comfortable environment and you know if a doctor asked can I do this. You know the first response is Oh absolutely. Go ahead. You do your thing right. But that doesn’t always work out so well you know that that comes with knowing your product. It comes with having a knowledge of his service and what it is you can and can provide. Now when I first started home health I was a yes man and I wanted I wanted everyone to feel very comfortable in the environment I didn’t ever want to use that term. No the word no because the word no to me at the time was kind of more and more of a projection in and of itself. I didn’t want to reject the doctors. I didn’t want to reject the case. So Paul can you provide X Y Z therapy. Ken when asked to provide X Y Z therapy yes. Yes they can. If they can’t I’m going to go and do it myself. And then what they’re doing is what I’m saying. And so I just didn’t want to say no. And so now I put myself and not only myself my company in some precarious situations. Joint replacement therapy
And so I learned from that from that mistake so I Ka-Boom songy question is just by not necessarily knowing of your company and what they can and cannot provide and then saying yes to something that just isn’t necessarily something you know that you can do you know say paint yourself in a corner.
Right you have to get out of that corner. Now what was the best thing to do. As I was saying is it just to really know what it is that you can provide. Now the flipside to that is realizing how much of a small deal it is when you are completely transparent and knowledgeable about your product because no doesn’t necessarily always mean it’s rejection. No sometimes it can mean hey you know it’s not him healthcare doesn’t necessarily provide that service. However I do know the companies that could help them out and then that Nessus that creates a stronger bond you know because you’ve got that honesty that he’d help them out and he provide them with the company that you trust. That does provide that service. And there you go you’ve created a stronger bond with that with that referral source and that’s happened multiple multiple times for me that I believe that’s why you know I get the amount of referrals that I do it’s because they can count on me as a person if I cannot take care of business myself or find somebody who can. Joint replacement therapy
That’s very good. That’s very good. And it’s the tenacity as well. I think you know you just in your statements you’re showing tenacity. There’s a lot of people out there that will listen to others in terms of not really pursuing because of where others have failed. And I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes in sales that people make. Just because it was very hard for 10 other people it doesn’t mean it’s not going to be for you but it does mean that you can pursue and really make that sale or help those people or really provide a service. Become friends whatever it may be with those customers. And I had a situation in my very first year of pharmaceutical sales where. I was told by partners that would try for a few years. You might want to leave. That person alone. She is not interested in a neurologist and she was very very busy. And every single week I would buy the exact same time and I would just leave the some information. Every week consistently at the same time. And then one day for about six weeks she was there waiting at the window. Just to let me know that she had read the information she was certainly interested and allow me to to seek some more time with her. Joint replacement therapy
You know after sitting down with her having a little in service having lunch we’re able to really discover the patients needed needed the product and you know we we really just just with consistency that is that one neurologist’s that one physician not only was able to help her patients but she was able to. A project meets and literally number one in the country along with one of my partners as well who is very happy about the consistency. I’m really just doing something a little different and doing something outside of what others were willing to do which which paid off in the end. But that was a big big learning experience for me of just like I said being consistent and working hard and me being diligent can really pay off. Over the course of a year and just kind of was self teaching in that aspect. So I would definitely encourage anybody out there. To. Joint replacement therapy. To to not be discouraged by doing a few rejections here in there or not. You know people aren’t paying attention to the day. There are physicians very busy out there you know trying to save lives. Overwhelmed. There’s a lot of insurances that I’m pain like they used to. There’s stuff that they have to take care of. This is bad news that they have to give to people you know you go in and someone shouts screams at you. Yeah. They might just be having a bad day. If you recognize that they’ll appreciate that in the long run and the next court might be incredible super positive. Which which happens to you you will find that. Over. Joint replacement therapy
The years from time to time. Absolutely. You know I. Definitely do not believe that sales and marketing has to be this big scary environment you know where you know you have to be a smooth talker with a silver tongue in order to be successful. You know this is I believe that the entire industry of is an opportunity to get to know people. Now I’ve seen you know people within my industry in my own experience and I’ve seen experience of my brother Andy you know went through three marketing and sales and building these relationships you know we’ve had the opportunity to to make some very very close friends very close friends and build some very strong relationships because at the end of the day if you’re fortunate enough and blessed enough to be representing a company or delivering a service a product that you truly believe in that truly is helping people then. It’s more of a sworn duty to get out there and tell as many people about it as you possibly can especially if it’s going to make that life 1:59 or even more of a percentage greater. And so so when are you going out there and you do believe in what you’re doing. You know this is an opportunity for you to communicate something great to other people and that that in and of itself it provides an opportunity for you to build a new relationship with someone. I’ve gained many friends and you know people that I can call on and call out to if I need anything and they know they can do the same for me. There’s definitely nothing wrong with making new friends out there. Joint replacement therapy
So if you’re not afraid of making friends and you don’t afraid of talking to people sales might be something that you might be interested in doing no restore home health care of Oklahoma. Is is is a company that I truly believe in. It goes so much deeper than just home health. It goes so much deeper than just just a medical company and these this company is owned by Laurie proba fronted by Larry Montgomery who right now is in Bolivia on on a medical mission trip wow where he’s providing medical care in Bolivia to people that really need it and cannot afford it. And that’s been that’s been paid for by by the the funds the funds made by restoring health care of Oklahoma. That is awesome. You know from the services that they provide you know and they’ve given Larry an opportunity to take his son out there and take him on his very first mission trip as well and that’s where they are. And so it’s things like that that make me so happy and so proud to represent this company because like I said it’s the big picture when I go out there and I’m referred to a Medicare patient you know taking care of this patient with Medicare insurance that is paying for her store to do the things that that we’re still the best and that is to reach the community. And then you know do their very best to you know spread the good word and make people feel better you know physically emotionally mentally.
That’s really good because it’s not the first time I’ve heard of restore home health care of Oklahoma doing a missions trip. It seems like they they do that annually. And also over Christmas time you guys are going to soup kitchens. Joint replacement therapy
Absolutely. A lot of the last Thanksgiving we went to a church there in downtown Tulsa. And it’s that first Baptist first Baptist Church and it was a food drive for the homeless and we were just cooking the Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving
is not to be confused with Christmas for English folk but listening. Right right. So definitely there are Christmas events. Well I wanted to do this chronologically you know that’s where I went first day. Boxing Day Exactly yes. And so for all you Americans you know we should explain that but we’re not going to. Yeah. It’s the best kept secret. National day off. Nothing to do with fighting by the way.
No not today fighting no hope of just boxes all around. Joint replacement therapy
Right. Exactly that fact. No boxes for everybody. They’d be confusing throw some gloves and go to town. That’s what I say. You know I mean. Absolutely. So it was a cold day on Thanksgiving last year. You know as far as I am it was a little chilly. It was a little chilly. Yes and so we we provided some nice warm food. And I’ll tell you what that stuffing looked really good. Oh really. I was hungry but I wasn’t thinking about me. I’m hungry now. But that was that. That was at least 200 homeless people. I didn’t realize how many homeless people there were in Tulsa you know. So they kind of are hungry hold off. So they came on through and you know I got to know a few people to hear their stories and you know it’s quite fascinating the amount of people that the.
You know when you help people out like that.
And so you at Christmas Day the exact same thing it is just that you get so much fulfillment you know back when I was a kid I remember waking up on Christmas morning you know off that Finian of Christmas morning. You know was a good Christmas dinner already being cooked. You know that slow cooking turkey right. I can smell that kind of like flying through the house and you know leave it with me. Hey guys. You know let’s try it out a little dry you know possum gravy on there. It is so good. Who are we to complain. We complain exactly. We had a roof over our heads. Exactly. And so. So we would open our eyes in the early morning look at the base of our bed and we’d see Christmas presents you know. And we run downstairs stairs and Samedi presents under the tree you know and that was that was the move that it was all about me on Christmas Day you know nobody else. I mean if you’re a kid. Yeah. It’s about. Exactly who else is it about. You know Kenyans change and change for a while right. Right education. Right and so I would I would feel that I would feel that that same feeling of joy and fulfillment when helping people nowadays. You know I’ve tried waking up on Christmas morning as an adult and buying myself presents and stuffing them under the tree and running out and looking on the tree and singing that they’re all still there. But it doesn’t give me that same fulfillment anymore. Joint replacement therapy
You know it’s true fulfillment now I believe comes from helping other people and making sure that they’re taken care of and it makes you feel good and that’s what restore home health care is all about is restoring health hope and wholeness into the community and into into into the world as far as we can reach you know whether it’s Bolivia whether it’s next door and tell us whether it’s in New York and you know in London.
You know just we want to take any opportunity possible to help as many people as possible so they can feel good that’s really good really good.
Well there’s a lot of people that can be helped with the joint replacement therapy program through restore health of Oklahoma. And so I look forward to hearing more about that as the weeks go on. Joint replacement therapy
Absolutely. There of some testimonials maybe we get some people in here too to talk about you know their experiences what they went through. I know the nurses your nurses should I say I can’t claim them. I want to but I can’t. They’re mine. Yes. They’re all yours. The nurse is here to come in here and maybe share their experiences they’d love to and they would be great to hear from the legend. Laurie clover on maybe how she came up with restore health. And Larry the legend is pretty consistent Larry. I know he’s he’s the man isn’t he. He is the man and date. Yep yep the man the man who came up with a lot of ideas and I’m not sure if he came up the joint replacement therapy program but he definitely runs a tight ship doesn’t it. Yeah wouldn’t surprise me if he did come up with it. That guy’s a genius and a huge half of people as I’m sure you can imagine. Absolutely. Absolutely. In Bolivia right now with 100 people on their shoulders. They never really was that strong. But is it Superman. Yes. So I think that wraps things up today. Thank you for your listeners out there for tuning in to rise console’s station and discussing restore home health of Oklahoma today. And thanks for having us sales. Joint replacement therapy
And we’re going to conclude with that today and I’m going to go I’m going to walk away from this Mike when I come back and tell you guys goodbye again. We’re going to miss you. Until next week. Take care of yourself. And take care of me. All right good care of me. Take it I. Thank you. Bye. Joint replacement therapy